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FAQ/Walkthrough by Brother Reed

Version: Final | Updated: 11/10/01

             ***** Brother Reed is proud to present *****

                            STAR WARS
        ______      _____      ______   ___  ___   _______
       /\  ___'\  ;|  __ ".  ;|  ____\ /\  \/\  \ /\   ___\
       \#\ \_/) \ |\  \/\  \ |\  \ _/__\#\  \ \  \\#\  \__/
        \#\   _ < \#\  \ \  \\#\  \\_  \\#\  \ \  \\#\   __\
         \#\  \\  \\#\  \_\  \\#\  \_\  \\#\  \_\  \\#\  \_/__
          \#\__\\__\\#"_____ / \#"______/ \#"_____ / \#\______\
           \/##//##/ '/#####/   '/#####/   '/#####/   \/######/
 _____    __    ___ __   _____   _____    _____     __    ___   __
/\  __\ ;| _'  /\  \\ \ /\  _ \ /\  _ ". /\  __'\ ;| _". /\  "./\ \  
\#\ \_  |\ \\ \\#\  \\ \\#\ \\ \\#\ \\  \\#\ \/) \|\ \\ \\#\   ',\ \
 \#\__ \\#\ \\ \\#\  \\ \\#\  _ \\#\ \\  \\#\  _ <\#\ \\ \\#\    '  \
  \/#/\ \\#\ \\ \\#\  \\ \\#\ \\ \\#\ \\  \\#\ \\ \\#\ \\ \\#\  \",  \ 
   /\____\\#"_   |\#"_____\\#\_\\_\\#\____/ \#\_\\_\\#"___/ \#\__\ \__\ 
   \/####/ '/#/\_\ \/#####/ \/#//#/ \/###/   \/#//#/ '/##/   \/##/\/##/          

*    *    *    *    *    *FAQ AND WALKTHROUGH*    *    *    *    *    *
                             For Nintendo 64
                          --- FINAL VERSION ---
                            November 10, 2001

               This document is copyrighted 2000, Brother Reed

I.) Introduction to FAQ/walkthrough
III.) Legal Instructions
IV.) Introduction to game
V.) Basic knowledge
VI.) Weapons
VII.) Controls
VIII.) Craft descriptions
IX.) Hidden Craft
X.) Craft Ratings
XI.) Enemies and Strategies

XII.) Mission Walkthroughs 
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Hidden Stages

XIII.) Bonus Locations
XIV.) Passcodes
XV.) Ranks
XVI.) Questions & Answers
XVII.) Craft Availability Chart
XVIII.) Stupid things to do
XIX.) Strategic Ramblings
XX.) Additions to Rogue Squadron
XXI.) Version History
XXI.) Thanks and e-mail rules

Version 6.25 8/18/01
     I'm updating today for two reasons: 1. I received several e-mails 
submitting to the guide, but most shockingly, 2. This will be the FINAL 
version of the walkthrough! I have relentlessly updated this guide 
through thick and thin, but I am finally going to be done with it. I 
will still do my best to answer your e-mails, and correct any major 
mistakes if I happen to find them, but that aside, this FAQ is 
complete. And the villagers rejoice. (yea) 

Please note the new e-mail address: brother_reed@hotmail.com. I got rid 
of that infernal AOL, so all FAQ-related e-mails should be sent to my 
hotmail account. I didn't scan the entire document to see if the old e-
mail address is still listed, so if it is, remember not to send 
anything to it if you want your mail to be read.

$$$ I do not have the PC version of RS, and consequently this FAQ does 
not claim to be for both versions of the game. You can still find PC 
passcodes and controls here, but PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME QUESTIONS 
REGARDING THE PC VERSION OF THE GAME! This is not to reprove those who 
sent the them prior to the posting of this notice, but rather to avoid 
this in the future. $$$

       *    *    *II.) INTRODUCTION TO FAQ/WALKTHROUGH*    *    * 
     Welcome to my Rogue Squadron FAQ. Yes, I realize that there are 
many other FAQs on the subject, and others are better written than this 
one, but in my opinion, NONE OF THE OTHER FAQs I HAVE SEEN HAVE 
hereby strive to present to you a comprehensive, easy to understand 
guide to crushing the Emperor's hold on the galaxy. 
     I am proud to announce that this walkthrough now covers every 
mission in the game, including the hidden ones, and that you will find 
many a helpful hint along the way. The coming soon section has 
mysteriously disappeared because the walkthrough is now complete. I 
can't imagine what else I could possibly need to add. Please consider 
writing to me with comments, questions, suggestions, and constructive 
criticism. It's quite impossible to write an entire FAQ without making 
mistakes (for me anyway) so if you find a mistake, a typo, incorrect 
information, or anything else of that nature, e-mail to 
brother_reed@hotmail.com. And be NICE about it. I'll be happy to give 
you an answer as soon as possible. READ THE E-MAIL RULES AT THE END OF 
     One more thing...I strive for originality in my work. If you see 
anything in this FAQ that looks like a rip-off of one of your FAQs and 
you aren't credited with it there or in the thanks section, e-mail me 
and I will make the necessary changes. I assure you that such an 
occurrence is purely coincidental. 

      *     *     *     *III. LEGAL INFORMATION*     *     *     * 
This FAQ/walkthrough is intended for individual use by its readers, who 
may print it from any website where it is posted. It must not be used 
for financial or promotional purposes, i.e. buying, selling, bartering, 
etc. This document may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without 
the sole written consent of the author.

If you want to use this FAQ on your site, e-mail me and ask permission. 
I will probably say yes. Just make sure that you give the name and 
address of the site, because I want to have a list of all the sites 
where this is posted. In posting my FAQ on your site, you affirm that 
all the following conditions shall be observed. And don't even think 
about reproducing this for a magazine or any other promotional use. It 
is absolutely prohibited.

1. _ALL_ of this FAQ must be included in its original form. It must NOT 
be altered, changed, added to, subtracted from, or otherwise tampered 

2. My name, the version, and this fine print must be included.

3. This FAQ/walkthrough must not be posted with a banner add or 
anything similar.

4. You may convert this document to HTML, change the colors, add game 
pics, etc., as long as the content remains unchanged.

5. YOU MUST NOT attempt to revise or update this FAQ. If you think it 
needs updating, tell me about it. Don't take matters into your own 

6. I ask that you update this FAQ within a week of the time the update 

7. Steal my FAQ, will you? Read the first paragraph of this legal 
section again and see where it says that you can take it without my 
permission. Ask and you shall receive. Take, and I will take it back. 
For good. I hope you realize that I can sue you and win if you do 
decide to thieve one. The choice is yours.

All names, places, etc. are registered trademarks of their respective 
companies. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo, LucasArts, Factor 
5, or any other persons/companies that are/were involved in the 
production and/or marketing of this game. All copyrights are 
acknowledged that are not specifically named in this FAQ. Selah. 

This FAQ/walkthrough is copyrighted 2000, Daniel Stidham

       *    *    *    *IV.) INTRODUCTION TO GAME*    *    *    *
       I can't imagine why you'd be reading this if you didn't know 
anything about Rogue Squadron, but just in case, here's a short 
	As soon as I saw the adds for this game, I knew I had to play it 
(and I didn't even own a Nintendo 64 yet!). No matter how you felt 
about RS's predecessor, "Shadows of the Empire", you had to admit that 
it just didn't measure up to expectations. Rogue Squadron, on the other 
hand, breathes new life into the Star Wars experience on the N64. With 
crystal clear graphics, incredible sound work, and solid, reliable game 
play, Rogue Squadron is just about everything you could ask for in a 
Star Wars flyer/shooter. You play as Luke Skywalker (except on the 
final mission) over realistic, 3-D worlds, and engage the Empire in 16 
increasingly difficult missions. Protect missions, search and destroy, 
rescue, reconnaissance, dogfights, and air-to-ground combat permeate 
the game, setting the stage for an engaging and enjoyable gaming 
experience. The best game of 1998, (if not the best game EVER), Rogue 
Squadron takes place between "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes 
Back". While a multi-player mode would have increased the game's replay 
value, Rogue Squadron is a treasure trove of fun that boosted 
confidence in the N64. The graphics are so detailed and smooth, it 
makes you wonder why every game doesn't use the expansion pak.

Platform: Nintendo64 
Publisher: LucasArts 
Developer: Factor 5/LucasArts 
Genre: Action 
Players: 1 
Force Feedback: YES 

        *    *    *    *V.) BASIC KNOWLEDGE*    *    *    *    *

Alternate title, "Stuff everyone should know".
Just a few basic things you need to know in Rogue Squadron

effectively is essential. The most important thing to know about the 
radar is this: the orange wedge on your radar screen can lead you to 
mission objectives. When this wedge is at the top (12:00) on your 
radar, you are going in the right direction. (You will not always have 
this on "locate and destroy" missions, since locating your target is 
part of the challenge.) Don't waste time flying in circles when your 
radar is showing you where to go.

* The green dots on your radar are friendly craft/buildings. The red 
dots are Imperial. The blue dots are neutral territory.

*Upgrades for the secondary weapons can be found on some stages. Weapon 
upgrades look like floating, glowing yellow boxes with pink things 
sticking through them. Often found in bunkers or on the ground between 
tall buildings.

*There are multiple views that you can use in Rogue Squadron. The 
standard view is the easiest, but the others have limited uses also. 
Some of these include cockpit, close, and drop camera views.

*Imperial bunkers look like brown rectangular boxes on the ground. 
Bunkers and other stationary Imperial buildings count towards your 
enemy total for each level, and they are a lot easier to nail than TIE 
fighters, so consider blowing some up to increase your tally.

*A TIP FROM LUCAS ARTS: Don't try to make sharp turns in pursuit of the 
enemy. Instead, line up your enemies in straight runs, using your 
brakes. This will allow you clearer shots at the opposition, and you'll 
be able to score more hits. Of course, you'll also be in enemy 

*Several ships can pull off "stunts", namely barrel rolls and flips. 
Rotating the craft can be useful especially for combating turbo lasers 
as many ships are thin enough to slide between laser fire if rotated 90 
degrees. Flips can be used to evade missile fire from destroyed turrets 
or to bear down on a target that has passed you by. 

        *    *    *    *    *VI.) WEAPONS*    *    *    *    *

BLASTER CANNONS: Your basic weapon. Commonly referred to as lasers, the 
blasters do minimal damage but never run out.

PROTON TORPEDOES: The X-wing, Millenium Falcon and Naboo N-1 have these 
weapons. They are armed with a proton scattering energy warhead that 
inflicts heavier damage than an ordinary missile. An advanced and 
seeking version is available.

CONCUSSION MISSILES: The A-wing fires these sub-lightspeed projectiles. 
On contact they create powerful shock waves, capable of penetrating the 
heaviest armor. Though they are not as strong as the proton torpedoes, 
more can usually be carried at once. A seeking version is available.

BOMBS: Only the Y-wing is armed with these weapons of destruction. 20 
can be carried at once, and when dropped they pulverize all targets 
within a small area. An advanced version can be collected.

CLUSTER MISSILES: The V-wing is the only craft that carries these. Once 
fired, the missiles break into 5 individual projectiles creating a 
spread effect. A seeking version is available, and is quite efficient 
at destroying groups of fighters.

ION CANNON: Y-wing's special weapon, and X-wing's secondary on one 
mission. Rather than destroying a target, the ions will disable it for 
later capture, although small targets may be destroyed. While ions may 
be fired rapidly, they must be charged and then released for maximum 
power. These can be used to supplement the poor lasers of the Y-wing.

HARPOON AND TOW CABLE: A unique weapon carried by the snowspeeders. Tow 
cables are most useful for hog tying AT-AT turtle walkers. (That's the 
only thing you can use them for in the game.)

     When your torpedoes and/or missiles are upgraded to the seeking 
variety, activation changes a bit. First push the secondary weapon 
button once, to turn your crosshairs into 2 yellow diamonds. Then just 
hold an enemy in your sites (as close to the center of the diamond as 
you can) until your missile locks on to it. You will know you have 
locked on to an enemy when that enemy has a red tracker on it, and you 
hear a sound like a missile turret. Once it is locked, hit the button 
again to fire. 
      If you get tired of waiting for the missile to lock on, just tap 
the button twice rapidly to fire the missile straight. This doesn't 
work unless you do it _just_ right.

  *    *    *    *    *    *VII.) CONTROLS*    *    *    *    *    *   

Control Stick - moves your craft
A - Thrust
B - Fire Blasters
L - Cycle through camera views
R - Roll / Speeder's right brake
Z - Brakes / Speeder's left brake
Start - Pause
<C - Secondary Weapon
C> -Activates special feature (ion cannon - Y-wing, Open/Close S-foils 
- X-wing
down C - Fire Mode (links and unlinks blaster cannons)
up C - Look around (limited use)
Control Pad - Camera shortcuts: Up-cockpit, Right-close , Left-drop 

Control Stick - moves your craft
A - Thrust
B - Fire Blasters
L - Fire Mode
R - Roll/Speeder's right brake
Z - Brakes / Speeder's left brake
Start - Pause
<C - Secondary weapon
C> - Special 
down C - Look around
up C - Switch view
Control Pad - same as Luke's Settings

Control Stick - moves your craft
A - Thrust
B - Fire Blasters
L - Fire Mode
R - Roll
Z - Brakes
Start - Pause
<C - Secondary weapon
C> - Special
down C - Look around
up C - Switch view
Control Pad - same as Luke's and Wedge's Settings

Control Stick - moves your craft
A - Brakes
B - Thrust
L - Switch view
R - Roll
Z - Fire Blasters
Start - Pause
<C - Fire Mode
C> - Special
down C - Secondary
up C - Look around
Control Pad - same as all the others

Special thanks to Eric Liu and Argonaut for these controls

SPACEBAR, 0 or LEFT CTRL  - Fire Primary Weapon
ALT or ENTER              - Fires Secondary Weapon
4, LEFT ARROW or J        - Turn Craft Left
6, RIGHT ARROW or L       - Turn Craft Right
2, DOWN ARROW or K        - pitch up; craft will ascend
8, UP ARROW or I          - Pitch down; craft will descend
W                         - Thrust
S                         - Brake
A                         - Left Brake
D                         - Right Brake
E                         - Rolls
F                         - Special Action
~                         - Link Weapons
ESC                       - Pause game
'                         - Cycles between camera views
F1 to F5                  - Camera Views
F8                        - Cockpit
F12                       - Screen Caption
HOME                      - Camera look front
END                       - Camera look back
PgDn                      - Look right
Delete                    - Look left
TAB                       - Rotate camera
Z                         - Drop camera
CTRL + J                  - Joystick on/off
CTRL + M                  - Mouse ON/OFF

       *    *    *VIII.)CRAFT DESCRIPTIONS & CONTROLS*    *    *


     Standard craft. The X-wing is the fighter of choice for Rogue 
Squadron. It can perform flips and barrel rolls, and can open its quad 
wings (S-foils) for increased maneuverability in battle. When closed, 
its speed picks up, but it cannot fire. The X-wing sports four laser 
cannons (one on each wing) and the blasters can be linked to fire 2 or 
4 shots at once. Linking slows down your fire rate, but increases the 
damage that the shot does. The X-wing also carries 6 proton torpedoes. 
In addition to strong shields, the R2 unit will gradually replenish 
your health. Ideal for picking off TIE fighters, you will not find this 
craft a disappointment. 

To do a roll, hold R and left or right. To flip, hold up on the stick. 
These controls are the same for all craft that can perform the stunts.


     Fastest ship in the Rebel fleet. The A-wing's shields are not 
nearly as good as those of the X-wing, so you'll have to escape enemy 
attacks with your speed, but the blasters are formidable and accurate. 
The A-wing can also execute rolls and flips just as the X-wing can. 
Unfortunately, there is less control. The A-wing cannot be sufficiently 
slowed, so multiple strafing runs are often necessary to destroy a 
target. However, it can carry 8 concussion missiles, effective against 
stationary targets.


