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Reviewed: 09/13/00 | Updated: 09/13/00

Better than Myth! However the storylines are too confusing and numerous.

One day my friend and I were trying to figure out which game was the wierdest game ever made. My friend suggested Starcraft 64, as the wierdest RPG. (You can tell my friend isnt very well educated) So I had to try it. I was thinking, hey, this is no RPG, this is like Myth: The Fallen Lords! It is brilliant, you get six different level strings, three different sets of creatures, and two complete different storylines. I am surprised Blizzard crammed all this into the game! It can be difficult to follow so many storylines, however. But thats O.K. Now on to the review!

Control: Now its a Real Time Strategy game. Those can never be too hard to control. You move a little arrow, click on a guy, and give him commands. He carries out the commands if they are possible. Rinse and repeat. Now this is not like some Third Person Shooter where you can barely see ahead of you, you can scroll through the whole map if you have accessed it already. I give the simple control a 10.

Story: There are two completely different storylines in this game, and you get to play each species of creatures in twenty scenarios, ten in each storyline, so you must cram a lot of storyline info into your small little skull. It can get confusing at times also. The storylines themselves I dont remember much, there are so many I cant actually rate the storylines! I am not giving it a 1> because I dont know the story, its because it is so damn hard to learn!

Graphics: Not too bad, the units are small so they dont go into too much detail, but the buildings are very detailed and pretty. The mineral fields are very detailed and cool also. The game isnt choppy at all either. I give the graphics a 9, the characters could have been a little bigger.

Music: Man, the music is so soft and with all the shooting sounds you wont hear the music. The tunes are nice, battle ground like, though you wont hear most of it because of the intensity of the game. Sound-wise, the fighting sound effects are awesome! They range from gun fire to talking from your troops. They are clear so you can understand what they say. I give the music an 8 because the music is too soft.

Difficulty: This game requires strategy, so if a level seems impossible you are taking it at the wrong approach. This game has a lot of quick thinking involved so you have to act fast. A level that is impossible at first may turn out to be short, quick, and easy. You just have to think hard to win. I give this category a 10.

Fun Factor: This game can be very fun! I personally like thinking of ways to accomplish my goals while fighting off an army of attackers. This game has hidden cheats which can make the game more fun at times because you dont have to work to get a lot of stuff, therefore you can experiment at your own will. I give this a 10!

Replayability: You probably wont want to play the entire game again, but you can pick out your favorite levels and play them over and over. If there are very boring levels you never need to play them more than once. Because of this flexability I can give this section a 10.

Overall this game is worth buying if you have a very open mind with a few gigabytes of space left in your hard drive. (not your computer I'm talking about your brain) The storylines can get confusing and but the gameplay more than makes up for it.

Oh and if you were wondering my friend and I concluded Final Fantasy III to be the wierdest game.

By TYNAN2000. I hope my review helped you decide weather to buy, rent, or burn this game.

Rating: 8

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