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Reviewed: 03/02/02 | Updated: 08/17/02

It would be an okay game if it just wasn't so slow...

My description of Starcraft: An old game thats still fun. Now from the PC to the N64, is it really the same? No. Actually, there are many more flaws and the worst part is the slowness and the framerate, even on the fastest of speeds it just shouldn't have been for a weak system like the N64.

For you SC newbs out there planning on buying your copy for the N64, you should probably first, familiarize yourself with the main concepts of the game.

Starcraft is a very strategic game and takes a while to know the basics. Even after a long time of playing, you still won't be the best and know everything, which makes it so fun.

The main idea is to destroy your oponent. You get to pick one of three races to help you through; Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. They all are different in a way and have different styles of battle.

Basically, you just build up men and attack. Seems easy, but there is a lot of things you must keep track of. To build men, you must have supplies, to get supplies, you must build them with special units, to make the units, you must have money, to get the money you must mine for minerals. Okay, starting to get it. Great!

Gameplay - 5
This is where the game falls. It is really slow. Especially the multi-player. The multi-player is crap. As you progress through it starts slowing, even when your playing alone. All the movements slow the game.

Also, some of you who played the PC version might want to know hte the map sizes are reduced a lot. They are a lot smaller therefore making there less room to build.

One thing I think starcrafts fun factor comes from is the units AIs. There is a lot to do in the world of starcraft so I should give it credit for that.

Difficulty (Hard)
The first few missions are no problem but to get past the ones after that you must have much experience already with the game. And to get real far through you should have some PC experience and if you are out of reach of a PC, then forget it.

Info/Levels (Without X-Pac)
. 3 Race Missions (30 Levels altogether)
. Lots of learning required to actually be OK
. 3 Races to choose from
. OK variety of multi-player maps
. Around 10 cheat codes to be found(can't be used to get passed a level)

Info/Levels (with X-Pac)
. 6 Race Missions (60 levels altogether, real hard after original)
. Lots of learning required to actually be OK
. 3 races to choose from
. Around 10 cheat codes to be found (can't be used to get passed a level)

Sound/Music - 4
Great sound effects, some are very blurry. As for the units, one you click them they will talk but they wont say the same thing over and over. An OK variety of comments, not as much as on the PC.

Music is pretty nice, they have different background music depending on each race you are. But there isn't a wide variety for in game music.

Graphics - 5
Don't be to impressed. I mean, this isn't the PC, but an N64. So considering that the graphics are OK. I mean, the units may look weird and hard to figure out at first but once you get familiarized with everything it wont be as difficult. There is a problem with some of the units being a little blurry though.

Replay Value - 4
Good replay, because you will never get tired of playing this game, but then again, since there is no internet connection you might will get real bored of it, and for some of you, easily...

Overall - 4
Conclusion: An OK game. If you have a PC you should get this game for the PC right away if you haven't already. Since the game doesn't have an internet connection some players wont get better.

Now, should you buy this game, rent this game, or if not, borrow. Well, do not rent this game if it is just for 2-3 days. You should try playing this game for at least three months before you can actually get familiarized with everything. So if you can, try to get it off a friend and borrow it for a while. Your price range for the game should be around 30-40 US bucks. Don't get ripped off. Good luck with your decision!

Gameplay - 5
Difficulty - Hard
Sound/Music - 4
Graphics - 5
Replay - 4

Rating: 4

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