     This is so much better than the speeder in Shadows of the Empire! 
Not a true flight craft, but rather a repulsor craft, the speeder is a 
civilian ship modified with huge guns and a harpoon and tow cable. It 
has no shields, but the armament is good enough to protect you from 
some damage. You can skim the ground without hitting it (you can't 
crash into level ground) and this can be used to your advantage, 
especially while roping AT-Ats. This aspect also prevents the speeder 
from pulling off rolls or other advanced acrobatics. The brakes operate 
individually, giving you greater control over your speed and tighter 


     Slow but strong, the Y-wing supported the Rebels before the 
introduction of the X-wing. Though it is a worthy craft, the Y-wing is 
given a small role in Rogue Squadron. It can only be flown in 2 stages. 
That is surprising, considering all of its unique and matchless 
features. TALK ABOUT SHIELDS! This tank can take quite a beating and 
still pull through. It can carry a payload of up to 20 bombs that can 
annihilate Imperial artillery and buildings with ease. And only the Y-
wing has a top-side ion cannon. This capability is not called on much, 
but it is cool nonetheless. This ship can also do rolls and flips like 
the X-wing. The only drawback is its uncanny lack of speed. Flying this 
hulk is comparable to that of riding in a sandcrawler, and that fact 
alone causes many people to dislike it. (There aren't too many Y-wing 
fan clubs, you know?) 


     A new craft to the Rebel Alliance. The V-wing is almost as fast as 
the A-wing, faster when it uses its scram jets. These are huge boosters 
that supply a great amount of speed over a short distance. After use, 
there is a refractory period during which the V-wing will move slowly 
until its thrusters recharge. Like the speeder, the V-wing is a 
repulsor craft that hugs the ground, and is incapable of rolls or 
flips. Pressing Z or R while turning makes the ship turn sharper. On 
the downside, the blaster cannons are flimsy, inaccurate pieces of junk 
that couldn't hit the broad side of a bantha, until you change to rapid 
fire mode. Even then, you must fire in short bursts to avoid 
overheating your cannons. One unique feature is its cluster missiles, 
good for hitting groups of enemies, or inflicting heavier damage on 

     *    *    *    *    *  IX.) HIDDEN CRAFT  *    *    *    *    *   
       Several extra fighters not made available to you at the 
beginning can be gained by entering certain passcodes. You'll want to 
know about these before you begin. For the most part, these ships can 
provide the edge needed to complete certain tasks. 

Millenium Falcon
	Just your average, everyday YT-1300 Freighter...NOT! This hotrod 
is the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy (as Lando would say). The 
Falcon will make point 5 past light speed, courtesy of a brand new 
engine and several "special modifications" made to it by Han and 
Chewie. Unfortunately, the Rogue Squadron version doesn't even come 
close to living up to all the hype about its speed. In fact, I'd say 
its speed is very average, and it seems slower because it's so big and 
bulky. We're talking zero agility! I HATE THE MILLENIUM FALCON! The 
guns are its only redeeming feature. And even they don't do much good. 
9 times out of 10 they shoot like crazy at everything other than your 
intended target, usually hitting things like Rebel bacta containers and 
anything else that you don't want to hit. The Falcon's faults simply 
outweigh its virtues, and there are only one or two places I would 
recommend it. 

Passcode: FARMBOY

TIE Interceptor
       You now have the privilege of flying Kasan Moor's TIE 
Interceptor. It gets 5 stars for maneuverability, but -12 for shields. 
Like the TIE Fighter, it has NO SHIELDS! That means one missile or a 
few direct hits with a blaster will send you spinning to the ground in 
flames. Not a good ship for beating most stages, but fun for playing 
around. Plus it has excellent blasters.

Passcode: TIEDUP (after putting in FARMBOY)

Naboo N-1 Starfighter
       This is the best ship in the game in my opinion. You really 
can't afford to go without trying this beauty out. The Naboo Fighter is 
from Star Wars: Episode 1 and it's got all the earmarks of a fighter 
bound for glory. Why? Speed: You really can't race the Naboo Fighter 
against the A-wing, but if you could, the former would likely take home 
the prize. It also has a greater range of speed; that means it can go 
slower and faster than most, giving you awesome control. Defense: 
Blasters similar to those of the TIE Interceptor. Agility: It is 
possible for a skilled pilot to out maneuver a TIE Interceptor. Need 
more reasons? Decent shield capacity and an R2 unit to make repairs 
complete the package. Still skeptical? Well, just try it for yourself.

Passcodes: HALIFAX?, then !YNGWIE!  (neither will make the acceptance 

The Car
       Okay, so this isn't really a hidden ship at all. It's actually 
just a V-wing disguised as a car. When you put in the code it 
temporarily changes the V-wing into a...well, a car. What kind of car? 
You decide. I honestly don't care, and I wouldn't know a beetle from a 
tractor-trailer anyway. Some say it's a Chevy convertible lowrider, 
some say it's a Buick Electra, and some even think it's a Cadillac. The 
fact is, contrary to what was previously thought, there IS one true 
answer. It has been officially declared that this car is 1968 Buick 
Electra. So? I still don't care. You can pretend it's a classic Mustang 
if you want. The controls and functions are identical to the V-wing. 
There's just one catch. If you pause the game while flying the car, 
(sounds weird doesn't it?) the game will freeze up. Ooo...

Passcode: KOELSCH

    *    *    *    *    *    *X.) CRAFT RATINGS*    *    *    *    *

       Below I rate the various ships in different areas. No craft is 
definitely better than the rest, but I have my opinions...  1 star is 
really bad, 5 stars is top of the line. 


Speed: ***
Blasters: ****
Shields: ***
Secondary Weapon: ***
Maneuverability: ***


Speed: *****
Blasters: ***
Shields: **
Secondary Weapon: **
Maneuverability: ****


Speed: **
Blasters: ***
Shields: **
Secondary Weapon: (see below)
Maneuverability: **


Speed: Speed? What speed? I never noticed any speed...
Blasters: *
Shields: *****
Secondary Weapons: ****
Maneuverability: **


Speed: **** normal   ****** w/scram jets
Blasters: ** normal   *****w/rapid fire
Shields: NONE!
Secondary Weapon: *****
Maneuverability: **

Millenium Falcon:

Speed: ***
Blasters: *****     (rated for power, not accuracy)
Shields: ****
Secondary Weapon: ***
Maneuverability: *

TIE Interceptor

Speed: ****
Blasters: ****
Shields: NONE!
Secondary Weapon: NONE!
Maneuverability: *****

Naboo N-1 Starfighter

Speed: ****
Blasters: *****
Shields: **1/2 
Secondary Weapon: ***
Maneuverability: ****


Speed: Not good enough
Blaster: Pathetic. And like you need it?
Shields: LESS than none
Secondary Weapon: huh?
Maneuverability: oh, well. I haven't given this craft a conventional 
rating in any other area, why brake the pattern?


       I don't think it's fair to compare the Speeder's harpoon and tow 
cable to the other secondary weapons. It stands in a class of its own. 
It's simply different altogether. Of course, if you've seen "The Empire 
Strikes Back" than you know exactly what it is used for: taking down 
Imperial Turtle Walkers. (They look a little like turtles, don't you 
think? And they're about as fast). If you have "Shadows of the Empire" 
you should be good at this. The best way to pull it off is to come 
straight at an AT-AT either from the front or from the rear, and it's 
easiest if you come on the right side. When you get to the big bully, 
release the harpoon (you can't miss) and fly around him holding the 
inside brake. Try to stay close enough so your cable won't detach 
prematurely. You may also wish to use the accelerator to speed up the 
process. WATCH THE LEGS! Contact with one will send you reeling out of 
control and will in most cases break your cable. Or you could just 
shoot up into the walker's stomach. That's lethal. Don't try it. Upon 
completion of your third revolution, the tow cable will detach and the 
big metally turtley thing will fall face first into the dirt. (Are we 
having fun yet?)
Obviously it will take some time to master the technique, but it's 
worth it.

       *    *    *    *XI.) ENEMIES AND STRATEGIES*    *    *    * 

PROBE DROID: This is a remote robot that the Empire uses for spying and 
reconnaissance. Not extremely dangerous, the probe droids come off as 
annoying at most, though packs of them can present a problem for craft 
with low shield capability. One or two shots will exterminate these 

TIE FIGHTER: Standard Imperial fighter. Great agility, combined with 
its small profile makes it a difficult target. These advantages, 
however, come at a high price. The TIE (Twin Ion Engine) fighter is 
completely unshielded and has very little armament. Two meager lasers 
below the cockpit are all it has for offensive weaponry. A few direct 
hits will down one.

TIE BOMBER: Larger and more armored than the TIE fighter, this ship 
carries a heavy payload of bombs, and it's not shy about dropping them. 
These are very dangerous to the many things you'll be trying to 
protect. The best way to deal with one is to come flying up close 
behind it so you have a better chance of hitting it. Should you catch 
one flying perpendicular to you, shoot ahead of it to make it run into 
your shots. 

TIE INTERCEPTOR: Dagger-shaped rendition of the TIE fighter, this 
deadly ship is nearly as fast as an A-wing, and has impressive 
blasters. It uses its extreme agility to its advantage, often flying 
circles around you (sort of) and making it frustrating to hit. Often 
the best remedy for that is to speed off in one direction leaving it in 
the dust (they rarely pursue you closely) and then turn around and face 
it. These head-to-head attacks are risky for both parties, but if you 
have superior shields you'll come out on top. 

AT-ST (ALL TERRAIN SCOUT TRANSPORT): Quick and deadly when it comes to 
ground assault. The walkers' formidable speed and firepower make them a 
force to be reckoned with. Try to come in behind them when possible or 
use missiles.

STORM TROOPERS: Poor, helpless little people with bad sprites who were 
forced to work (die?) for the Empire. Slow and easy to hit, especially 
with the Y-wing or X-wing, storm troopers inflict no notable 
damage...at first. But lots of them together in one place can be 
dangerous, because they DO shoot at you, and they DO hit you, and you 
CAN die from it; so don't fool around with these guys. However, lots of 
them together can ALSO mean a big boost in your enemies count. (Hint! 

TANK DROIDS: These are a real pain, particularly on Fest. They are 
completely automated, making them efficient members of the Imperial 
task force. They take too long to destroy (just a few shots more than 
are easily administered) and can do fair amounts of damage. 
Fortunately, the tank droids are almost always firing at something 
other than you, so you can get rid of them without worrying overly 
about being shot. 

AT-PT (ALL TERRAIN PERSONAL TRANSPORT): New to the Star Wars universe, 
this small and unique transport carries only two people. Its cannons 
have a wide range, so be careful when approaching one. The wise thing 
to do is shoot them in the back. Is that cowardly? Sure, but who really 
cares? Would you rather be shot down? Let's be sensible here people. 
It's only a game. Possibly the best game in the universe, but a game 
nonetheless, and it can be much improved if all of us just do our part 
and kill all the AT-PTs we can.

IMPERIAL LANDING CRAFT: A large and heavily armored craft that devotes 
2/3 of its power to its shields. They mostly appear to drop walkers and 
tank droids and to just generally make things miserable. Not real 
important, but take a few strafing runs at it to beef up your accuracy. 
This is the type of ship in which Moff Seerdon attacks you on Thyferra.

STEALTH BOATS: Tiny speedboats manned by a single trooper. They have 
guns, but they basically have no roll in the game. They appear in one 
level (Corellia) to fight battles that don't involve you. Pay of little 

AT-AT (ALL TERRAIN ARMORED TRANSPORT): Imperial weapon of great 
destruction that strikes fear into the hearts of all who would oppose 
it. With incredible armament and devastating firepower, the AT-AT 
(turtle walker) creates big trouble for Rebel forces. And these are not 
the nearly immobile statues of Shadows of the Empire, no! These AT-Ats 
actually make progress as they walk. The fastest way to take them down 
is to trip them with the Speeder's tow cable. AT-ATs can be destroyed 
with blasters but it's the hard way. It took me 11 passes with advanced 
lasers to destroy one, and mission profiles don't give you that kind of 

TURBO LASERS: Forming the backbone of Imperial ground cover, the turbo 
lasers are stationary weapons that fire twin blaster cannons. When you 
can, try flying uphill to confront them, as they have a hard time 
angling their shots downward. They fire in bursts, so shoot, dip down 
to avoid their fire, then return to your original position and shoot 
again. It takes 6 shots to destroy them normally, and 4 with advanced 

MISSILE TURRETS: There is no Imperial weapon more dreaded by Rogue 
pilots than the missile turrets. These super annoying guns fire seeker 
missiles that rarely miss and do great damage. If you come at one head 
on, fire at the cannons so that any missiles it shoots will be 
destroyed before they reach you. To evade a missile from a turret that 
has already been destroyed, do a flip. 9 times out of 10, any missile 
will loose you after pulling off the move. Of course, that tactic is 
not fool proof, and it works best in the canyons of Kile II, whereas in 
places like Sullust, you will probably get hit anyway. 

IMPERIAL SHUTTLE: No need to fear the harmless shuttle. It doesn't do 
anything except fly around and on one level, lead you to the goal.

SPEEDER BIKES w/ BIKER SCOUTS: More harmless adversaries. They usually 
travel swiftly across the landscape in threes. Hard to hit.

RADAR DISHES: Dishes that alert the Empire to your presence. Destroy 
them to infiltrate Imperial bases undetected. DON'T GET TOO CLOSE! 
Otherwise they will pick you up and your security will be compromised.

ARMORED HOVER TRAIN: Protected by guns and missile turrets, the armored 
hover train makes its way across Kessel with a load of prisoners. A few 
missiles and/or a couple of strafing passes will knock out a car, but 
if you don't want to harm the innocent Rebel prisoners, disable the 
train with your ion cannon.

GHOST TURRETS: Ooooooo, spooky. The Empire has been attempting to 
create an invincible gun turret, and if it succeeds, the Rebel forces 
could be doomed to failure. These hybrids, found only in the Tibanna 
gas mines of Taloraan, are the incomplete products of this attempt. 
They act like turbo lasers, but sometimes your shots go right through 
them! That, as you can well imagine, is a very bad thing. Actually, the 
ghost turrets are merely the result of a game glitch, but they DO exist 
on Taloraan, so watch out!

TIE/Ds: Brand spankin' new TIEs created by the new Empire after the 
Battle of Endor. Fast, light and maneuverable, these ships are driven 
by droid brains and are very hard to nail. They cause a lot of 
headaches for Rebel ships. Seeker missiles are the best remedies for 
this problem.

WAVESKIMMERS: Fierce hydrofoils built around the frame of an AT-AT, and 
of course they're much quicker than their land-bound counterpart. The 
waveskimmers don't cause much trouble, but they do take a lot of hits 
to eliminate. 

WORLD DEVASTATORS: Massive ships capable of seriously bustin' up some 
planets! Well, turn the tide and bust them up instead! How, you say? 
It's easy. Just make it through their thick defense of lasers and 
homing missiles without being  shredded like dog meat, knock out the 
shield generator on top, then fly back down and destroy the propulsion 
being careful not to get caught underneath when it falls...simple. 
Well, good luck...

*    *    *    *    *    *    *CHAPTER 1*    *    *    *    *    *    *


Six months have passed since
the battle of Yavin. The Death
Star has been destroyed,
but the fight for freedom
is far from over.

As the war against the Empire
rages across the vastness
of space, Luke Skywalker
forms the legendary Rogue
Squadron from the Rebel
Alliance's most skilled X-wing

Their mission: to defend the
struggling Rebel Alliance
against the still powerful and
battle hardened Imperial
foe, in a last ditch effort
to control the galaxy...


Available Craft: X-wing, A-wing, V-wing
Default Craft: X-wing
Recommended Craft: Anything other than the Millenium Falcon (did I
     mention that I hate that ship?) The X-wing works best. 
Planet: Tatoonie
Objectives: Destroy the 21 probe droids and hey, why don't you protect 
the homesteads while you're at it? 
            Destroy the 6 TIE Bombers to protect Mos Eisley

WALKTHRU: This one is just a breeze. It's likely that you'll beat it on 
the first attempt. Or not. Just fly around, following your radar to 
clusters of probe droids and kicking their metal hides. Once you 
destroy them all, a cut scene will play alerting you to the fact that 
Mos Eisley is under attack. So fly over there and take out the bombers 
as quickly as possible and you're done. Try not to let the bombers fall 
onto buildings when you shoot them down. They're patterns are easily 
anticipated and countered, so this should give you minimal trouble.

Mission 1 Map

                                 /   3-
                                /      \
                                \ 1   2/

Note* This map is only for the first canyon.


