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Reviewed: 06/14/00 | Updated: 06/14/00

The soul of StarCraft:The Multiplayer mode, is gone

On December 1, 1997, Blizzard Entertainment released one of the most anticipated games in PC gamming history:StarCraft. Shortly after that, StarCraft:Broodwars is released as an expansion pack/sequal to the original StarCraft. Little did they know that not so far into the future, both games would be released as a single package for play on the N64 console.

The stories of StarCraft and Broodwars are combined in one single large story. That is why StarCraft veterans will not get any surprises. 3 races known as the Terran, Zerg and Protoss are engaged in a war over the rule of planets. In addition to that, each race has internal conflicts, as well as allies with different collonies of different races. The very complex story will ammuse even the most stubborn gamer.

The gameplay is quite simple to learn, difficult to master. But rookies of StarCraft, do not worry! There are several tutorial scenarios designed to train you well enough to tackle the single player campaigns. And as for the single player camapigns go, they're pretty much the same as the PC versions.

The multiplayer mode, on the other hand, is a useless waste of time compared to the PC version. In StarCraft 64, 2 players use a split screen, which is fine when they are allies. But what about when they are going up against each other? They know what each other is doing. That is just pointless.

The controlls is another big issue. It is quite obvious that there are not a million hotkeys, as there were on the keyboard. Instead, there are only 4 (the 4 C buttons). Furthermore, there is now a master menu, which will allow you to build buildings, construct mechanical units and order other units all from a single menu! What a great addition in the heat of war!

The visual aspect is a downer. The smaller units look like a blured spot, while the bigger units, who had fine details in the PC version, was a mess. Another sketchy part is the FMVs (full motion videos), they are pure garbage compared to the PC version.

On the other hand, the sound/music are as good as if not better then the PC version. The sound is very responsive and the music is well done! From the sound of a machine gun to the menecing growl of a zerg, this game lives up to its PC counterpart.

In conclusion, StarCraft 64 is an okay game, but definatley not as good as the PC version. Don't bother buying this game for the multiplayer part. So buy or rent? If you have a computer, rent. Buy the PC version instead. If you do not own a computer, buy StarCraft 64, it would be worth it.

Fun Factor:9
Replay Value:6
Overall:7 (I had to give it a 7 because it was lacking the soul of StarCraft:A good multiplayer mode)

Rating: 7

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