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Reviewed: 01/28/03 | Updated: 01/28/03

This game is FAR FROM the computer version

I cant believe that Nintendo thought that this game could beat the computer version. In every aspect possible, SC64 is worse than the computer version. I've played SC:BW on PC for 4 years now, an hour a day, and being such a good sC fan, i decided to go to my friends house and borrow this game. I turned it on and at first, i liked it. I played against my friend and noticed the first major error. in SC, you are NEVER supposed to know what the other person is doing. For the PC, its simple to resolve this problem: Simply the two people who are playing use different computers, in fact sometimes thousands of miles away. In this game, you can see exactly what the other player is doing. I cant believe that Nintendo managed to ruin possibly the best game in the world. Also, the maps have a limit in size. On the mother PC version, the largest maps can go up to 256x256 (which is VERY large), in this game, it goes up only to 128x128. Ill have to compare this game to the PC one because you can easily get something so much better.

Once again, in the PC version, you have to actually bring your miners to mine minerals. In this game, it does it automatically. THis might seem like a good thing, but it takes away some of the skill facor. Micromanagement which is extremely prevalent in the PC version has been completely killed in the N64 version. All you do is send relentless amounts of ememies to the enemy and watch the battle, its amazingly hard to control every single unit. Every single single player mission is based on the PC, and the cinematics is also 100% based on the PC version.

A far cry from the PC, the graphics are very crude. The pixels are huge, the color is inconsistent, and the cinematics much worse then the real-life almost cinematics (short movies).

THe sound is also substandard. Probes, SCV's and drones (miners and builders), plus the unit acknowledgements are awful. Plain awful. THe sound is no longer smooth, its rough as a broken rock.

Once again, the unforgivable flaw is that you can see exactly what your enemy is doing, something that simply cannot occur in a strategy game. However, playing with your friends is still fun.

A perfect game just got cut in half. Every aspect of the game has been cut, attacked, burned. I seriously cant have any good comments to say about this game.

Rating: 5

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