Completion Time: 3:00
Enemies Destroyed: 31
Accuracy: 15%
Friendly Saves: 50
Bonus: 0

GO FOR THE GOLD: You have plenty of time, the accuracy is easy to 
achieve, and you needn't lie awake at night worrying about friendly 
saves. The one thing that often causes dilemma is the Enemies Destroyed 
category. When you first complete the stage with a silver medal and you 
notice that you're missing four enemies, don't sweat it. You didn't 
miss any probe droids. You did, however, bypass the four sandtroopers 
on the level. Here's a how gold run should go. It may help to look at 
the map for this one. 
       From Start, destroy the probe droid near (1). You may want to 
shoot (2) and (3), but usually your wing mates will take care of them. 
Now fly out over the desert in the direction of the arrow toward (4). 
See those little black thingys in the sand? Yep. Those are the storm 
troopers. Take out both the ones on dewbacks and the two and on foot. 
The latter can be hard to bulls-eye on the first pass, but don't worry. 
You should have time to come at them again. Now just follow your radar 
to the rest of the droids and complete the level within the time limit.
       If for some bizarre reason you STILL can't find them just watch 
the first demo. Leads you right to 'em. 

CHALLENGE: See if you can complete the mission in a minute or less. Or 
try to shoot down Wedge. It's not easy!

*    *    *    *    *


Available Craft: X-wing, A-wing, V-wing
Default Craft: X-wing
Recommended Craft: X-wing or Naboo Fighter
Planet: Barkhesh
Objective: The struggling Rebels are in desperate need of supplies, and 
a small resistance group on the humid planet of Barkhesh may provide 
them. Escort the supply convoy safely through dangerous Imperial 
territory to the landing zone.

WALKTHRU: Not too difficult, yet you may experience a few problems 
until you get used to the game. At the start there will be probe droids 
(what else?). Just knock them off and speed on to the base where the 
convoy is preparing to move. Fly right past them and destroy the other 
droids guarding the pass. When they are obliterated, take a right and 
turn the AT-ST into a smoldering stalk. If you've done all this 
efficiently the convoy should have just begun to move. Patrol the 
entrance to the pass that the walker was in until two TIE Bombers 
appear. If you haven't already learned this, learn it now. ALWAYS 
DESTROY TIE BOMBERS BEFORE FIGHTERS!! I cannot stress that point 
enough. Bombs do more damage faster than almost any other Imperial 
weapon other than the heavy artillery. One direct hit with a bomb will 
completely decimate a supply vehicle. And if you want gold, you have to 
save them all. So make any bombers your first priority. Now speed ahead 
and finish off two more chicken walkers which just happen to be 
standing in your way. The caravan will now be safe apart from your 
presence for a while, so follow your radar to remove the turbo lasers 
atop the mountain crests and the remainder of the AT-STs. This done, 
the path will be a safer place for supply trains everywhere, not to 
mention your own. You can take it easy until the convoy emerges from 
between the mountains and takes a left. At this point, another pair of 
annoying bombers will show their faces only to be battered by a barrage 
of laser blasts, if you're any good. Put the final pair of turbo lasers 
and the last bomber to shame, and just let the convoy reach the 
rendezvous point. 


Completion Time: 5:45
Enemies Destroyed: 30
Accuracy: 40%
Friendly Saves: 19
Bonus: 0 

GO FOR THE GOLD: Once again, the stickler is the Enemies Destroyed 
category. It's very easy to miss the last few enemies altogether. To 
drag in your quota, you must find the simi-hidden Imperial outpost. 
This contains a large gun turret on a tower, two AT-STs, and several 
storm troopers running around like bugs. After you destroy the last 
bomber, simply follow the path between the stubs of the final turbo 
lasers. The outpost is at the end. Ignore General Rieekan. He says, 
"Commander, this is Rieekan. It is imperative that you stay with the 
supply vehicles". In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. 
The convoy doesn't need you at all. In fact it gets to the pick-up zone 
rather quickly, so you'll have a limited amount of time to squash as 
many Imperials as you can before the shuttle arrives.
     The other day I found something else of interest. After the convoy 
takes the first turn into where the AT-STs are, and before the pair of 
bombers come into play, fly back to the base. There you will see a lone 
TIE bomber flying around, normally undetected. Kill it for an extra 
hit. If you decide to do so, you'd better kill it quickly because it 
will try to bomb the base and hurt your friendly saves. It won't do 
anything if you never go back for it.

CHALLENGE: Get _ALL_ the storm troopers at the Imperial outpost, with a 
completion time of 5:15.

*    *    *    *    *


Available Craft: X-wing, A-wing, V-wing
Default Craft: A-wing
Recommended Craft: Naboo Fighter, V-wing
Planet: Chorax
Objectives: (1) Locate the crashed Rebel Ship
            (2) Protect the Nonnah and its rescue shuttle

     Objective 1: As a rule, down as many TIEs and probe droids as you 
can while you search for the Rebel ship that crashed in the lakes of 
Chorax. At the start of the level there will be three rivers leading in 
different directions. The Nonnah is at the end of one of those 
trenches. Go left first. This will give you a chance to destroy a few 
droids and hopefully engage some fighters as well. You should hope that 
the ship will be at the end of the left trench. This area has more 
baddies and therefore gives you a head start building up your enemies 
count. If however, the Nonnah is NOT in that lake (and let's face it, 
it may not be), clean the Imperials out of that area quickly and soar 
back to out to the start of the middle trench. Go to the end. When you 
see the big mound sticking op out of the water go to its right side and 
check your radar for the ship. If it isn't here, which is unlikely 
because it usually crashes here or in the left lake, then go back again 
until you come to the right-most path. The V-wing's scram jets are 
helpful in these transitions. 
     Objective 2: When you finally find the Nonnah, kill any enemies in 
the area, and watch for the Imperial landing craft. When it lands, it 
will dispatch three tank droids and an AT-ST. Enemies that will 
eventually appear are listed here in order of priority: In other words, 
kill 1 first, then 2, then 3, etc. 1. AT-ST 2. tank droids 3. Tie 
bombers 4.AT-PTs (these won't appear until a after the bombers and 
fighters arrive) 5. Tie Interceptors 6. Probe droids. Bombers usually 
come in pairs. If you have been successful in protecting the shuttle, 
it will eventually take off. Follow it at a distance snagging as many 
fighters as you can. Interceptors appear out of nowhere to attack it. 
This part is _SO MUCH_ easier with seeker missiles, so wait 'til you 
get them before trying for gold, or use the Naboo Fighter.



GO FOR THE GOLD: Though this level is difficult the first few times you 
play it, time should not be a problem if you know your way around. 
Accuracy is also a small obstacle for a skilled pilot, especially one 
with seeker missiles. And if you complete the mission, you already have 
your friendly save. To destroy enough enemies, use the V-wing with its 
cluster seeker missiles. A little practice is all it takes to bring 
home the prize.

RADAR TRICK: A reader e-mailed me about this trick, and I proceeded to 
evaluate it. It seems that at the end of levels, about a second before 
they end, your radar points off in another direction. This could be 
especially helpful on Chorax. Why? Because it is possible that it can 
show you where the Nonnah will be the next time you play the stage. So 
if you're going for gold and playing the stage through several times, 
here's something to experiment with. The SECOND time you beat the 
level, observe where the radar points at the end. It should point down 
the branch where the Nonnah will next appear, and that would save you 
time tracking it on your next visit. It's rather unreliable, but it 
seems to work on the second try.

CHALLENGE: Try to hit a TIE Bomber with a concussion missile. No easy 
Does anyone know if that Imperial Landing craft can be destroyed?

*    *    *    *    *


Available Craft: Airspeeder
Planet: Corellia
Objectives: (1) Investigate strange readings
            (2) Protect the Capital Tower
            (3) Protect the Tech Center
            (4) Protect the evacuation shuttle
       Imperial Officer Crix Madine wants to defect to the Rebel 
Alliance, but the Empire is determined to prevent his escape: even if 
it means terminating his life. One of the longer missions, Corellia is 
a challenge for new players. Once mastered, it's just plain fun. Now 
probably my favorite stage.

     Objective 1: The first thing that will happen is your buddies will 
pick up a strange reading on their long-range scanners. This happens to 
be a bunch of probe droids hanging out in a crater not far from town. 
The thing is, they aren't DOING anything. They're just hovering there. 
One wonders how and why they got there and what the necessity is in 
destroying such a harmless group of by-standers. Oh, well. Turn about 
100 degrees left when you start, and go full throttle to the site. Pick 
off the poor droids (in one pass if possible. This can be accomplished 
by holding both brakes and aiming quickly) and head back to the city.
     Objective 2: part 1. As soon as the city comes into view, you will 
see three TIE bombers. (See note about hitting TIEs in the enemies 
section.) Take them out and head to the tower. It's by far the largest 
building in sight, and hard to miss. Plus your radar points to it the 
whole time. Bombers are everywhere. You want to destroy them quickly so 
they do minimum damage to the tower. It can only take so much pounding, 
and if you take too long you can just say good-bye to General Rieekan. 
Some bombers fly out to the coast after each pass before returning to 
nuke the building. These can be easily followed and downed before they 
can make another hit. Others fly out behind the building in the open 
plain area. More easy targets. And finally, some fly out across the 
city after each run. Be careful if you chase one over the top of the 
Capital Tower. You can just BARELY make it over without scraping your 
belly along the roof. 
     Objective 3: Once you've laid waste to the bomb squad, you'll 
receive a transmission from Madine. He's trapped in the Tech Center and 
the Empire is bombarding it. High tail it to the Center and turn a few 
more bombers into grease spots. At this point, Han and Chewie will show 
up in the Millenium Falcon and help you out. 
     Objective 2: part 2. Head straight to the Capital Tower from 
there, as you'll be notified on the way that a walker has been spotted. 
Pay no attention to other battles going on in the city. You have to 
stick to your mission objectives, or good men will perish. Once in the 
city two bombers will be flying over the tower. Take them down as 
quickly and decisively as possible. If you let them continue their 
destructive rampage while you tackle the AT-AT, it's likely that the 
tower will be destroyed. Also, killing them first will allow Han and 
Chewie to begin the evacuation. Make sure you use your harpoon and tow 
cable on the walker. (See Special Technique)
     Objective 3: part 2: Fly back to the Tech Center. When you reach 
the small city part that is right before it, take a gradual right and 
come at the two chicken walkers from behind. Hold both brakes and fire 
continuously. If you are lucky you can destroy one in the first pass, 
although it may take 3 or 4 to get them both. Then double back and tie 
up the turtle walker like a pita wrap from Wendy's. This is your first 
practical opportunity to put the guillotine thing into effect.
     Objective 4: The Rebels are dispatching a shuttle to evacuate 
Madine. In a last effort to foil his escape from Corellia, three TIE 
fighters will come in from over the mountains to your left (assuming 
you're facing the same way as the AT-AT). Take care of them on the 
double and fly to the aid of the incoming shuttle with has more TIEs on 
its back. Sometimes the last 3 fighters will not come in right on its 
tail. If they don't, STAY WITH THE SHUTTLE! They'll be there soon 
enough. After that the shuttle will take off with no further pursuit.



GO FOR THE GOLD: Alright, to get enough enemies, you'll need to shoot 
probably 6-8 of the storm troopers that are running around, and at the 
end, maybe a few of those stealth boats too. You can get a few storm 
troopers near the Tech Center after you beat the scout walkers, and a 
few more at the city section where you get the bonus.
BONUS: A must-have for gold is the weapon upgrade. The power up will be 
in the city section right before the one with the Tech Center. It will 
not appear until after Han and Chewie arrive. The best time to get this 
item, along with a few storm troopers is after you destroy the last 
group of fighters that threaten the shuttle, NOT immediately after it 
appears, as some have said. Unless you are grossly inept, the 
evacuation of Madine gives you ample time to snag the elusive weapons. 
They will be sitting (floating, actually) down near the ground in the 
previously mentioned city section, rather obviously as you fly over. 
The easiest approach is to come at it facing towards the Tech Center. 
Dive a steeply as possible over first building, and skim the ground 
'til you collect your prize. Then take a sharp right through the little 
"L" shaped gap between the buildings, a conveniently placed escape 
route. Now you will have Advanced Proton Torpedoes for use in Gerrard 
HINT: If you think your accuracy wasn't very good while shooting the 
bombers, try beefing it up by taking a strafing run at the AT-Ats 
before you kill them.

CHALLENGE: Blow up the 3 small buildings on both ends of the Capital 
Tower and then practice flying through the narrow spaces revealed. Try 
it at full speed with different views.

*    *    *    *    *


Available Craft: X-wing, A-wing, V-wing
Default Craft: X-wing
Recommended Craft: X-wing
Planet: Gerrard V
Objectives: (1) Protect Crix Madine's Y-wings by destroying the turbo 
lasers, missile turrets, and TIE Interceptors (not to mention those 
annoying AT-PTs.
            (2) Destroy the big gun turret
       The Imperial Governor is stealing goods from the city, and 
smuggling them out in his luxury yachts. You must protect the Y-wings 
as they disable the yachts and return the loot to its rightful owners. 
DO NOT DESTROY THE YACHTS! They are full of goods that belong to the 
civilians. The Y-wings have ion cannons to disable them without 
destroying their contents. If you happen to cause the demise of a 
yacht, the mission will end immediately.

	Objective 1: In the opening cinema clip, Crix says, "Don't worry, 
we're not so helpless". What a lie. Those pathetic Y-wings just can't 
keep themselves out of trouble. Obviously Rieekan knew this, that's why 
he sent Rogue Squadron to fly cover. To lengthen their life span, 
you'll have to take out ALL Imperial turbo lasers and missile turrets. 
Here's the best route to take in the first part. Go to the first laser 
turret on the ground in front of you when you start. Blow it up, and 
take a right into the city. Follow the short path between the buildings 
destroying both turrets within. Exit the city and fly up to the 
mountain ridge, slightly to your left. Follow the ridge in a 
counterclockwise direction destroying the tree missile turrets. Then go 
left and fly over the top of the city uprooting the three turbo lasers 
that are on top of the buildings. When you have successfully completed 
that task, Madine will say that he's clear. Now fly slowly around the 
perimeter taking out the little AT-PTs which are wondering about.
     When the second movie clip plays, fly to the gap between the 
mountains (it's fairly easy to find) ahead of the Y-wings if at all 
possible. You want to blaze the trail for them. Unfortunately your 
radar will not offer you much help in this stage, because it points to 
the Y-wings the whole time. Dismantle the two AT-PTs from above, and be 
sure not to leave that pesky missile launcher. Once in the city (part 
2) fly straight ahead. Take out the turbo laser and the missile turret, 
and then the AT-PT. Proceed now to the back of the city (past the big 
gun turret) and mutilate the missile turret on the hill and the one at 
the base of the gun tower. 
     Objective 2: Use a few torpedoes to blow the head off of large gun 
turret. Now you should follow the Y-wings around like a shadow to keep 
the TIE Interceptors off their backs.  



GO FOR THE GOLD: Getting enough enemies is once again greatly 
simplified by seeker missiles. It's very hard to hit enough 
interceptors without them. Be certain to get all the AT-PTs, and as 
many TIEs as you can. Again, this may take a few tries, especially 
since the Y-wings are quite prone to getting themselves killed. You'll 
need to save ALL of them for gold. Exercise speed, skill and stealth to 
complete your objectives by the time limit. There's no formula for 
gold. Just lots of practice, and hey, the Naboo N-1 wouldn't hurt 
CHALLENGE: In the second part, you may have noticed twin buildings side 
by side with but a tiny space in between them. Can you seek out this 
spot and fly your craft safely through it? It can be done with any ship 
but the V-wing, which can't roll. 

*    *    *    *    *    *    *CHAPTER 2*    *    *    *    *    *    *


Kasan Moor, Imperial ace
and leader of the dreaded
128th TIE Interceptor
Squadron, has now defected
to the Rebel Alliance.

As a loyal soldier for the
Empire, Moor witnessed both
its cruelty and hypocrisy
in the destruction of her
home world, Alderaan.

Convinced to join Rogue
Squadron, Moor offers her
flight expertise, in addition
to knowledge of hidden 
Imperial strongholds...


Available Craft: X-wing, A-wing, V-wing
Default Craft: X-wing
Recommended Craft: X-wing
Planet: Jade Moon of Loronar
Objectives: (1) Use the trench to avoid missile turrets
            (2) Locate and destroy the shield generator
            (3) Escort and protect the commandos

       This is another of my favorite missions. I guess I have a thing 
for night stages. The lighting effects are awesome! With a little 
practice, you should be able to pass this stage in your sleep. You 
might, however, want to wait 'til you conquer Fest to try for gold.

