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Reviewed: 03/23/02 | Updated: 03/23/02

Even though SC64 is good, I would still stick with the PC version

Starcraft 64 is ALMOST as good as the PC version. And if you like Warcraft, and don't mind the futuristic setting, go Starcraft all the way.

Gameplay - Starcraft has some of the most unique Gameplay settings I have seen in ALONG time for a strategy game. Even though this game has horrible graphics(read graphics section for more detail), you can do the same process from most any other war strategy game. The object of the game is to build units, mine minerals, keep a steady defense, teching up(accsessing more advanced units and structures, and researching and upgrading for your units),and complete a list of mission objectives all at once, that is what makes this game so good and fun. There is also over fifty different units from three different races. If you aren't that good at managing that many things at once, this wouldn't be the best game for you. And you might also need an Nintendo 64 expansion pack for multiplayer. This game does have a few confusing areas though.(9/10)

Graphics - The best way to put this is, horrible. All units and structures are at a blur and are VERY small. You can overlook this and it can seem close to normal, but my best solution is to get an expansion pack that can make the graphics more clear. (2/10)

Sounds/Music - All music fits the levels and missions perfectly. Some music might be annoying at first, but as soon as the mission gets at a more intense pace, it seems like the music is just right. All units have cool quotes that are fun to listen to in slow parts of the game. If you absolutely hate the music and/or quotes, you can always turn it off. (8/10)

Replayibility - As I said before, as long as you can stand the future setting, and the fact that it is a strategy game(both good in my case), you will play this over and over. After A LOT of mission playing, there are cheats to unlock, pre-programmed UMS(Use Map Settings) games, and a multiplayer mode that you can use to play all of your friends in a series of different maps. (10/10)

Buy or rent? If you have the PC version, you don't need to, but if you don't I would recommend renting it, and if you like it, decide if you will buy it from there.

Rating: 6

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