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Reviewed: 07/28/01 | Updated: 07/28/01

Stick To The PC Version

INTRODUCTION:The original ''Starcraft'' was made in 1998, following in the foot-steps of the WarCraft series.Starcraft 64 is a strategy game which was ported to N64 from the PC. Starcraft 64 isn't really a bad game, just over shadowed by the much more enjoyable PC version. The solo-missions are decent and have a pretty good storyline. The multiplayer mode is horrible due to the fact you can SEE what your opponent is doing while you are playing and he can see what you are doing, taking the fun out of the game. If you DO have a PC pick up Starcraft for your PC, it is probably my favourite strategy game of all time.

This game requires the expansion pack for full-playability

GRAPHICS: Hey this game looks pretty good! The units, buildings and maps resemble the PC version of the game (which makes sense doesn't it?). 8/10

SOUND: The classic Starcraft tunes are back. The battle sounds are intense, the characters speak (they sometimes say funny things too hehe). 7/10

STORY: The storyline is actually pretty good and gives a little more enjoyment to this game. Although I won't go into it (I'm not gonna spoil anything) lets head on to the next section. 8/10

PLAY CONTROL: The play control in this game is horrible! Makes you want a mouse for your N64, and the hotkeying was great for the PC version for quick and organized play control. This area could use a little work. 4/10

DIFFICULTY: Well, I've played harder. It is somewhat difficult until you get some experience on how the computer plays and on the different styles of different races. The computer plays with the same style often. 7/10

REPLAY VALUE: There are 58 missions which gives you some good playing time but after all of the missions are completed and all secrets unlocked I don't see a reason to play this game again, unless you like the multiplayer mode which isn't good at all. 4/10

BUY OR RENT? I say RENT first, if you like it, then buy it. Although if you have a PC I STRONGLY suggest you pick up that version instead. The play control is much better, and the multiplayer is restored for hours and hours of FUN!


The replay value and the failure of the multiplayer weighed heavily on this review. I believe replay value is very important in a game and the multiplayer (the whole body of any Starcraft game) was a devastaing blow to the enjoyability of this game.

Rating: 6

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