    Objective 1: As soon as you can see that first AT-PT, floor the 
brakes and shoot like mad at it. Go as slow as you can, and kill the 
AT-PTs as fast as you can. Many an unwary pilot has been shot down by 
underestimating these savage beasts. You may want to shoot the first 
two, then turn around and go back to the start. From that point, turn 
again and make another run for the last two, to be on the safe side. 
That done, destroy the lasers that surround the base (there are 4) and 
then head back in the direction of your starting point. Find the 
trench, and begin to maneuver down it. When you come to the fork, the 
power-up is on the left, and the shield generator is to the right. Stay 
low and when you get to the clearing, promptly leave all lasers and 
turrets in the area in smoldering piles of ash. 
     Objective 2: Destroy the shield generator with your torpedoes. 
     Objective 3: Now fly back to the base and protect your commandos. 
This is SO much easier with seeker torpedoes it's not even funny. The 
fact is, getting all the bombers before they smash the commandos is 
extremely difficult unless you're a really good shot. Get the AT-PTs 
first. Then watch for the bombers. One blast will annihilate a strike 
vehicle. Take out all the air cover while keeping the ground squad in 
one piece, and the mission will end.



GO FOR THE GOLD: To get enough enemies, you have to destroy virtually 
every walker, turret, and crate on the level. Make sure to wipe out all 
the round buildings near the base and at the start, as well as all the 
boxes and enemies. At the generator, fly up out of the crater before 
you blow up the shields, and get every missile launcher you can see. 
There is also a round building hiding amongst the indestructible 
buildings the ground assault is raiding.
     This stage has one of the most important bonuses: the advanced 
shields. They add a new color (blue) to your damage indicator, allowing 
your craft to take a few more hits before reaching that pitiful point 
at which R2 screams and you prepare for certain death. Instead of 
taking the trench to this item, fly above it and two the left. Yes, 
it's risky, but it's faster and allows you to rack in a few more hits. 
Destroy the two missile turrets, the laser across the canyon, and the 
turret down in the crater with the building. The shields are inside the 
building. The building its self is very strange. You run into it before 
it seems like you're close enough. Keep your distance and use your 
torpedoes to blow it open.

*    *    *    *    *


Available Craft: Speeder
Planet: Balmorra
Objectives: (1) Approach the base undetected by radar
            (2) Locate and destroy the AT-ST factory
            (3) Locate and destroy the AT-AT factory
Note that the walkthru tells you how to beat the stage as quickly and 
decisively as possible. For gold techniques, see the part about getting 

       FINALLY! A seek and destroy mission! This game just has far too 
many freakin' protect missions, and so this is a welcome change for 
Rogues who are always playing defense. The atmosphere is quite murky 
and dense. Consequently you may find yourself asking directions. It's 
not very difficult to complete the objectives, or at least it wouldn't 
be if it only weren't so easy to die. Backstabbing TIE fighters and 
merciless missiles can really ruin your day.

     Objective 1: A task so easy even YOU can pull it off. Just destroy 
the six or seven radar dishes without getting so close that they alert 
the base to your presence. Watch the horizon. You will soon see the 
shape of a radar dish appearing amongst the fog. A few shots and it's 
gone. Render them blind to infiltrate the factory. 
     Objective 2: When you come out of into the open, go straight and 
kill the gun turret on the hill. Continue in that general direction 
past the factory from which a shuttle is leaving and you will see an 
AT-ST standing next to a raised gun turret. Hold the brakes and bust 
'em up. Now you should be approaching the AT-ST factory. All you really 
have to do is stop production by taking out the factory (that big grey 
thing), but if you're trying for a low medal you should stick around 
and kill everything in sight. The neat thing about this level is that 
you can blow almost anything and everything that isn't dirt, so 
practice your demolition before you try for gold.
     Objective 3: Leave the AT-ST factory and watch for TIEs. Take 
every right turn. Once you take your final right, you'll notice the 
only way to go is left. If you want to get fried, then just run blindly 
around the corner. If not, go as far as you can straight ahead, and 
turn sharply when you reach the wall. Staying close to the wall over 
the elevated ground, hold both brakes and make a slow entrance to the 
factory. You'll know you're in the right place when you see the green 
lighting from the turbo lasers. There will be 2 lasers, an AT walker, 
and 2 missile turrets. Destroy the guns and don't worry about the big 
turtle. The odds are he won't hit you. Concentrate on the missile 
turrets. With them out of the way, the rest should be fairly simple. 
Nuke the three buildings. If you want enemies, save the long building 
for last. The others have storm troopers and AT-STs in them. Get all 
three buildings and the rest is history.



GO FOR THE GOLD: As is often the case, you may have trouble getting 
both the time and the enemies at the same time. As a rule, SHOOT 
EVERYTHING! You won't have much trouble with accuracy because almost 
everything is a target. The enemy requirement is high, but that is to 
be expected. You'll find antenna poles, boxes, bunkers, barrels, storm 
troopers, and round buildings, all of which add to your total once 
properly disintegrated. If you go immediately to the AT-ST factory, you 
probably wont get all the hits you need. Take a detour to go get the 
weapon upgrade and destroy most of the bunkers, buildings and the like. 
Don't mess with the TIE plant or the AT-ATs. Those are unnecessary and 
take precious time. 
     The advanced bombs are easily located at the plant from which the 
shuttle lifts off. It is in one of the round buildings on the ground in 
the back. On your approach make sure you nail the shuttle and get the 
missile turret on the ledge before snagging the power-up. 

*    *    *    *    *


Available Craft: Y-wing
Default Craft: take a wild guess...
Recommended Craft: Naboo Starfighter
Planet: Kile II
Objectives: (1) Locate and destroy the Imperial Garrison
            (2) Locate and destroy the sensor array
            (3) Locate and destroy the Imperial Spaceport

       Another hit-and-run mission, this stage takes place on Kile II. 
You'll be attacking the Imperial Enclave, a facility sprawling 
throughout the deep canyons of the planet. To shutdown the operation 
and cripple the Imperial Navy, Rebel Y-wings will penetrate the 
facility, bomb key strongholds and get out before being blown to 
sawdust. Sounds easy? Think again. You're using Y-wings because of 
their greater firepower and superior shields.

     Objectives 1&2: Starting out, take the first left turn. You should 
end up over a few small buildings and a turbo laser. Make a few hits 
here if you like, but don't sacrifice much time or energy. Keep going 
through the canyon, and try to stay high. As you pass another clearing, 
there will be a missile launcher. Link your blasters and fire at it 
with your lasers AND your ion cannons simultaneously. This will 
supplement your relatively feeble blaster power and quicken the demise 
of enemies. Continue on in your present course. Pass the next missile 
turret right up and go straight until you come to the garrison. Go 
left; destroy the missile turrets and guns, bomb the sensor array. 
Don't get to close to buildings or anything else that you're dropping a 
bomb on, as you can be greatly damaged (even killed) by your own 
blasts. Now double back and take care of the garrison. 
     Objective 3: When you do this, you need to go to the spaceport. 
However, with all the canyons, the spaceport can be very hard to find. 
It would take a while to explain how to get there, so instead of that, 
follow the shuttle. As soon as you demolish the garrison, an Imperial 
shuttle should land where the sensor array was, and then take off 
again. The first time you play the level, DO NOT DESTROY THE SHUTTLE! 
Follow it. It will lead you right to the spaceport. Memorize the path, 
so that you can take it the next time, and you won't have to wait for 
Shuttle the Snail. Upon reaching the spaceport, skirt the perimeter 
taking out all guns and missile turrets. Now the objective is simple. 
Bomb everything. After you bomb most of the spaceport, Wedge will be 
shot down and captured, but that's supposed to happen. (It is 
unavoidable...) Besides, if it didn't, the next two levels couldn't 
happen. Once the cut scene ends, destroy the few remaining Imperial 



GO FOR THE GOLD: WOW! SIX MINUTES! You may think that that is simply 
NOT enough time for those slugs (the Y-wings) to complete the mission 
with the correct number of enemies within the time limit. However, it 
CAN be done, and the key here is the stormtroopers. After you destroy 
the Sensor Array, a bunch of stormtroopers will come running out. Using 
your radar, find the spot where they are most concentrated and drop a 
bomb. This will raise you enemy count by at least 8-10 enemies if not 
many more. The same can be done at the Spaceport and Garrison. This is 
the edge you need to get all the enemies without wasting time. You'll 
find the task greatly simplified by using the Naboo Fighter. With its 
superior speed, you can shoot through the canyons like a rocket. That 
way you can take out all the enemies you need to without taking forever 
to reach them first.

*    *    *    *    *


Available Craft: X-wing
Planet: Kessel
Objectives: (1) Prevent the hover train from delivering its captives to 
the notorious prisons of Kessel

       Wedge has been captured by the Empire, and it's up to Rogue 
Squadron to get him back before it's too late. We're talking certain 
death here, unless you do something about it. So what the heck are you 
standing around here for? Go get him!

     Objective 1 (It's the _only_ objective in case you haven't 
noticed): A straightforward and simple stage. Suddenly the X-wing is 
armed with an ion cannon for this mission. Y didn't they use the Y-
wing? After all, the ions are its coolest feature, and the one time 
that you need them, you can't even use the ship! Had the Y-wing been 
given a crack at this one, it might have been redeemed from it's rather 
small and pitiful role in the game, but it seems the game creators 
didn't care about that. Oh well, that's life...
     All you need to do on this stage is disable the hover train. Not 
destroy, disable. Shut it down. Stop it in its tracks. And doing this 
is far from difficult. Just charge up the trusty ol' ion cannon, and 
let 'er rip. Shoot the cars with the guns and missile turrets first to 
disarm them. This makes the rest of the train much easier. You'll 
probably die once from the enemies scattered about but don't worry. 
Just shoot the missile turrets and return to the train. Once every car 
has been thoroughly ionized, your mission is complete.



GO FOR THE GOLD: Surprisingly enough, achieving gold on Rescue on 
Kessel can prove to be quite challenging. Once again, the challenge is 
to get all the enemies required and beat the level within the time 
limit. So here's how I found to do it. Note that you'll need to be fast 
and accurate with your ions or you can waste a lot of time. When the 
mission begins, immediately close your S-foils and speed to where the 
train is. Fire your ion cannons at two of the cars. This will slow the 
train down immensely, so it won't reach the prison before you can snag 
enough baddies. If Artoo beeps, you'll know it worked. Now it's up to 
you. It could take some experimenting to figure out what the quickest 
way is to destroy your quota. Probably high-tail it back towards the 
start where you'll find a bunker, a missile launcher or two, an AT-ST, 
and three small, grey, armored vehicles, ALL of which must be 
eliminated. Continue on the path that you see, destroying all things 
Imperial. You should end up at the prison. From there, work your way 
back to the train, obliterating guns, walkers and other Imperial 
paraphernalia. Watch out for the TIE interceptor which, if left alone, 
could throw a monkey wrench in your friendly saves. If at all possible, 
count in your head so you have an idea of when you're approaching your 
goal. You WILL need to get the AT-STs near the start, and the bunker 
with the small black towers. When you think you have sufficient hits, 
go directly to the train and finish shutting it down. 

*    *    *    *    *


Available Craft: X-wing, A-wing, V-wing
Default Craft: X-wing
Recommended Craft: X-wing
Planet: Kessel
Objectives: (1) Destroy the shield generator
            (2) Protect and escort Madine's commandos (this objective 
runs throughout the mission)

       While Wedge was on the hover train, he discovered that there 
were other Rebels imprisoned in Kessel's  notorious prisons. Crix 
Madine and his commandos will invade the jails and free the captive 
Rebels...if they don't get blown to smithereens first. They will fly in 
an Imperial Landing Craft (how do we get a hold of all these Imperial 
ships?) which is not to good at defending itself, so you'll have your 
work cut out for you.

     Objective 1: At the start, there will be three ways to go. Go to 
your far right with your S-foils closed and blow up the AT-STs as fast 
as you can. (Obviously you have to open your wings to do that.) Then 
follow the landing craft over the mountain to where it has landed in 
front of the first prison. Crix will tell you to go and destroy the 
shield generator. Yeah, that's all fine and dandy, but while you do 
that, he just sits there and gets bombarded with lasers. That's a bad 
thing. So before you run off on your heroic little mission, secure the 
prison. Take out all the guns and round buildings (but not the 
rectangular bunkers) and stay around for a while so you can nail the 
interceptors that fly through and try to make toast out of the 
commandos. Once you think they're safe for the time being, follow your 
radar to the shield generator and be quick about it. In this stage, 
it's sometimes hard to tell when you need to shoot enemies and when you 
need to just forget them and get on with your objective. When you come 
to the area with the generator, get rid of the missile launcher, the 
turbo lasers and the AT-ST, then make a few runs at the generator 
taking some of those little black towers with it. The instant it 
explodes, close the S-foils and ride the skies back to the prison. 
     Prison 1: Here's where it gets tough. TIEs will be everywhere. 
Shoot them down - and fast. Whether you never hit one, or you rip 
through the TIEs before they ever take a shot, Madine will still yell 
at you, so don't mind him. As soon as you destroy a few, Crix will 
state that he's clear. Yet another lie. Interceptors will still be 
coming in and you'll need to oust them before going after the storm 
troopers. If you succeed in doing all this, the shuttle will lift off 
and head for the next prison. Anticipate its route and go ahead of it, 
cleaning any opposition out of the way. 
     Prison 2: Same as before; shoot all the guns and round buildings 
and stop the TIEs from inflicting damage on the landing craft. Only 
this time there's a twist. When the TIEs let up for a moment, go and 
destroy the 2 AT-STs that are creeping up just out of sight of the 
prison. They aren't hard to find. Now go after the troopers and keep 
and eye on the sky for interceptors. Again, Madine should lift off.
     Prison 3: The craft will fly over top of the first prison to the 
third. You know the drill by now: Guns, TIEs, round buildings. Not a 
lot I can say, just work on your accuracy. These TIEs can be really 
hard to get, and the X-wing is your best bet for hitting them. Avoid 
damage to the commandos' craft at all costs.
     Prison 4: Last one. Clean out the guns. Kill the darn TIE 
Interceptors. A chicken walker will try to sneak up on you. Foil its 
plans and roast its crusty metal head. More than likely, the first few 
times you play the stage, the landing craft will blow up and you'll 
have to start over again. But don't get discouraged. You need to learn 
persistency if you want to live through Taloraan. 



GO FOR THE GOLD: Needless to say, the enemy count here is astronomical, 
and the time limit is frustratingly small. Accuracy may also present a 
problem what with all the TIE Interceptors. So what does one do? The 
secret to the Enemies Destroyed, among other things, is storm troopers. 
Leave the bunkers erect until Madine says, "Thanks, Rogue Group. I'm 
clear." At that point, the storm troopers will file out of the bunkers. 
Pick them off for about 8 extra hits at each stop, then destroy the 
bunkers for two more. If you do this at all 4 prisons, you can raise 
your count by approximately 40 hits! That is substantial. Also, the 
minute the craft lifts off from the last prison, go and destroy as many 
enemies as you can. It will finish the level without your help. You can 
probably find probe droids, buildings, and other things to boost your 
tally. As for time, well, just learn how to down the fighters quickly. 
The sooner you get the first few enemies at each prison, the sooner the 
commandos can begin the rescue. Mainly, GET SEEKER MISSILES! I can't 
tell you how much these help. And if you run out, kill yourself to 
     BONUS: The A-wing's missiles are at the second prison above the 
prison level, hidden out of site on the mountain directly behind the 
prison. (Look around, you'll find it). It is guarded by a single 
missile turret. Take out the turret, and the upgrade is in the lone 

*    *    *    *    *    *    *CHAPTER 3*    *    *    *    *    *    *


With the rescue of Wedge
Antilles, and Rogue Squadron
at full strength, the Rebel
Alliance turns its attention
to a new Imperial threat
- Moff Kohl Seerdon.

Preparing to capture
Thyferra, with its precious
supply of healing bacta,
Seerdon is now consolidating
his power for a massive
attack. His success could
very well break the fledging
Rebellion, and surely doom
the galaxy to Imperial rule.

Luke Skywalker and Rogue
Squadron are assigned to
disrupt his operation with
swift hit-and-run missions
against key targets such 
as he Imperial mining 
operation on Taloraan...


Available Craft: X-wing, A-wing
Default Craft: A-wing
Recommended Craft: Naboo Starfighter, A-wing
Planet: Taloraan
Objectives: Destroy all Imperial gas canisters while avoiding civilian 
casualties at all costs. 

