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Reviewed: 05/09/04

Starcraft is better than the PC!

StarCraft 64 (Nintendo 64)

Quick Overview/about the game-

Wow, what can I really say, this game is just like the computer version… Sure, there are a few little details like the lower graphics that may get some people down, but other than that, there are a ton of things to do in this game and personally, it is well worth buying, or renting! If you have never played starcraft before, you are really missing out. It is by far, one of the best RTS games that have ever been created and here is why…

Gameplay –

Starcraft has a nice setup for its gameplay, there is a ton to do and the settings in which you do things may seem a bit confusing at first, but eventually you will get used to it. The only thing that you may find annoying is having to constantly click on those yellow buttons on the controller (that is, if you want to play quicker) otherwise you can just waste time and flip around till you get to what you want then press “a” to select it. The game itself runs quite smoothly although when you get a hefty amount of players, or units, the game really starts to lag… The game is primarily good for only two to 3 players. Any more than that and you will start to experience lag when you get a little bit into the game. The lag though, is not extremely bad; it is just slightly bad, although if you do leave the game on for to long, the lag will get worse. The only way to be able to play 2 human players is with an Expansion pack, and I also recommend those to keep the lag of the game down.

Story –

Starcraft has a very nice story line, if you have ever played the computer version, it is exactly the same. The story has 9 different campaigns (three for each of the different races) and inside each of those are tons of missions. The missions themselves will get harder as you play; obviously eh? Although they may not seem to long at first, the missions themselves will start to take about 3 + hours to beat each, depending on how good you are at the game, or if you find some of the different secrets that the game has within it. Starcraft’s story is very nicely put together and is one of the main parts of the game that you don’t want to just skip over. It is defiantly what puts the game together in the end.

Graphics –

Starcraft 64’s graphics are no match for the PC versions, but it does keep the units and building quite smooth. All of the units are animated quite well and have a picture when you click on them. Although these pictures do not move like the PC versions, they are still quite nicely designed. In this 64 version of the game, don’t be expecting to see waving trees, flowing water, and swift gunfire. The graphics are shown slightly in gunfire, and there is a little frame change in the water, but other than that everything stands quite still. The graphics in this could have been improved, but I am guessing that they noticed that by adding much more graphics than the 64 could handle, that it would lag even more than they want.

Features –

Starcraft has a decent amount of features. In this version of starcraft, you have the option of playing in single player campaigns; as explained above. You also have the ability of playing against computers when you are playing single player. Now then, if you don’t feel like playing a computer and you would rather just play another person, and you have a spare controller and an Expansion pack set in then you may want to enjoy starcraft’s multiplayer world. This is set up the same way as if you were playing against a computer; except it is split screen and you can play on either a team, or against each other. Now if you still haven’t had enough yet, there are tons of cheats in the game that you can unlock by beating certain goals in the Single player campaign. After all of this, there are still the Challenges that are available for both single and multiplayer. They are the scenarios. Starcraft has a ton of features as you can obviously see.

Rent/Buy –

I would defiantly think about what you are doing when it comes to this, if you have played the PC version, and you have an expansion pack and some friends, I would probably just try to buy the game. Otherwise, if you have never played starcraft and you would like to see an excellent RTS I would just try to rent the game. Either way, this game is extremely hard to find since it was only made on the game system for about 4-5 months. If you have though lucky enough to but this game, it is definitely something that you will treasure. Renting though, is probably the easier of the two options.

Overall Rating - 8/10

Rating: 8

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