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Reviewed: 04/04/02 | Updated: 04/04/02

Much like the real thing... on the 64!!

If you have played Starcraft for computer, then you know how great of a game it is. But when you sit behind the controls for the same game on the Nintendo 64, know that it is not much different from the real thing.

You have all three campaigns, and with an extra card you also have the campaign levels from Brood War, the expansion of Starcraft. The graphics are a bit messed up, being on the cartridge, but for the 64 I thought it would of been far worse. The sound is the same, but the controls were the only thing I did not like about it.

The game runs at a different, faster speed, which if you have played the computer version you will need to get used to the new building speeds of your characters and buildings. This is the most difficult part to get used to, because you will be off doing something else elsewhere waiting for something to get completed building/training, and not realize it is already completed and you could of built something else, and before you know it you are behind your enemies.

The controls have no hot keys (which I think practically becomes a necessity when playing this game...), and you cannot set rally points or group people together. They are also a bit difficult to use because without a mouse, you need to scroll the screen with your controller. It is a bit more blocky when you are not using the mouse, and that can also be a distraction. It can be such a relief going back to the real thing.

All the races are in this game of course, and I am almost positive all of the same units are too. The level builder, however, is not in the game, which can be a lot of fun using, and quite a setback not having. Still, the rest of everything else makes up for it.

The two player mode on this game is much better. You can verse another player on this game, and the two of you can go head to head on classic levels in the real game with any of your three races. (I would not want it otherwise anyway...)

I think this game is worth buying, or borrowing from a friend. Do not bother renting it, because by the time you would get anywhere or good at the game it would be time to take it back already.

Rating: 8

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