       This is it. The third most thoroughly annoying level in the 
game, the first being Thyferra and the second Sullust. I never play 
this stage anymore because it is much more frustrating than fun. And 
why they picked the A-wing I'll never know. It seems to me just about 
any other ship would be better equipped to deal with the conditions at 
hand. However, I have succeeded to complete the mission using the A-
wing, and I testify that it CAN be done. Having said this, I hereby 
present the walkthrough for the dreaded Taloraan stage.

     If I get a lot of feedback saying that this is hard to follow, 
then I shall do my best to include platform maps in a future version. 
You WILL need to memorize the location of the Imperial canisters on 
each platform so you won't waste precious time scouting around.
     Platform 1: Begin the mission with the brake depressed. Knock out 
all the Imperial canisters on the first platform. DO NOT DESTROY 
CIVILIAN CANS! If you hit too many, the mission will fail. The civilian 
canisters are plain except for a wide blue stripe at the bottom, 
whereas the Imperial containers are a paler color and bear the Imperial 
star symbol. 
     Platform 2: Now move on to the next platform, which is at a 
considerably lower altitude. As soon as you can see it, floor the 
brakes and fire at the four Imperial cans. They are on the inside of 
the platform surrounding the center pole. Then shoot the three on the 
     Platforms 3 & 4: Ascend to your previous altitude for these 
platforms. Again, brake as soon as they come in to view, and fire not 
at the canisters, but at the gun turrets. These will be on the 
perimeters of the platforms. If you have read the enemies and 
strategies section of this FAQ, then you know about these sinister 
weapons, and the fact that they are partially intangible, and your 
lasers will go right through. (See important note at end of 
walkthrough). The first four on these two platforms should not be too 
difficult to dispose of, but be ready for anything. Now rid the area of 
Imperial containers and move on to the 5th platform.
     Platform 5: Set lower in the atmosphere like platform 2, this is 
the second most dangerous in the stage: approach with caution. 
EVERTTHING on the floor of this platform is Imperial. SHOOT 
EVERYTHING!!!!!! It is covered with those nasty turrets at their 
minimum tangibility. You may find this area frustrating, and it will 
probably be the first place you die. However, learning to live through 
this part will be nearly essential to completing the mission so 
practice hard. Upon destruction of this accursed locale, you will again 
rise on your way to...
     Platforms 6 & 7.: Okay, this is kind of hard, because if you 
haven't noticed it at previous locations, this area contains INTANGIBLE 
CANISTERS as well as turrets. So if you don't see your blasters making 
contact, don't keep flying toward your target as if it will inevitably 
blow up before you get there. It won't. At least 7 out of 10 deaths at 
Taloraan can be contributed to pilots who were shooting at a canister, 
it didn't blow up, and so they ran right into the dang thing. Try not 
to let that happen. Fly out a ways, then turn around and try again. 
When shooting canisters in this part, fire down on them so that if your 
shots go through one, they won't hit an innocent can behind it. Once 
you track down the cans and destroy them, fly toward the final 
     Platform 8: Here's where you want to have some seekers saved up. A 
huge swarm of TIE fighters and TIE interceptors will blacken the sky in 
front of you. Try to hit as many as you can, taking minimal damage. You 
should soon see a large platform city closely resembling that of Cloud 
City in The Empire Strikes Back. Watch the middle, below the level of 
the buildings, for it is from this general vicinity that the TIE 
Interceptor comes. It follows no path like the others in this stage; 
its path is YOU. Its sole purpose is to blow you out of the sky. And 
this it will do should you choose to ignore it. Try to save a missile 
for it and blast it before it reaches you, for once it does, it will 
stick with you tighter than peanut butter to a mohair sweater. Should 
this occur, don't just fly out over the city like everything's dandy or 
you'll become a permanent resident. A black-grease-spot-on-the-side-of-
a-building type resident. If you have the N-1 or A-Wing, you should be 
able to maneuver sharply enough to get a shot at it. If using the X-
wing, close the S-foils and zoom out away from it a short distance. 
Then open up, turn around and blast it. Watch your radar, too, so you 
know where it is. After it's gone, you can proceed. The 8th platform is 
set below and behind the city. You might want to take off the Auto Roll 
and Auto Level to optimize your performance. This platform contains 
missile launchers. Coming in from above prevents the turrets from 
getting a clear shot at you. Destroy them all before they blow up the 
blue canisters. Now take out the remaining Imperial cans and whalla! 
You've completed the Taloraan stage.

IMPORTANT NOTE!: Intangible guns can usually be destroyed if you fire 
at their "heads", especially from below. Also, this intangibility is 
DRASTICALLY reduced if you play the mission in normal resolution mode. 
The scenery isn't as pretty, but it's a lot easier. I beat it with the 
A-wing and only lost one life!



GO FOR THE GOLD: Gold on Taloraan is not easily won. Believe it or not, 
one of the hardest objectives to achieve is the friendly save. You need 
to protect the Rebel Blockade Runner that flies through the stage. At 
the first few platforms, worrying about it is not crucial, but by 5, 6 
& 7, you need to execute all the guns within range of the blockade 
runner, and all the TIEs as well. If you leave it alone, chances are 
the Imperial forces will run roughshod over it, erasing your chances at 
gold. It stops at platform 7, so you won't need to fuss over it after 
that, unless your worried about that big swarm of TIEs headed in that 
     Also you'll need to go the extra mile to shoot down enough 
enemies, a task immensely simplified by what else? Seeker missiles. 
     The bonus is to be found near the center of the city between the 
two towers. Dive bomb your craft to pick it up, and then go straight up 
into the sky to avoid becoming just another statistic on the building 
wall. The X-Wing and other less maneuverable craft have a lot of 
trouble doing this, so stick with the A-wing, N-1, or Squint.

*    *    *    *    *


Available Craft: Speeder
Planet: Fest
Objectives: (1) Liberate the AT-PTs and escort them safely to the 
landing zone.
            (2) Destroy the research facility. 

       Rebel forces are attempting to steal three AT-PTs from Moff 
Seerdon's base on Fest. But their escape has been compromised and you 
need to help get them out of there. You also want to plunder Seerdon's 
research facility.

     Objective 1: Scan the ground as you begin and try to kill two 
storm troopers and a tank droid then knock off the two turbo lasers you 
see on the hill. Now floor it over the gate. This level requires that 
you complete your tasks with speed and efficiency, so lots of practice 
may be required. Without losing much speed, try to destroy the two 
bunkers and about five or six storm troopers around the AT-AT's legs. 
From there, immediately begin to wrap the walker. AND BE CAREFUL! 
Staying healthy in this part is vital to the rest of the level. If you 
die during a tank droid onslaught, you might as well drop a bomb on the 
AT-PTs. When the walker is kissing snow, fly back over the gate. In one 
pass, incinerate the 2 guns and the bunkers behind them. Don't worry 
about the shield generator right now. Just bring down that over-grown 
cow over there. If you can take him down before your comrades destroy 
the gate, you're doing well. Tank droids will make an entrance when the 
gate is down. Destroy one tank droid and a few storm troopers that you 
find wandering aimlessly in the snow. But don't spent too much time 
here. You're greatest battle is in the next part...
     Fly AFAP (as fast as possible) to rope the final steer. Here's the 
tricky part. Don't wait for the tank droids to come over the hill. You 
go to them. Start with the three on the left hill (left as you face the 
approaching AT-PTs). Up and fly over the hill to where 3 tank droids 
are coming side by side to the attack. Line up your assault and pick 
them off one by one before they can take a shot at the AT-PTs. Then 
concentrate on the other tank droids. Which ones? That's up to you. 
Which ones are the most dangerous to your AT-PTs? That should answer 
your question. If you see bombers fly overhead, don't go after them - 
yet. The tank droids are at present much more dangerous. When the area 
has been sufficiently harvested of tank droids, fly down toward the 
end, this time watching for bombers. 8 bombers total will fly through 
the stage in pairs of 2, attempting to melt the helpless 'PTs like ice 
cubes on a hot griddle. The last pair will be shot down by your wing 
mates...I think. 
     Experiment to determine exactly when the AT-PTs will be safe apart 
from your presence, and as soon as they are, your primary target should 
become the shield generator. Fly over to where it is, burn it to the 
ground, find any left over storm troopers or tank droids and kill them, 
and them head for the research place. This whole time you'll be rushing 
to do everything AFAP. The turrets, guns, and troopers in front of the 
building need killing, too. Now ravage the center, and you're on your 
way to Chandrila.



GO FOR THE GOLD: This is quite a race. Trying to save all the AT-PTs, 
kill all the enemies and get the bonus in the time requirement is 
enough to make your head swim, and it takes a heap o' practice. 
Basically follow the walkthrough above, but with one little detour...
     The bonus. It is located on the mountain top above and behind the 
research facility in a bunker guarded by two guns. Destroy everything 
there, and get the advanced bombs. This should be the last thing you do 
before plunging the facility into oblivion. 

*    *    *    *    *


Available Craft: X-wing, A-wing, V-wing
Default Craft: X-wing
Recommended Craft: Naboo Starfighter, X-wing
Planet: Chandrila
Objectives: (1) Protect the hover train
            (2) Protect the evacuation shuttles
            (3) Secure the city

     I finally achieved a gold medal on this mission. Getting to the 
end is not hard, but getting gold is considerably more difficult. The 
stage is set on Chandrila, a beautiful planet of the core worlds. The 
peace-loving inhabitants have openly supported the Rebellion, and so 
Moff Seerdon is stepping in to blockade the city and prevent 
insurrection. Rogue Squadron must quell Seerdon's blockade and save the 
city from the Empire.

     Objective 1: On the outset, you must atomize the horde of TIE 
interceptors and bombers that are trying to prevent the hover train 
from reaching Chandrila with needed supplies. Follow slightly behind, 
so as to stop any bombers in their tracks. Bombers generally come in 2s 
or 3s. If you're a good shot, take them out with your blasters, but 
otherwise have your seeker torpedoes ready. Once the train reaches the 
city the attack will let up, but two bombers will fly in from the rear 
as the train nears the ground in a final effort to decimate it. Shoot 
them down, and then fly to the heart of the city where still more 
bombers are raining destruction on the buildings. What do you do with 
them? You can figure that out...
     Objective 2: A cut scene should now play, depicting three 
evacuation shuttles under fire by AT-ST walkers. Have some seeker 
torpedoes stored up for this. Hit each of the walkers with a proton 
torpedo. After a while, three interceptors will fly in as the shuttles 
lift off. Head them off at the pass, and then go back to the city for 
the final attack.
     Objective 3: All you have to do now is destroy the 3 TIE bombers 
which are flying around in a last ditch effort to sustain the blockade, 
but they don't have a chance...if of course, you're any good. 



GO FOR THE GOLD: All the train cars and all the shuttles must survive 
if you want to see that elusive gold medal on your screen. Saving the 
train cars is a simple matter of preventing any bombs from being 
deposited on top of them. Kill the bombers. The shuttles are also easy 
to save if you do as instructed and shoot all the AT-STs with 
torpedoes. Time is a much bigger problem. You must be very efficient at 
destroying the bombers that fly over the city. You can use seeker 
torpedoes, but there aren't usually enough to go around. That's why you 
should take the Naboo N-1 into the fray so you have four extra missiles 
at your disposal. Firing blanks? Run your craft into a building! You 
start the next life with a full load!
BONUS: This is by far the most unique bonus in the game. As soon as you 
kill all the AT-STs, fly AFAP to the rear of the city in the opposite 
direction that your radar points. In the very back, a lone AT-ST will 
be shooting at three skinny buildings. Bust his head open, and out 
comes the bonus, shining in all of its glory and ecstasy. But there's 
no time to sit around and admire it. You've got to get back to the 
shuttles and FAST!

*    *    *    *    *


Available Craft: Y-wing
Recommended Craft: Naboo Starfighter
Planet: Sullust
Objectives: (1) Destroy the thermal transmitters
            (2) Destroy the capacitor

     And you thought Taloraan was hard! When I first played this 
mission, I died in less than 20 seconds, as a direct result of the 
seemingly hundreds of missile turrets in the stage. Naturally, I began 
to entertain the thought that the Sullust mission is impossible to 
beat, and that no mission could possibly be harder. My first 
inclination proved faulty when, after many frustrating runs, I finally 
destroyed the capacitor (it took more than 7 minutes). My second 
thought also proved wrong when I played the succeeding stage. This is 
the second most frustrating mission in the game. Pilots beware. Fly at 
your own risk.

     Objective 1: In this stage, you'll be flying around the interior 
of a huge volcano. The major pitfall here is that you will find 
yourself constantly bombarded by homing missiles. Everywhere you turn 
you hear that horrible bleeping sound of a missile locking on to your 
craft. There are actually only 7 missile launchers here, but it seems 
like thousands. Be prepared to loose 2 ships before tackling the 
capacitor. The easiest (though not the fastest) way to proceed is to 
take out all the missile turrets FIRST, so you can concentrate on the 
transmitters without worrying about them. 
     12 transmitters scattered about the volcano are feeding thermal 
energy to the central capacitor to hold its shields up. These are your 
primary targets, and I think you'll recognize them when you see them. 
They look a little like this: 
           _| |_
        __/     \__
As soon as you start, destroy the missile launcher you see and any 
missiles that it is firing (if you can). Proceed to bomb the 
transmitter and take out a couple of enemies. Now turn slightly to the 
right of your starting position. Across some lava (concealed in the 
smoke) sits another missile launcher. After a few tries you'll remember 
where it is. Fly at it full speed shooting your lasers and your ion 
cannon, trying to hit any missiles it fires. If you destroy it 
successfully, turn slightly left and head for the next turret. It 
should be sitting along side the second transmitter. The turret after 
_that_ is in front of a landing platform surrounded by boxes and small 
buildings. Kill it, and then fly under the overhang to take out turret 
#5. Right behind turret #5, sitting next to another transmitter is 
turret number 6 which you should destroy or be destroyed. 
     From here you can choose either to pursue the next turret, which 
is sitting on some island in the middle of the volcano, or begin 
destroying the transmitters. I found the best way to go knocking out 
the thermal transmitters is to fly around the perimeter, staying high. 
Most of the transmitters are located on this outer rim, guarded by 
turbo lasers and occasionally a missile turret and/or AT-ST. Don't 
waste time going after TIE interceptors. The Y-wing is far to slow and 
inaccurate to bother with these. Of course if you are using the Naboo 
Starfighter it may be wise to hit a few with your seeker torpedoes. At 
each transmitter you come to, hit any guns with your blasters from a 
distance, and then bomb the transmitter. Continue this until all 
perimeter transmitters are decimated. When you want to find the ones on 
the interior, your radar will guide you. When all the transmitters are 
destroyed, you will be turned to face the capacitor immediately 
following a cut scene. The shield is now down. 
     Objective 2: To destroy the central capacitor, you have to destroy 
all the little cylindrical, power generator type things that are 
rotating around it. You'll see what I mean. Hold you brakes and hit 
them with everything you've got. Ignore the TIE interceptors. When all 
of them are gone, the capacitor will fold, and Rogue Squadron will be 
off to Thyferra for the final assault.



GO FOR THE GOLD: Gold? The spectacle is overwhelming. Achieving gold on 
Sullust is harder than pulling the ears off a gundark. Still, it can be 
done, with the help of one important asset - the Naboo Starfighter. 
Upon noticing how quickly the Y-wing died (with its superior shields) I 
thought that the Naboo Fighter wouldn't stand a chance in all that 
missile fire. But taking the advice of someone at RogueSquadron.net, I 
tried it. After weeks of struggling with the Y-wing, I finally 
conquered the Sullust mission with the sleek and stealthy Naboo N-1. 
Destroying all the missile launchers becomes a first priority, but it 
is also a profitable one because with the ship's speed they can be 
extinguished and you can still finish the stage in the target time. 
Getting 40 enemies in under 3 1/2 minutes is a sizable task. Basically 
you have to hit the transmitters with proton torpedoes, and destroy 
everything around each one with the N-1's rapid laser fire. You will 
also need to get a few TIEs, AT-STs, and boxes, bunkers etc. when time 
allows. Then at the capacitor, just shoot like crazy. One more thing...
     The bonus is easy to find. There is only one HUGE building in the 
stage, across from the place with all the little boxes. You'll know it 
when you see it. Just blow it open, and the Seeker Proton Torpedoes are 
     I know gold can be achieved with the Y-wing. Many, many people 
have done it, and it is certainly the more honest way of going about 
it. I have never taken the time necessary to master the level with the 
Y-wing, but maybe I will someday...

