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Reviewed: 05/11/03 | Updated: 05/11/03

My first review... and on my first <I>true</I> obsession!

Okay, so I'm actually going to do something useful for once in my life and that's to convince you to look for this generally rare game. It's an excellent game for anyone who's ever played RTS. I'm sure we've all heard of War Craft, or maybe Command & Conquer? This game is just as fun, if not more so, as/than any other RTS you've played. It even has a Booth Camp for beginners! If you need to know where to get this game, Blockbuster might have it for rent, but the only way I've found to purchase it is online. Don't know if a computer translation can really be all that great? Continue reading, rent it, then judge for yourself.

Graphic: 7/10
Okay, may as well start out with the bads and end it on a positive not. The graphics aren't as clear as the computer version, but at least they're distinguishable. If you can't see your screen that well, you may confuse a real Marine and a Mirage Marine at first, but you'll learn to keep a trained eye. The units and structures bear such a close resemblance to their computer counter-parts that it's almost frightening, not to mention that Sc 64 is an older game, being five years at this point. Even with a staticy screen, it's still easy to identify the individual units, unless you're the Zerg and have to red, then the Creep(organic ground Zerg structures are mutated upon) can get annoying.

Gameplay: 11/10
Oh yeah, now we're talking! This is hands down the game's strongest point! You get three races: The Terrans, which are the human race, and as humans, they believe 100% in industry; the Protoss, which are the the religious, nearly unstoppabale, super-advanced race, known sometimes as the ''Golden Boys;'' finally(my fave) the Zerg, which are the bug-type race, and are quite evolved bugs I might add, while all of their structures are organic, as is the ground on which they are built. If you use a certain Protoss unit to take over a worker of each other race... Well, let's face it: Probe=Instant Win, not that that's the unit or anything! But I must be careful what I say, as this might count as spoilers.

Story: 10/10
Eat your heart out, Link. The story is very... detailed, and will unfold as you play the game, which is why I beg of you that you play the campaigns in order. In the near future, a group of space explorers from Earth travel out 60,000 lightyears away from home. The main fleet ship is about ready for departure and to return to Earth, but something disasterous happens. An unidentified ship, as large to the main ship as the ship is to the others, comes up behind and blasts the ship to smitherines. The remaining humans must take refuge on the planets in this region of space that are suitable for human life, and await backup to come and rescue them. They soon learn that the main vessal was shot down by a Protoss ship, a race that seems particularly in a much higher league than meager human life. They also encounter another race, drawn by some force to the human refuges by some unusual force, a race called the Zerg. As the remaining humans strive for survival with races superior to them in most every way, they eagerly await help that may never come. That's the story to the best of my ability...

Controls: 9/10
A very slick control plan, very easy to pick up on. Take me for instance, I'm a slow person to catch on, but I took to the controls second nature almost half a week before I understood how to play this game! I'll just give you some of the little known controls. ''L'' button + arrow in any direction = set map screen; press arrow again to view screen. ''Z'' trigger + ''B'' button over various areas = setting waypoints for your troops to visit. I forget exactly which one for this one, but I believe you hold ''L'' and press ''Z'' tirgger to toggle map on/off. If that's not it, then try different combos with ''Z,'' ''R,'' and ''Z'' until one works.

Reliability: 6/10
Okay, so it's not great. Look, you will most likey find this game used, so you never know when it's just gonna decide to erase on you, so you can't be sure if all your stuff will be there when you turn it back on. Fortunately though, it's a 1/250 chance that it'll actually happen. It's not often, but rare enough to get you riled up as all Hell once you lose all you've accomplished over all that time.

Replay Value: 10/10
There is so much fun to be had on the levels, and there are cheats to find, and to have fun with once you do find them. You can play with you friend in multiple ways with many levels. Hell, you could even go back to some levels and have fun watching how they start or end!You may say otherwise, but I've had this game for 1 1/2 years now, and is it any worse than day one? I shall certainly say not!

+too many

-That auto erase glitch.
-So damn rare!
-Newer players use Toss too often on multiplayer.
-Protoss are too powerful!
-You will constantly swear when you Terran/Zerg 1337 friend 0WnZ j00 ass time and time again when you pick the almighty Protoss.(I'm the friend that beats you :P)

Buy or Rent:
GIVE ME STARCRAFT 64, OR GIVE ME SUPERMAN 64(death is too easy)!!! But seriously, you most likely will have a hard time finding it, as I searched for a copy to purhase almost as long as I've had one. You're probably gonna end up renting it, and that a wiser move.
Note: to all who read this review, no matter how good your best friend says a game is, ALWAYS rent it first!

Conclusion: Go rent it ASAP and compare to this review. If it isn't as I say it is, I shall close my account!

Rating: 9

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