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Reviewed: 07/13/03 | Updated: 07/13/03

A truly wonderful Starcraft game... on the 64

This is a very rare game because it went out of production like a week or two into it's selling. I managed to obtain one from a BlockBuster a year later (by some wierd coincidence) and got it. It is nearly the same as the PC version, except with all the campaigns from SC and BW. It was a little bit harder to beat because it was on the 64 and a few things were slightly changed, but i got around to it eventually.

Alot of things were improved from the PC in gameplay; such as being able to select all units of any type by the press of one button. The capabilities are all still the same though, being able to adjust even map solid-ness and cursor speed. Everything you'd expect from the PC versions was put into a single cartridge. Some people say this was a good idea, others don't. I think it was cool, because once you've beaten it once on the PC, go ahead and try again, on a new console. It was much harder for me on the 64 because i wasn't used to the controls. Of course, all the building and unit upgrades are still around. The levels are varied, because you can play one of 3 different races: Protoss (''advanced aliens''), Terrans (''humans''), or Zerg (''slimy biological aliens''). Once you master one species, try another. You'll find strategies are very varied between the 3. There are over 50 campaign levels to do in SC and BW, so you won't beat the game really fast.

Ok, the graphics could have been better, but they're ok. They were only slightly worse going from PC to 64. If you are playing it on a small TV as i do, it'll be very hard for you to tell what's what between units. Sometimes even you won't even notice a unit. The graphics as said before are ok, but they could've been ''better'' by N64 standards. By StarCraft standards, they're perfectly fine.

SOUND: 7/10
Ok, so they took out the character voices, that was it. All the classic technology, ''Your base is under attack'' messages and everything is still around. It just gets annoying having to read all the plot (in small words, again, if you have a small TV). It's got enough to let you know what's going on during missions.

The controls are weird if you're used to the PC version, because you don't have all the buttons and hotkeys to use. You'll find them rather easy after a while, ''A'' is the cursor button, ''B'' is attack, etc. Though some things are a little messed up; you can't click on an opponent with ''A'' and expect your unit/s to attack. They'll simply walk over and get killed. So you have to get used to using ''B''. A nice thing is that you don't have to select all of your miners when they come out of the command center; they automatically go to the minerals or geysers, so you just have to worry about making them, and not controlling them all the time to work, and not work. ''R'' is great, it'll select all the units on the screen, and by pressing it again and again, it'll go through a set of each unit type to deploy into battle or away from battle.

The multiplayer is only really good if you're playing on teams because you can easily look down and see what your buddies doing. This can be a real upside, because you can easily tell what's going on. The ability to talk and make bodily contact with your teammate is always nice, because you don't have to waste precious time typing in messages. This could seriously waste time if you are a slow typer. When playing against a human player, you can see what they're doing and planning, so it is totally cheap. Each of you can set up units to block the other's attack and so forth, there are no suprises at all. The only way one of you can win is by sheer brute force. Again, the sounds are played from both teams, so even if you don't look at your opponent's screen, you can hear everything. Plus, if you have a small TV, the units are even smaller. They're small enough as they are, but they become impossible to see. You can fight a computer or several computers, which is nice because you are able to play the game by yourself. Of course, it doesn't compare the the abilities of MP on the internet for the PC version, but hey - it works.

Rating: 9

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