*    *    *    *    *


Available Craft: X-wing, A-wing, V-wing
Default Craft: X-wing
Recommended Craft: V-wing, X-wing
Planet: Thyferra
Objectives: (1)Protect civilians and Rebel bacta
            (2)Destroy everything Imperial
            (3)Defeat Moff Seerdon

     Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse... By leading 
Rogue Squadron to Sullust, Moff Seerdon has distracted them long enough 
to consolidate his power for an attack on Thyferra. Seerdon is 
attempting to destroy the Rebel supply of healing bacta, take what he 
can for himself, and damage the planet and it's inhabitants in cold 
     This is without question the most difficult stage in the game. 
There are words for missions like this, but I'm not allowed to say 
them. I HATE THIS STAGE!!! I HATE IT! Imperial forces are everywhere, 
shooting at your bacta. 
But the worst things are the TIE Interceptors. Those (insert the worst 
insult you can think of) TIE interceptors. They're all over the place. 
They come at you head on firing a constant stream of lasers that never 
miss, weighing you down by their sheer numbers. And if you can destroy 
everything Imperial on the whole level, you earn the privilege (curse, 
actually) of fighting Seerdon face to face. Sounds fun, right? So what 
are you cowering in the corner for? Let's go!

     This walkthrough will show you the way to go, what to do, and 
(partially) how to use your missiles. Unfortunately, it will be up to 
you to figure out exactly how to handle the TIE interceptors. When and 
where only they can decide. All I can say, is that if they go unchecked 
for too long, it will be the end of you. You should probably complete 
the stage with the X-wing first. Once you become familiar with the 
terrain and get the seeker cluster missiles, you can use the unshielded 
V-wing, which is the best for getting gold. If you are the V-wing, you 
will want your blasters in rapid fire mode. If you are the X-wing or 
the Naboo Starfighter, leave you lasers unlinked. If you are the A-
wing, abort the mission and start over with a better ship. At first 
you'll probably get killed a lot, but if you just stay with it, you 
will improve.
     Objectives 1 & 2: Destroy the missile turret that is in front of 
you when you start. There will already be a missile coming towards you 
from the to the left of the turret. If you can, shoot it before it hits 
you. That will come with practice. Fly to down in the canyon to your 
right, and shoot the 2nd missile turret. Now destroy the AT-ST, and the 
turbo laser.  Fly quickly to the other end of the small valley and take 
out the other turret before it has a chance to shoot at you. Now go 
back through, destroying the 3 bunkers and watching out for TIE 
interceptors. Go back to the other end again, and this time fly left 
over the hill, where another missile turret is poised. Kill it, fire a 
torpedo at the AT-ST (or just shoot it with rapid fire) and rush over 
top of the large stone building to annihilate the fifth and final 
turret, along with that bunker. 
     Don't worry about TIEs before now. If you are facing away from 
that stone structure previously mentioned, go slightly to the left and 
then straight until you see another large stone building. There will 
also be two bacta containers and an Imperial bunker. Destroy the 
bunker, but be careful not to harm the containers behind it. In that 
bunker will be the V-wing's seeker cluster missiles. On the way here 
you may need to take out a few TIE Interceptors.
     Now go up the hill in front of you. Atop this hill are two lasers, 
and two At-STs. Get rid of the turbo lasers, and then hit the walkers 
with proton torpedoes. Why? Because they have to be destroyed quickly 
so they don't kill all the little people running around. Watch your 
back for TIEs on this part. Clear out the bunkers.
     If you are facing out toward where you came from, go right. You 
will see a pair of guns. Knock them out, being careful not to hit the 
bacta containers. Coming at them from this direction is critical, as 
coming at them from other angles often causes them to destroy bacta in 
their attempts to hit you. There should also be a bunker here that 
needs to be leveled. 
     Alright, if you've done everything right to this point you should 
be ready for the TIE bombers on top of the mountain that are bombing 
the hearty stone bacta containers. I think there are five of them. Be 
on your guard against TIE Interceptors. They are especially treacherous 
here, so be CAREFUL! If you are on your first or second life, you can 
use your proton torpedoes on them. Save your seeker torpedoes for the 
interceptors and destroy the bombers with your lasers. The bombers here 
are particularly hard to nail, so watch your accuracy. Once these are 
gone, you will either have to hunt down a few more TIEs or prepare to 
face Seerdon...
     *NOTE: While flying through the level at any point, if you see a 
few interceptors flying harmlessly by you, take that opportunity to 
destroy them. Otherwise they will come back to haunt (kill?) you later. 
     Objective 3: Moff Seerdon will come at you in his landing craft. 
It sports many laser cannons and a seeker missile launcher. The best 
thing to do is use your torpedoes on him. About four hits will destroy 
him. When he flies at you, pour on the laser power, and duck beneath 
him. Then fly away, turn, and come back. Lock on to him with a torpedo 
and let 'er rip. Your missiles work best from a distance. If it hits 
him, he will say something. It usually goes something like this:
     1 hit: "You're a very talented pilot".
     2 hits: "Even if you win today, the Empire will crush the 
     3 hits: "Impossible!"....."You and Rogue Squadron will die!"
     4 hits: "AAAAAUUUUUGH!"
Then he's dead. Good shooting!



GO FOR THE GOLD: Use the V-wing with its seeker cluster missiles. 
Remember, all in all you have 18 missiles, 6 for each life. You'll want 
to save 4 or 5 for Moff Seerdon. You will probably not make it unless 
you have 2 lives left when you reach him. Use the scram jets when 
traveling long distances as this will save you time, and time is a big 
issue here. A bigger issue is friendly saves. If you ever destroy a 
bacta container, abort the mission. You can't get gold. The enemies can 
destroy a few, but you mustn't. Avoid head-on confrontations with 
interceptors. Instead, dodge their lasers, fly far away, turn around, 
and give it to 'em with your cluster missiles. Good luck. You will have 
to play this stage MANY, MANY times before you succeed.
     And yes, you DO need to get the seeker cluster missiles in order 
to get the gold medal. See paragraph three of the above walkthrough for 
its location. It may be possible without them, but it is much harder.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *CHAPTER 4*    *    *    *    *    *    *


Six years after the Battle 
of Endor, the fight for freedom
continues. Even without the
thousands of Jedi Knights
who formed the backbone
of the Old Republic, the Rebel
Alliance has managed to
control three quarters of
the galaxy.

Darth Vader is dead, but a
reborn Empire under a
mysterious new leader strikes
back at the struggling Rebel
Alliance, hoping to crush
the fledging new Republic.

Massive World Devastators,
more powerful and
unstoppable than the Death
Star, ravage entire planets.

Rogue Squadron, which is
now commanded by Wedge
Antilles, persists in mounting
daring missions throughout
the galaxy...


Available Craft: X-wing, A-wing, V-wing
Default Craft: V-wing
Recommended Craft: V-wing
Planet: Mon Calamari
Objectives: (1)Destroy the World Devastators 
            (2)Protect the cities

     Welcome to the beautiful world of Mon Calamari, a planet almost 
completely covered by water. Inhabitants? Mostly the peaceful Mon 
Calamari, who support the Rebellion. Suddenly, a gigantic machine 
blackens the sky. It's powerful propulsion, immense weight, and 
countless blaster cannons flatten your city as you stand by, helpless 
in its destructive wake. Then hope gleams on the horizon...it's a V-
wing! No, eight V-wings. It's Commander Wedge Antilles and Rogue 
Squadron rushing to the aid of your defenseless people! Play as Wedge, 
and stop the Devastators. This is not as difficult as Moff Seerdon's 
Revenge, but it is close, and you will find yourself confronted by a 
formidable challenge.  
     This walkthrough will show you how to destroy the Devastators, 
when to use your seeker cluster missiles, and what to do about those 
annoying Waveskimmers.

     Devastator 1: Begin by going upward until you are above Devastator 
level. Fly high and straight, keeping the orange cone on your radar at 
a little after 12:00 (slightly to the right). You will soon see the 
first World Devastator. Notice that it has two basic parts connected by 
a smaller center section. Fly towards the left most part, staying 
higher than the devastator at all times. Once you are in firing range, 
shoot two rounds of cluster missiles at the left most section. This 
should take out all but one missile turret. Now turn to the shield 
generator (that's the black thing on the right section that looks like 
the ball thingys on star destroyers), switch to rapid fire, and hit it 
with a constant stream of laser fire. That should destroy it before you 
fly past. If not, fly far away, out of the range of the turbo lasers, 
and come at it again, this time firing in spurts. Don't run into it! 
The second it is gone, swoop down behind the devastator, fly away, turn 
back around, and fire at the leg jets. Two medium spurts with rapid 
fire lasers will take out a leg jet. Don't get too close or the 
devastator will suck you in. Only two legs are required before the 
massive machine comes down. Whatever you do, don't get stuck under the 
devastator when it falls. If you have not lost a life yet, you are 
doing well.
     City 1: Follow your radar to the first city section. It is being 
attacked by TIE/D fighters, new TIEs driven by droid brains. They are 
even faster and harder to hit then TIE Interceptors, and your cluster 
missiles will be in order to destroy them. DO NOT SHOOT AT BUILDINGS!! 
They are easily destroyed. Only a few ties are here, so get as many as 
you can in your sites and hit them with your cluster seeker missiles. 
You can afford to use two rounds on this part. If you haven't hit them 
all in two rounds (and there's a problem if not) then shoot down any 
remaining. Using your scram jets, follow your radar to the next 
     Devastator 2: You should come at this one from an angle. Staying 
above it, and coming within firing range, follow the instructions on #1 
and fire two rounds of seeker missiles. This will deplete your supply. 
Knock out the generator on top in one pass (that is easily 
accomplished) and knock out the two hind leg jets. 
     City 2: If you are not going for gold skip to the next paragraph. 
Before trying to destroy the TIEs, you should notice two floating 
buildings off the city's coast, and two waveskimmers in the vicinity. 
Destroy the waveskimmers so they can't harm those two platforms. If 
they do, you won't get gold. 
     Another barrage of TIE/Ds are attacking this city. Run into the 
mountain to lose your first life and reload your missiles. Now fly as 
far from the city as you can so you can get more TIEs in one shot. Turn 
around and fire your cluster missiles to take out the ties. You can 
probably afford to use two or three rounds here if you must, but don't 
shot any extra, as surplus missiles could hit civilian buildings. 
     Devastator 3: You know the drill by now. Come in from above, fire 
two rounds, take out the shield generator, and take out two leg jets. 
     City 3: You should now be on your second life with one or two 
rounds of cluster missiles left. A massive TIE/D attack will take place 
here. Get a few TIEs with your remaining missiles, than crash to 
reload. Watch you radar. TIEs continue to file in from out over the 
ocean. Wait until they stop coming, and then kill the rest of the TIEs 
with your cluster missiles. Now you're done! 



GO FOR THE GOLD: The walkthrough above tells you what a gold run should 
be like. Make sure to read the first paragraph under City 2 for a 
little extra gold info.

*    *    *    *    *

You've just beaten Rogue Squadron!!! Now you get to watch a little 
ending sequence which varies depending on the medals you've won, and, 
if you've achieved bronze or more on every mission, you will be 
presented with a plated insignia so that all who see you shall know you 
and what you have accomplished. However, notice that I said BEATEN, 
_not_ completed. To complete the game, you must get all the gold 
medals, including the ones for all three hidden stages. And here they 

   *    *    *    *    *    *HIDDEN STAGES*    *    *    *    *    *


Available Craft: T-16 Skyhopper
Planet: Tatoonie
Objective: Win the race
Medal Factor: You must finish all the missions with a bronze medal or 
higher before this stage becomes available.

     A rather straight forward objective, don't you think? Just win the 
race. How hard could that be. A little harder than I thought! You start 
out in the back, and since you had such massive experience with this in 
the days of your youth, you are naturally expected to win, but it's all 
in good fun.

     You earn the bronze medal by beating Zev, the silver for beating 
Dack, and the gold for beating Wedge. Start out by following the center 
canyon. your competitor will be Zev Senesca. If you're a moderately 
good pilot you will beat Zev in the first try. There are a few things 
you need to know, though. 
     1. Your skyhopper is completely unshielded, and has practically no 
armor. Therefore, anything you touch can have you up in smoke before 
you can say antidisestablishmentarianism. That is assuming, of course, 
that you CAN say antidisestablishmentarianism...
     2. Shooting down your opponents simply is not permitted. It only 
takes three shots to down one of your buddies, and if that happens you 
will be immediately disqualified.  
     3. Your wing mates are rather paranoid about cheating. Do not fly 
too high in the branches of Beggar's Canyon, and whatever you do, don't 
try to shortcut. I can guarantee that every shortcut leads back to the 
beginning of the race. 
     I suggest that you, for the most part, do not try to use your 
brakes while flying as these just hamper your agility and 
maneuverability, and will often cause you to run into walls, which is 
painfully unpleasant. Instead. just let up on the gas going around 
quick turns. You won't need to against Zev, and hardly ever against 
Dack, but against Wedge on the right branch you will need to do this 
often. Don't worry if it looks like you're not gaining on your 
opponent. Just fly well, and you will be ahead by the end of race.


Competitor beaten: Wedge

GO FOR THE GOLD: This otherwise fun-filled level really shouldn't be so 
hard. TO beat Wedge you will need to take the right branch, a very 
challenging race permeated with sharp turns. It can be quite 
frustrating trying to stay low, and it will probably take a good deal 
of practice to triumph over your bestest buddy. Mainly, let up on the 
gas to take the turns, stay low, don't hit Wedge, and don't use your 
brakes unless you are trying to fulfill your lifelong ambition of 
becoming a grease spot. 

*    *    *    *    *


Available Craft: X-wing
Recommended Craft: X-wing, Naboo Starfighter
Location: the Death Star
Medal Factor: You must finish all the missions with a silver medal or 
higher before this stage becomes available.

    Go back in time to relive the famous Death Star trench run. Of all 
the missions in the game this one has the greatest flaws. 
Flaw 1: The trench has square corners even though the trench is on the 
Death Star's equator. There are no square corners on an equator! 
Flaw 2: Darth Vader is no where to be found.
Flaw 3: The exhaust port is on the ground instead of in the wall like 
it should be. It is also surrounded by a huge bunch of turbo lasers in 
a much wider part of the trench. The trench should not get WIDER!
Flaw 4: The biggest flaw in my opinion. You DON'T EVEN GET TO SEE THE 
DEATH STAR BLOW UP!!! Why the heck not??? Ever since the movie came 
out, we've all wanted to cause the Death Star to explode. We've got the 
graphics, why not USE them????? Come on, Lucas Arts...
Flaw 5: It's WAY too easy. The first time I played the stage I got 
silver, and the second time I got gold. It has some replay value 
anyway, just because its fun.

     All you have to do to beat the stage is fly through the trench 
without dying, dodging the TIEs, guns, protrusions from the and trench 
walls and floor (another flaw), and lock onto the exhaust post with a 
seeker torpedo. The rest is history. 



GO FOR THE GOLD: The greatest detraction from getting gold is that you 
don't have much time, and you have to get a lot of enemies. Use the 
Naboo Starfighter, and soar through the trench. Hold the gas, shooting 
all turbo lasers you come to. When you round the first corner, try to 
shoot as many gun towers as you can, but don't slow down too much. 
Shoot down a few TIE fighters during your run, because you need the 
hits and you only need one or two torpedoes for the end. Count in your 
head during the mission. When you think you have enough hits (about 22-
25), pour on the speed and rip through the trench like a rocket. When 
you get to the end, hit the brakes and destroy the guns in the area 
around the exhaust port. Then just lock on the exhaust port with your 
torpedo and let it go. If you want to use the X-wing, try to figure out 
in your head when you have enough enemies and then just close your S-
foils and speed to the end.

