Review by Meow1000

Reviewed: 05/31/05

Seriously. This game may not be as good as it was on the PC, but its still a great game.

Most people compare this game to the PC version of Starcraft and immediately dismiss it as a waste of space. However, this game is decent as its own. Anyone who plays this before playing the PC version will call it a good game, but anyone who plays the PC version automatically says its garbage. I played Starcraft for at least a year on the N64 before I got it on the PC, and now my brother and I still play the game even today. It has its kinks, but it is still a very enjoyable game, if you do not bias it.

STORYLINE: Ok, this is pretty much the same as the PC version, only they cut some of the cut-scenes out. The story still runs along well, but it is not as compact. I give it a 9/10.

GRAPHICS: Of course, its the same as the PC, but its just at a lesser quality due to the weaker powers of the N64, and because of this some of the cut-scene do not play properly. Overall however, most of the time the game runs smoothly. The game WILL get laggy with too many players and too much on the screen. Due to this can get frustratingly slow, but nevertheless it does not happen often and the game is never rendered unplayable by lag. 6/10

SOUND: Yet again, not as good as the PC, but still good enough to get the correct atmosphere going on for the game. The potential lag barely ever affects the sound, and although repetitive it does its job and its gets players riled up for the game. 8/10

GAME-PLAY: This is where Starcraft shines on both the PC and the N64. The game-play is generally smooth and tactics are abundant for every race. Unfortunately, there is one MAJOR issue. Units will turn around and attack enemies even if you tell them to run, and the only way to remedy it is with a Shield Battery/Bunker/Nydus Canal/Transportation Vessel, as they will not change their orders off of going to them. Overall it still runs great and it horribly underrated for the great ability it has. 9/10

RE-PLAYABILITY: This game has absolutely awesome re-playability. Three races, a ridiculous amount of strategies, including some very fun to try ones. Customization and changing how you play is all part of the game! It provides a fresh appeal to the game if you continuously change what you do. Creep rushes are highly stupid, and often result in a loss, but they sure are fun to try! There are times when I play 5 or more games a day of this. It is very easy to get hooked and it can get very hard to put down the game. This gets an easy 10/10, although it deserves at least a 20.

OVERALL: This game has its kinks, but if you look at it objectively its still a great game. Comparing it to the PC is one thing, but looking at the game itself is another. This game is definitely recommended to get, but you may be disappointed if you have the PC version. Overall this game plays smoothly and can provide hundreds of hours of entertainment, and the frustration factor is relatively low overall (Unless you are no good at it). Overall, I give this game a 9/10.

Rating: 9

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