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Reviewed: 06/26/00 | Updated: 06/26/00

Finally a great RTS on console.

For some of you hermits out who don't know what StarCraft is, you need help. Even hermits should know what it is. Anyway, many gamers were psyched when Nintendo announced that StarCraft was going to get a 64 after it. Personally I was skeptical before buying it due to past failures of PC to console real-time strategy ports. Me being skeptical had its reasons ::coughwarcraftIIonpsxcough:: but it almost caused me to miss out on a great game. Now that were done with some filler stuff lets get to the scores.

Graphics: 9
Looks almost idenicle to the PC version which is a good thing. Some might complain because it's not stunning 3-D graphics that blows you away. Then again those people don't realize graphics aren't a big part of the RTS genre. On a side note all building and units have a distinct look and are easy to tell apart. The only complaint is that it is somtimes hard to tell zerg units apart when on the creep(or its just me).

Sound: 7
Man I wish there were the voice acted briefings but thats is easily forgivable. Other than that there is surprisingly a lot of unit speech. Music somtimes get loud, but most of the time it is just there.

Gameplay: 10
The core of the game. This game can basically be called legal heroine. I haven't been glued to a game this much since Final Fantasy Tactics. It also is pretty hard and long. There are almost 60 single player missions and then a skirmish(scenario) mode with some presets and a custom setup. The 2 player game is pretty cool but is slowdown ridden. Also you need the expansion pack if you wanna play the whole game. Without it you only get half of the game.

Control: 7
Without a mouse and keyboard RTS games cannot have great control. Then again this game proves they can very good control. The lack of hotkeys and teh ability to have more than 4 groups really hurts. You can counteract the lack of mouse speed by turning up the cursor speed. Its not quite but close to the same.

Overall: 9
This game is really good. It is a long hard game that is worth 50 bucks. If you have the pc version though I wouldn't recommend it. Its really not worth getting the same game. Then again for you hermits this will be a great edition.

Rating: 9

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