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Reviewed: 02/18/02 | Updated: 02/18/02

Starcraft64 is a very fun and great game.

One day my brother came back from the video store after just recently renting Starcraft64. I had no real intention in playing the game, it looked like one of those games where you take your army to ruthlessly kill all to gain total power ( you can tell I’ve never played the PC game, even up to today). I soon found out after playing it a little that it actually had a story and a decent plot. This was no ordinary game.

The game starts off as you playing as one of three races: Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. The Terrans are humans with normal human traits and structures a human could be capable of building (in about another few hundred years maybe). The Zerg are an alien race ruled by a supreme overmind and individual cerebrates. They are very aggressive and kill anything that stands in their way. Protoss are an extremely developed race with a government and everything. They also have a hidden home planet known as Aiur.

Gameplay – Starcraft64 is surprisingly easy to play when first starting off. There are tutorials for beginners in the Terran campaign (episode 1). Not the whole game is easy though. When the mission number gets higher, so does the difficulty. Even after you beat the first part of the game just put in an expansion pack and play through the “Brood Wars”. The computer playing against you is also a good feature because its not just one of those stupid players that gives up whenever the game starts going in your favor, instead if you attack it, it will recover itself and repair damages made. The only complaint I have about the gameplay is the gameplay in multiplayer mode. Just the fact the other player can “screen stalk” and see what you are planning. Gameplay rating – 9/10

Control – The controls for this game are a bit complicated at first, but like any games controls it takes a little getting used to. During the course of the starting missions the controls are slowly added on until you have learned them and practiced them all in missions. Control rating – 9/10

Story – What would a great game be with out a great story? The Zerg are ruthlessly searching the universe for the Protoss home world of Aiur when they run into and fight with Terran, who are waging war with each other. Whatever race you start with they show their part of this story and continue it. The story grows to huge proportions and if you pay attention to the briefings before missions you can find your part in it. Even after the story seems to have come to an end it creates Brood Wars and a new part of the story becomes evident. Becoming interactive with the story is what first lured me into this game and is what leads me away from those games that have you conquer for no apparent reason. Story rating – 10/10

Sound – From the time you choose your race you have the icons on the screen making noise at you. The sound is excellent in this game because it really fits what the characters are doing. If a machine gun is being fired, you hear it. If a building blows up, you hear it. If your about to destroy the enemy, you hear them cry for mercy… okay, maybe not, but you get the picture. Sound rating – 10/10

Music – Don’t you just hate those games that play music that bears no significance to what is going on in the game at all? You do not have to worry here. All the music played during the course of playing makes you feel the situation much better. The music has a menacing tone and that makes you become aware that you are in a dangerous position. The only downside is it never changes and it would be nice to hear some victorious music when you start winning. Music rating – 9/10

Graphics – For a Nintendo 64 game you would think the graphics could have been done a little better, but I’m not complaining, they are actually not that bad. The structures and troops look awesome and give new meaning to what we think alien things to be. The troops move at a normal rate with out any graphic problems, but if your in an intense battle with a ton of troops fighting each other, the graphics will become over worked and freeze up and become slower temporarily. Graphics rating – 8/10

Replayability – After you spend many hours of your life playing through all 56 missions, there does not seem like much more to do. That is because after the game is beaten all you can do is perfect your techniques, earn the 8 cheats, or play through the really cool levels again. This is just one of the games that when you beat it, that is it, nothing really good happens anymore, a disappointment to many, but consider taking how long it took you to get there, and the fact you can erase everything and start all over again. Replayability rating – 6/10

Overall – Despite the fact of a few minor flaws in the game I give it a 9/10. This is a really fun game, and those into strategy and war games should also love it.

Whether you should buy Starcraft64 or rent it is completely up to you. I would say rent it, and if you like it then buy it. But definitely do not go out buying it unless your sure you would enjoy it.

Rating: 9

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