*    *    *    *    *


Available Craft: Speeder
Planet: Hoth
Objectives: (1) Destroy the probe droids
            (2) Rescue Rogue Ten 
            (3) Protect the shield generator

     The second attempt at recreating the Hoth Battle on Nintendo 64 is 
indeed a breath-taking spectacle, but, like the Trench Run, faithful 
adherence to the movie is nowhere to be found. The graphics are so much 
better than "Shadows of the Empire" with the expansion pak, but the 
actual battle is better portrayed by the original bout in "Shadows". 
Either way, I thought the level was fun, yet undeniably easy. 
     Chronologically, this mission should come right after Moff 
Seerdon's Revenge, but in terms of difficulty it should be one of the 
first three stages.  The first time I played it I got silver, and the 
only thing I lacked was accuracy. The second time I was a little more 
careful about my shots, and I got gold. You probably don't need a 
walkthrough for this one, cause if you're good enough to get this far 
you're good enough to beat the mission. But this document would be 
incomplete without one, so here it is.

     Objective 1: The first part is really easy. Just shoot down the 7-
8 probe droids at the start. Okay, (*yawn*) that was fun. Still awake? 
Let's go to the next part.
     Objective 2: Rogue Ten's speeder has been shot down. (That was 
quick.) Follow your radar to find him running around in the snow, 
dodging the shots of the AT-STs which have gathered around him at are 
playing shooting gallery. Decimate the walkers, and you're ready for 
the final part. 
     Objective 3: This part is by far the most difficult. Follow your 
radar over the hill. You will see an AT-ST or two down in the valley. 
Destroy it/them. You will see to your left two AT-AT walkers, two AT-ST 
walkers in front of them, and in front of THEM are a bunch of 
stormtroopers running aimlessly around in front of the shield 
generator. Fly, brakes held, to the right of the right most walker. 
This is a little tricky. Before you pass up the AT-AT, blow up the AT-
ST leading it. Then deploy your tow cable and wrap the walker. Be 
careful not to hit the stalk of the dead 'ST. Once he comes down (the 
AT-AT that is) shoot the head off of the other AT-ST. Still with me? 
Now wrap the last AT-AT, and watch that hill. Having shoved that turtle 
walker into the dirt, fly toward the generator. Turn to your right and 
you should see an AT-ST and an AT-AT approaching by a different route. 
Shoot the chicken walker, turn and pick off a stormtrooper or two for 
good measure, and then return to tackle the final AT-AT. This is the 
hardest one because of the steep hills to both sides. Take him down, 
and you're off to Dagobah. Well done, Commander Skywalker!



GO FOR THE GOLD: Pretty much, the walkthrough above tells you 
everything you need to know to ace this stage. Just remember to shoot 
the AT-Ats on approach so you can build up your accuracy. Other than 
that, just work on yer hog tyin' skills. Have fun!

*    *    *    *    *


Having successfully completed all hidden missions with the honorable 
gold medal, you are hereby awarded use of all possible ships for each 
mission. Now you can fly a snowspeeder on Tatoonie, an A-wing on 
Sullust, a Y-wing on Gerrard V, and a V-wing on Kile II! Enjoy!!!!

   *    *    *    *    *XIII.) BONUS LOCATIONS *    *    *    *    *

For those of you who don't wish to sift through the walkthroughs to 
find the bonuses, this chart tells you the level in which they are 
found, followed by a very vague description of the location. 

Advanced Proton Torpedoes...................Defection at Corellia
                                            Between buildings in small
                                            city section

Advanced Shields............................The Jade Moon
                                            In building in crater

Advanced Bombs..............................Imperial Construction Yards
                                            Inside round structure at 
                                            shuttle landing pad

Seeker Missiles.............................Prisons of Kessel
                                            On canyon wall at second 

Advanced Lasers.............................Battle above Taloraan
                                            In the middle of the city

Seeker Proton Torpedoes.....................Escape from Fest
                                            On plateau above facility 

Advanced Bombs..............................Blockade on Chandrilla
                                            In AT-ST behind city

Seeker Proton Torpedoes AGAIN! Why??........Raid on Sullust
                                            In largest structure

Seeker Cluster Missiles.....................Moff Seerdon's Revenge
                                            In stone building

    *    *    *    *    *   XIV.) PASSCODES   *    *    *    *    *
Legend: *From the Rogue Squadron Player's Guide, (C) 1998, Nintendo
        #From www.nintendo.com 
        ^From www.gamesages.com
        **From Saber2

PASSCODE   |                                 RESULT
*TOUGHGUY    Charges your craft with all Imperial technology. Code is

*RADAR       Upgrades your radar to show you the relative altitude of
             enemies in your vicinity.

*IGIVEUP     Infinite lives

*ACE         Makes the game more difficult. I don't know if it's 

*MAESTRO     Opens up the music hall of the showroom. 

*DIRECTOR    Go to the movies. 

**GAMEFLO!   Unlocks all regular missions.  

**WOMPRAT!   Unlocks the Tatooine race bonus level. 
**WOISTHAN   Unlocks the Death Star Trench bonus level.  

*FARMBOY     Allows you to pilot the Millenium Falcon

*TIEDUP      Combined with FARMBOY, this code allows you to fly Kasan
             Moor's TIE interceptor. Go to the Falcon in the hangar and
             press up.

#KOELSCH     The car.

 + !YNGWIE!  Gives unlimited access to the Naboo Starfighter. Note 
             that neither code will make the acceptance sound when 
             entered but they both work. To deactivate, enter HALIFAX?
             followed by anything of your choice.

^BLAMEUS     Shows a picture of the various people who helped make RS.    

*CHICKEN     Play a mini game as an AT-ST. B plus Z to shoot, A to go

*DEADDACK    Opens all the levels, including the hidden ones. If you
             shut off the game, the hidden stages will no longer be

^CREDITS     Shows the credits sequence

**CHIPPIE:   Luke turns into C. Huelsbeck 
**FLYDODGE:  Luke turns into D. Jagalski 
#HARDROCK:   Luke turns into T. Engel
**ICHHELD:   Luke turns into R. Henke 
**PSYLOCK:   Luke turns into M. Wagner
**RUDIBUBI:  Luke turns into R. Stember 
**SIRHISS:   Luke turns into J. Petersam 
**THBPILOT:  Luke turns into B. Hoppe 
**TIECK:     Luke turns into F. Sauer 
**TOBIASS:   Luke turns into T. Richter  
sent in by brian (trpnblies7@home.com)
WUTZI        Same as HARDROCK, but with a different face

BERGLOWE     See above

If any code isn't listed, it's the same as N64. Some missing? Let me 
know. Any credits will be placed right after the code.

GUNDARK      Changes force feedback control for joystick
IAMDOLLY     Infinite lives 
LEIAWRKOUT   Activate joystick force feedback feature 
USEDAFORCE   Seems to enable the ability to lock on your target using 
secondary fire. 
WOOKIEPELT - Fly the Millenium Falcon on all levels except Corellia, 
Construction Yards, Fest, and Hoth

sent in by Line Admiral Kcir-Shi Hann:
OOMPAWAMPA - All levels and ships
GOODGUYTIE - Fly the interceptor that's hidden behind the Falcon

    *    *    *    *    *    *XV). RANKS  *    *    *    *    *    *
Special Thanks to Du Nguyen for his help in the original completion of 
this section.                            

I am Supreme Allied Commander.

*     *     *     *     *XVI.) QUESTIONS & ANSWERS*    *    *    *    *    
     Here is the questions/answers segment in which any and all 
questions that I get will be posted and answered to the best of my 
ability. Why do this if I've already replied to the question senders? 
Because someone else may be benefited by the response to your question. 
Any takers? 

QUESTION: How do I enter the passcodes you keep talking about?

ANSWER: It's simple. From the title screen go to OPTIONS, and from 
options to the PASSCODES. Enter your passcode(s) by spinning the letter 
wheel until the correct letter is in the center. Press A to enter a 
character and B to remove one. After you have entered your passcode, 
select ENTER and press A. Then leave the screen by the BACK option. 

QUESTION: Why can't I use the ship I want to use on this stage?

ANSWER: Because only certain craft are available. If a craft is not 
shown when you select the stage, it cannot be used. There are reasons 
for this, like you can't use the V-wing on Taloraan because of its high 
altitude, and you can only use the speeder on levels with AT-ATs 
because only it has a tow cable. The craft you can use are shown in 
green, and those you can't are shown red. Red craft can be unlocked by 
completing certain missions. *See next section.

QUESTION: Can the Imperial landing craft on Search for the Nonnah be 

ANSWER: No. You can take the Y-wing and drop bombs on it all day 
without scratching the paint. Or course, if you run into it, it will 
sway quite nicely from side to side...

QUESTION: Why do you spell Dak two different ways in your FAQ?

ANSWER: Because on the credits of The Empire Strikes Back, Dak is 
spelled D-A-K. In Rogue Squadron, however, it is spelled D-A-C-K. 

More questions/answers as they come.

     *    *    *    *XVII.) CRAFT AVAILABILITY CHART*    *    *    *  

     This section will show you when certain ships become available for 
play on certain stages. It will first list the mission you have to 
beat, and what happens when you beat it.

MISSION                                      WHAT HAPPENS
-------                                      ------------
Liberation at Gerrard V          A-wing becomes available for Ambush at 
                                 Mos Eisley, Rendezvous on Barkhesh,
                                 and Liberation at Gerrard V.

Jade Moon                        A-wing becomes available for the Jade 

Prisons of Kessel                V-wing becomes available for Mos
                                 Eisley, Barkhesh, Search for the
                                 Nonnah, Gerrard V, the Jade Moon,
                                 and Prisons of Kessel.

Blockade on Chandrila            All ships become available for 

Moff Seerdon's Revenge           X-wing becomes available for Search
                                 for the Nonnah and Battle above 
                                 Taloraan, and all ships become 
                                 available for Moff Seerdon's Revenge.

Battle of Calamari               All ships become available for Mon 

When you get gold on all stages, all ships become available everywhere.

       *    *    *    *XVIII.) STUPID THINGS TO DO*    *    *    *

     Here are a few suggestions of things you can do. This section 
contains things to do that are idiotic, things to blow up that you 
shouldn't, and other random acts of stupidity. Here we go!

BLOW UP THE SANDCRAWLERS: In missions 1 and 17, you will see 
sandcrawlers. Just big, hulking, slow-moving vehicles that jawas use to 
traverse the Tatoonian terrain. Destroy these. (sinister grin)

SHOOT DOWN YOUR WINGMATES: Often your comrades will be more hindrance 
than help, and they ought to be shot down for their puny efforts. On 
one occasion, I saw an X-wing pilot commit suicide. I was firing at a 
TIE interceptor, and he moved into the path of my shots. Consequently, 
his ship blew up. Now THAT'S funny! 

protect missions in the game, so shoot at whatever you have been 
assigned to protect, be it a shuttle or a hover train.

LEVEL CORELLIA: A time consuming task, yet one that you can take pride 
in when you're finished. You will find that almost all the buildings in 
Corellia can be flattened if you put your mind to it, other than a few 
surrounding where the bonus appears. Shoot down every destructible 
building, leaving only the Tech Center and the Capitol Tower. You will 
notice that after you have destroyed all the buildings in the city 
section with the Capitol Tower, and have started on the section by the 
bonus, that a Rebel pilot begins running about atop one of the hills in 
the area, and he cannot be killed. What does this mean? Perhaps it is 
Wedge protesting the destruction of his home town...

OTHER STRUCTURES: The prisons on Kessel can not be destroyed, nor can 
Jabba's Palace in stage 1, but certain buildings in Chandrila can be, 
as well as the ones on Mon Calamari. 

Fly straight into the ground.

There are lots of stupid things to do in the
Beggar's Canyon stage. First of all, try to blow everything up at the
beginning of the stage, including the sandcrawler, before your buddies 
finish the race. Next, follow the landspeeder that takes the main 
course and try to destroy it. And at the end of the race, fly through 
the stone circle just for the heck of it.
From: Craig (swperson1@netscape.com)

Be the TIE Interceptor and pretend you are the Empire. First shoot down 
all your so called wingmates and then destroy every Blue and Green dot 
on your radar you can before you fail the mission. See how low of a 
friendly save you can get. Sounds like fun doesn't it! (evil smirk)
From: Craig (swperson1@netscape.net)

Another stupid thing to do is to blow up the land speeders and the 
grain storage towers on Tatoonie.(hehehe)   
From: gameplayer102@hotmail.com


BLOW UP CIVILIANS: Any small people you see running around are prime 

BLOW UP BANTHAS: Yes, in Mos Eisley there are banthas sitting a short 
distance from the city. Kill em'. 

FLY THROUGH TRAIN "TRACKS": Fly through the big thingys that the hover 
trains go through, and into the prison tunnel on Kessel.

THE GUILLOTINE EFFECT: Here's a useless thing to do. It has no point 
except to make AT-Ats look stupid. While a downed AT-AT is lying on the 
ground looking pitiful and helpless, don't shoot its body. Fire at its 
head. A few shots will leave the monster headless and utterly 
embarrassed, if that's at all possible. 

FINAL NOTE: Find anything and everything that can be dented with a 
laser or missile and exploit it. Also, on Kile II and Rescue on Kessel, 
try using ONLY ions to bring down Imperials.

   *    *    *    *    XIX.) STRATEGIC RAMBLINGS   *    *    *    *

	Rather than attempting to put all this info into the various 
places that it would be required, I thought I'd just compile it here so 
that all of you can take a look at what this rogue has to say. Thanks 
to jm for everything contained in this section. Just in case that by 
some bizarre chance something in here is not 100% accurate, Brother 
Reed cannot guarantee the authenticity of this information, but it's 
good reading, and especially helpful to those owning the PC version of 
Rogue Squadron.

Mission 11 (Taloraan). I did not find this mission to be one of the 
hardest (maybe because there are no intangible turbolasers in the PC 
version). There is, however, a single TIE interceptor that needs to be 
nailed as soon as it appears (when arriving to the cloud city). If you 
fail, you will not be able to shake it off your tail, and you are dead 
meat. This is how I do this mission: After some practice, I learnt by 
heart the placement of the imperial and neutral cans; I go all the way 
from platforms one to seven, doing in all the imperial cans, and firing 
seekers missiles at the TIEs whenever I get a chance. Then, on my way 
to platform eight, before I arrive to the cloud city, I find a large 
formation of TIEs coming my way; I get around to their back and shoot 
them down (this is easily done, as they fly straight and slow). By the 
time they are down I am again near the platform seven. I turn around 
following the radar. When the cloud city pops up, the (in)famous 
Interceptor appears in the middle, below the level of the buildings, 
and flies straight at me shooting like a fury. I go head-on against it, 
trying to shoot it down first (occasionally ramming into it). Once this 
bad guy is down nobody else comes to bother me; I pick up my bonus and 
dive into the last platform, roast a missile turret, zoom up, dive 
again, finish the turrets, slow down and blow up the imperial cans. Job 

I will comment on the Sullust and Thyferra missions. I believe you
cannot get gold on Sullust with the Y-Wing: you do not have enough 
time. It is not very difficult with the Naboo N-1: you only need to 
learn the position of the seven missile turrets and go full speed ahead 
blasting them with your laser before you do anything else(it takes very 
little time and you will not be hit by the missiles unless you slow 
down); the rest is a matter of mopping up. The V-Wing is also good for 
this level, and (using rapid fire and scram jets) can wipe out 
everything in record time... but then you have to nail the capacitor, 
and you cannot fly high enough to shoot at it. You need the cluster 
seeker missiles to break the white windows (2 or 3 at a time, so you 
need a lot of missiles) and finish the job. I found Thyferra very hard 
to do with the Naboo N-1 but much easier with the V-wing. The toughest 
mission for me? mission 12 (Fest). Those speeders!. By the way, I found 
it easier in the Hoth mission to bring down first the lone AT-AT and 
then the other two. This way, you reach this beast before it gets 
between the steep cliffs.

Did you know that the black car (thought to be exclusive from the N64) 
is there, hidden in the PC version? You can unlock it with a small 
(129k) program (roguecar.exe 2.0) written by Luka (luka_yjk@my-
deja.com). It is in http://rogue.squadron.tripod.com/roguecar.htm.  It 
works just fine, scans virus-free and does not have the pause-crash 
glitch. Allegedly, the car is a black 1969 Buick Electra 225 
convertible owned by Rudy Stember, staff developer of factor 5 and 
responsible for the sounds and voices of Rogue Squadron (Koelsch seems 
to be his favorite brand of beer). By the way, the same Luka has 
written another program (roguedit.exe 1.01, 180k, at 
http://rogue.squadron.tripod.com/roguedit.htm) which allows you to
edit your pilots and unlock all the goodies, also works fine and looks 

    *    *    *    *XX.) ADDITIONS TO ROGUE SQUADRON*    *    *    *  

     This section is purely for fun. These are things that we think 
would have improved this already near-perfect game.

