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Reviewed: 10/14/02 | Updated: 10/14/02

Good job Blizzard.....good job!!

Well I used to play this game for PC a long time ago, then I heard it was coming out for the Nintendo 64, I was so excited.

For those of you who don't know what Starcraft(64) is ill explain... You can assume the roles of 3 different races.
Zerg:an alien-like race that is extremely vicious in battle and resorts to old tactics to defeat opponents, some of their attacks include shooting from long range, and making lots of cheap units for a quick ambush.
Terran:a human race that is extremely advanced(from where we are in the real world now), some of their buildings can lift off and you can move them across the map for making another base, or getting them away from attacks.
Protoss: a highly advanced race with battle tactics that can overcome any situation that may encounter them, some attacks include mind attacks(i.e.psionic storms, etc) and planes that come out of bigger airships to attack from long range.


This game is tremendously easy when you are first beginning... as the game progresses, the missions get more advanced and way harder, from the beginning, missions are extremely easy, from defeating a small outpost to making certain outposts in certain territories. Later on in the game, missions will be harder and you will have to defeat multiple enemies(i.e. if you are zerg, you have to defeat protoss and terran).
Co-op mode is one of the best things to do if you have a friend over and you want to ''waste away'' a good 3 can team up with your friend and choose from over a dozen maps and go against up to 4 enemies.


Well as any new game, the controls for this game aren't too hard, their more confusing than hard. But that is why I buy games, the whole experience of getting used to games is the best aspect, i think.


The zerg are searching the Universe for the Protoss homeworld of Aiur, mainly to defeat them and reign supreme in the Universe...but the zerg run into some unsuspected battles with the Terran. The story seems to grab you right after a couple of missions, when you get the jist of what is going on!
And when you think the story is done, out from nowhere, pops 'brood war' missions(basically advances missions for each race, that continue the story)


Each unit has a couple different sayings. If you select multiple units, and tell them to go to a certain area or if you click on an enemy that is lurking in the darkness(that you can see) (for example) the military units will say ''roger'' or firebats(flamethrower units) will say ''gotta light''. Also you can hear from a machine gun going off fighting enemies, to a tank firing on multiple enemies, the sounds really get you involved in the game. The only bad part, is that it gets annoying after a while, like if you click on units, they are always saying something...


The music seems to just fit the game perfectly, some of the music seems to be growing in if you are encountering someone, the beat will slowly go down and act like its in some sort of drama. Its really nice. One major flaw, is lack of music...i think there are maybe 3 different music songs...but i could be wrong.


For the Nintendo 64, they aren't bad, but i do believe they could be better. However, the graphics on the land textures, water, and units are just amazing. The people who made this game put in a little extra effort for detailing the landscape and units.


Well not much to say here, after countless hours playing to get through all of the missions and getting secret codes and what not, you just don't feel like doing it all over again. But don't get me wrong, i love this game, but i just don't want to do it all again. The replayability is in the middle to upper high level..simply because of the fact that i stated above!


This game is simply amazing, great graphics, complex storyline and great co-op mode to play with friends....the only thing I really wanted was for Nintendo to make a link cable so you can have your whole screen and play against some other person on a different machine and t.v.

This game I am recommending to anybody who likes strategy/war not go out and buy it and expect to be completely satisfied, it may not be what you want. So i suggest renting to see if its what you want, or borrow it from a friend, but the choice is yours...

Rating: 9

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