The most major flaw in the game. This follows in the sick tradition set 
by Shadows of the Empire. Replay value would skyrocket (no pun 
intended) with a multiplayer battle or adventure game. Think about it: 
going head to head against friends, shooting down A-wings with Tie 
Bombers and the like-just for the sheer sport of it! How cool is that?? 
Or even teaming up with a fellow X-wing pilot on Prisons of Kessel. Get 
on the ball!

Does this game have enough craft? Not on your life! What happened to 
the B-wing? Sure you could only use that on the last level, but it 
would still be a worthy addition, especially when combined with the 
battle mode idea. How about adding other cool craft like the Outrider, 
Cloud Car, or even the SLAVE 1! Now THAT would be a Star Wars game!

1st player battle mode! Yes, now you can be the helpless, puny, 
worthless black dot on the ground! Run around with an imperial laser 
and go for the gold! Just imagine how fun it would be to be a target on 
a dewback. Just think you can now live up to the fullness of the Empire 
Strikes Back by throwing a concussion bomb in the underbelly of a 
Turtle Walker. Also just think how fun it would be on the seek and 
destroy missions?!? Come on LucasArts!!!

From Flight Leader Michael Lynn Pierce
Wouldn't it be cool if you could fly on the Imperial side on all the 
missions as well? I mean like have the game learn how you fly, then 
"copy" it and put it as the computer on the Rebel's side! Imagine! You 
against you! A true mirror battle! Plus, you must defeat and fend off 
the Rebels on each mission as well as take out your "clone"! How cool 
is it? I don't like the Imperial side, but I would play on it! Think of 
how much the replay value would go up! Plus have 3 other human player 
wingmen fly with you on Imperial and Rebel missions!

From Craig Young (swperson1@netscape.net)
Fly the Millenium Falcon (a better one) into the Death Star! Follow the 
small twisting hole. Lock on to the strongest power source to find your 
way through the maze! Lose your rectenna!! Blow the power generator sky 
high!!! Race to the surface!! And then ~~~ACTUALLY SEE THE THING BLOW 

Also from Craig:
The missles are too good. They can follow you forever. Once, I was 
flying Moff Seerdon's Revenge with the V-wing and heard one locking on. 
I used my scram jets and flew away because I was almost dead. But while 
my boosters were recharging it caught up and blew me out of the sky. 
Luckily I still had a life left and made Seerdon pay for it. To fix 
this I would suggest the missiles have a limited amount of power and 
fall to the ground after a while.

Note from Brother Reed: This is the kind of mail I get. In the message 
below, every single word was capitalized, and there was virtually no 
punctuation. I have fixed most of this, but originally it was very 
difficult to interpret.

From: Tim T-Dog Reynolds (t-dog2@dr-dre.com)  
Being able to upgrade a ship's different parts. I mean, when you beat a 
level you get a certain amount of points to upgrade or give a ship 
something like say give the TIE Interceptor SHILDS or a SECONDARY 
FUCTIONION. That would rock. Then the A-Wing would ROCK. I mean upgrade 
its shields till they're even better. Then the that one wing that bombs 
and has really good armor. Then U would be almost unstoppable, I mean a 
really fast really good armored ship with a average secondary wep. 
Another good add on would be the ability to take one secondary weapon 
from one ship and add it 2 another, but a ship can hold on two 
Secondary Weapons at a time. Then U could add the snow speeder's 
secondary weapon 2 say a A-Wing. Then those AT-ATs would go down quick.

From: Nate (DrN586@aol.com)
I think that RS would be a very much better game if you could choose 
the side you were flying for or just fly one side at a time. You know, 
beat the game as a Rebel, then turn around and beat the crap out of 
your "friends" as the Empire. And maybe Lucas Arts should throw in some 
extra ships....oh well. Like we have a voice to them.

*    *    *    *    *    *I.) VERSION HISTORY*    *    *    *    *    *
Version 6.2 5/24/01
Thirtieth version
     -Not much new in this version, but I needed a few small format 
changes just for my own amusement. I've done away with all the darn 
page numbers that no one really needs, and, since this is the 30th 
verstion milestone, I've taken the liberty of updating the title art. 
Don't worry, I will keep the original art around in case I get a ton of 
e-mail asking me to change it back.

Version 6.15
     Got a whole bunch of great new passcodes and junk from Saber2 on 
the Rogue Squadron message board. Also...

Version 6.1 12/25/00
Twenty-ninth version
     -Been a while since I swept away the sawdust, smoothed out the 
edges, and just generally straightened up the place. This update, a 
follow-up to big 6.0, updated all page numbers and ToC, and kind of 
tied up the loose ends. Nothing really new, just a more polished 
outline. And the legal instructions are right up in the front now so if 
you wanna use this FAQ, you have no excuse not to read them. I've had 
this and another of my walkthroughs stolen recently, and I'm not too 
happy about it. READ IT, LEECHERS! Moved the version history down near 
the end cause it was getting a little long. I just got "Battle for 
Naboo" for Christmas, and you can expect a FAQ for that as soon as I 
beat it.

Version 6.0 11/14/00
Twenty-eighth version
     -Added useful info to Taloraan walkthrough, concerning a certain 
little squint. *winks at jm* Yes, it's finally in there.
     -Added two new passcodes for PC

Version 5.9 9/7/00
Twenty-seventh version
     -Added Mario Paint to my "other FAQs by Brother Reed" list.

Version 5.85 8/21/00
Twenty-sixth version.
     -A lot of new additions to the Additions and Stupid things section 
thanks to a couple of readers, and a few mistakes corrected.

Version 5.8 7/25/00
Twenty-fifth version.
     -Got a bunch of additional strategy information from jm. Read it 
in the Strategic Ramblings section.

Version 5.75 7/21/00
Twenty-fourth version.
     -Started with the first batch of corrections served up by Michael 
      The FAQ has never looked better. More corrections on the way.

Version 5.7 7/6/00
Twenty-third version.
     -Got some new PC passcodes
Version 5.65 6/30/00
Twenty-second version.
      -Updated e-mail rules

Version 5.6 6/20/00
Twenty-first version.
     -Added missing passcode to PC passcodes section
     -Upgraded Legal Stuff a tad and just generally spruced up the 

Version 5.55
Twentieth Version.
     -Added a credit to the credits section
     -Revised the legal stuff slightly

Version 5.5 5/23/00
Nineteenth version. 
     -Just wanted to let everyone know that I am NOT going to put any 
stupid Game Shark codes in this FAQ. Period. Also wanted to say that 
the FAQ is for both Nintendo 64 AND PC, and to add a few notes 
referring hardcore Star Wars gamers to my highly comprehensive "Shadows 
of the Empire" FAQ.

Version 5.45 5/15/00
Eighteenth version.
     -Now for both versions of the game.
     -Updated coming soon section.
     -Added small note referring you to my other FAQ.

Version 5.4 4/26/00
Seventeenth version.
     -Finally worked the kinks out of the Sullust walkthrough
     -Fixed tiny, insignificant error in Calamari walkthrough

Version 5.31 4/21/00
Sixteenth version.
     -Discovered new secret in Barkhesh
     -Fixed error in stormtrooper description; they do more damage than  
was previously believed
     -Corrected small error in Sullust walkthrough
      there are 7 missile launchers, not 5-6

Version 5.3 4/6/00
Fifteenth version.
     -Added important info for Battle Above Taloraan. Check it out!

Version 5.25 4/4/00
Fourteenth version.
     -Small addition to Mos Eisley challenge
     -Added game info

Version 5.2 3/31/00
Thirteenth version.
     -Had a few small mistakes pointed out to me. Corrected them.
     -Finished newest section: Craft Availability Chart
     -Shrank table of contents
Version 5.15 3/30/00
Twelfth version.
     -Fixed a few small errors and a critical one in the closing 

Version 5.1 3/29/00
Eleventh version.
     -All I did was to update the introduction and change the date, as 
I forgot to change it last time. 

Version 5.0 3/28/00
Tenth version. Major milestone, MASSIVE update. YES! YES! YES! TRUIMPH! 
OH VICTORY IS SWEET! I finally got gold on ALL the missions, and I am 
the supreme master of the game! YES! YES! Well, that's a little 
extreme, but I feel good anyway...
     -Added missing passcode
     -Completed walkthrough for Moff Seerdon's Revenge
     -Completed walkthrough for Battle of Calamari
     -Added to Additions to Rogue Squadron 
          -new addition from MIFT
          -Added 2 new thanks
     -Completed walkthrough for Death Star Trench Run
     -Completed walkthrough for the Battle of Hoth
     -Began new section
          -Started Questions & Answers interactive section
     -Strategy added
          -Special info about seekers
     -Fixed Thanks and Legal info.
     -Corrected mistake in missile turret description
     -Added info for AT-AT description

Version 4.0 3/19/00
Ninth version.
     -Completed full walkthrough for Beggar's Canyon
     -Updated coming soon section

Version 3.2 3/?/00
Eighth version. This one is a biggy. 
     -Added PC controls and a few PC passcodes
          -Credit for PC stuff to Eric Liu and Argonaut
     -Added new kwik summary for Beggar's Canyon
     -Debut of new interactive section, Stupid Things to Do
     -Gave the weapons their own section (they felt left out)
     -Great change to coming soon section
     -Neat trick added to Nonnah walkthrough
     -Slight alteration to title art
     -Corrected minor error in Sullust walkthrough
     -Small correction in Thyferra kwik summary
Version 3.1 3/14/00
Seventh version.
     -Corrected critical error in Naboo Starfighter passcode
     -Corrected error in intro
     -Update on Coming Soon section
     -Updated Thanks section
     -Small change to closing
     -Corrected spelling in Thanks

Version 3.0 3/11/00
Sixth version. Major update. 
     -Full walkthrough for Sullust!!! Yeah!!!
     -Completed Ranks section
     -Added small detail to legal section
     -Updated coming soon section
     -Rearranged some things
          -Bonus Locations moved to after Kwik Summaries
          -Put the hidden craft passcodes in the hidden ships section
     -Added 3 new thanks, revised another
     -Small info added at Corellia
     -Clarified strategy for evading missiles
     -Fixed mistake in Thyferra Kwik summary
Version 2.15 3/10/00
Fifth version. Having trouble with formatting in ratings section.
     -Basic knowledge section debuts 
     -Added ALL the controls for the game
     -Revised craft description section
          -small info added or changed
          -mistakes corrected, controls re-routed
     -Added missing passcode
     -Added dates to my version history
     -Corrected critical error in Intro to FAQ
          -I have 13 walkthroughs, not 11
     -Small change to "Coming Soon" section

Version 2.1 3/8/00
Good grief! Another update! This is the fourth version. I just keep 
finding mistakes that need to be corrected.
     -Filled in Gold Requirements for Chandrilla
     -Added small strategy revision for Gerrard V

Version 2.0 3/7/00
Second update. Gosh I'm updating this thing a lot!
     -Added complete walkthrough for Chandrila!
     -Corrected more typographical errors
     -Revised Thanks section
          -added several thanks
          -rearranged and revised others
     -Added 5 more ranks to the list
     -Completed new section: Bonus Locations
     -Added enemy to the Enemies and Strategies category
     -Small change to Y-wing rating
     -Revised strategy on Rescue on Kessel
Version 1.5 3/6/00
First FAQ update
     -Corrected critical error in V-wing description
     -Revised Thanks, legal stuff and e-mail rules section
          -added 2 new thanks entries, revised 2 others
          -smoothed out e-mail/legal rules
     -Revised some strategies
     -Began new section; Additions to Rogue Squadron 
     -Began work on ranks section 
          -first 9 ranks filled in
     -Added subtle hint to Seerdon's Revenge kwik summary

Version 1.0 3/3/00
My original FAQ/walkthrough

 *    *    *   XXI.) THANKS, LEGAL STUFF, AND E-MAIL RULES  *    *    *

I sure hope I haven't forgotten anybody...

()All the sites/sources that lent information used in this FAQ
     Argonaut's FAQ/walkthrough
     the Rogue Squadron Player's Guide
     the good folks at www.roguesquadron.net
     all the people who provided tips and wisdom on the GameFAQs
  message boards
()Me, cause I wrote it and did the ascii title art
()All the sites that posted this FAQ/walkthrough
     GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) 
     Video Game Strategies (www.vgstrategies.about.com)
     The Spoiler Center (www.the-spoiler.com)
     The Cheat Empire (www.home.planetinternet.be/~twuyts)
     Naboo Starfighter Hangar

* ALSO NOTE: The Rogue Squadron Player's Guide was used solely as a 
source of passcodes, and Argonaut's guide solely for PC controls. All 
strategies in this guide are my own. 

Shadows of the Empire 
Shadows of the Empire Boss Guide
Mega Man X Boss Guide
Donkey Kong Country guide to finding everything  
Mario Paint     

()HUGE thanks to Michael Pierce for his thorough endeavors to make this 
FAQ as good as it can be. He has volunteered to scan the entire FAQ to 
find and fix the errors that I have made. You da man!
()Jeff "CjayC" at gamefaqs.com for posting this FAQ, and for having the 
best gaming site on the web
()A.R.M. for the help, and for picking apart my work like fried 
()All the people who wrote in with additions, especially jm. 
()Nintendo, Lucas Arts, and Factor 5 for this awesome game!
()Steve McNugget, for showing me my various errors and causing me to 
pursue excellence.
()Dad and Mom for the encouragement
()Luke Devlin just for being interested 
()Michael Stidham for the missile hint
()Kellen Abreu for unknowingly reminding me that my passcodes section 
was incomplete. (It's fixed now.)
()Everyone who wrote all the inferior walkthroughs that make this one 
look good
()My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 


Hey! I love to get mail, and I can personally respond to any mail I 
get, so don't be shy. Below are guidelines for correspondence with the 
author of this FAQ/walkthrough (that'd be me).

      This is the kind of mail that won't be deleted; in fact it will 
usually be replied to. Like I said, I love to get e-mail. 

QUESTIONS: I'd be happy to answer your questions about the game and 
FAQs in general.

CORRECTIONS/ADDITIONS: These are more or less obsolete now that the 
final version of the guide is in.

PRAISE/ADORATION: It really makes my day when someone tells me that my 
FAQ helped he or she out. That's what it's for, after all. If you wanna 
praise my FAQ, thank me for my help, adore me for my brilliance, or 
some combination of those, go right ahead and I will humbly accept.

FLAMES/HATE MAIL: Sure, send it in. I probably won't reply to it, but 
I'd love to post it on the GameFAQs message boards so everybody can 
have the pleasure of laughing at you. If you present a valid and 
intelligent criticism, however, I will be more inclined to reply and 
possibly reevaluate my work.

OTHER: Just feel like e-mailing someone? Drop me a line.

     Much of this falls into the category of quote unquote "junk mail". 
See it here? Don't send it. Period. I will delete it, so you'd be 
wasting your time.

JUNK/CHAIN LETTERS: No, I don't need to get hit with a water balloon, 
and I don't think that I will suffer from 5 years bad luck if I don't 
send this to at least six people. Sheesh. This kind of mail will be 
instantly deleted.

SALES PITCHES: I could not care less about joining your club, buying 
your product, making 300 dollars from my home in 2 months...forget it.

UNREADABLE JARGON: "Hay man cun you telme how to git the gun hting in 
teh red staj thankz" Anything that looks remotely like this will be 
ignored. I don't know what you're talking about. *hits delete button*

QUESTIONS ALREADY ANSWERED IN THE FAQ: Do you know how irritating that 
is? If I have already answered the question, I'm not about to do so 
again, and you will not get a reply. You should have studied harder.

Note that any e-mail I receive containing strong language WILL be 
deleted, no matter who you are or how helpful you've been. I don't want 
you to cuss at me, understand? I will permanently block your e-mail 
from my account; it's that serious. Don't try it.

Before you write, make sure that you are reading the most recent 
version of this FAQ. It can be very annoying to get e-mailed questions 
that you've already answered in a newer update. The latest version of 
this FAQ can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com. 

If you see this FAQ on another web site, and you believe that it has 
been tampered with, PLEASE e-mail me and let me know so I can check it 
out. Thank you. 

Once again, my e-mail address is brother_reed@hotmail.com.

     That's all folks. Hope it helped you out. For more Star Wars 
gaming help, why don't you check out my "Shadows of the Empire" 
FAQ/Walkthrough, the largest on the net. Happy gaming!

                                       - Brother Reed -

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