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Naboo Fighter Guide by J.Chen

|                                               |
*           Naboo Fighter Guide	            *
|                                               |
*           Maintainer: Jack Chen               *
|                                               |
*     Contact: silverpaladin@geocities.com      *
|                                               |

I. Disclaimer
II. Introduction
III. How to get the Naboo Royal Fighter
IV. Background Information
V. Capabilities of a Naboo Starfighter
VI.  In Conclusion
VII.  Other Notes

I. Disclaimer:

This FAQ is written by and maintained by me (Jack Chen).  I do not mind anyone 
distributing this FAQ, as long as this FAQ is distributed in it's unaltered 
form.  If you would like to post this on a webpage, please contact me first; I 
would like to compile a list of sites of where this FAQ can be located.  

II. Introduction:

The Naboo Royal Fighter was often at the forefront of confrontations with 
enemies of the Planet Naboo.  It has faced everything from droid fighters, Radio 
Controlling Motherships and more in defense of it's planet.  Now, after 30 years 
of retirement, the Naboo Royal Fighter has been once again, brought out into the 
open in the battle for justice, smiting it's foes everywhere it goes

III. How to Get the Naboo Fighter

1) When the game loads, go to Options
2) Click on Passcodes
3) Enter HALIFAX? and press enter.  You will hear the sound of a code being 
4) Enter !YNGWIE! and press enter.  You will hear the sound of a code being 
5) Exit the Passcodes and Option menu and start a game on any level other than a 
snowspeeder level
6) Click on A until the ship selection screen.  Go to the left of the X-Wing, 
and you will see the yellow and chrome designs of the Naboo Starfighter!

IV. Background information

	The Naboo Royal Starfighter was the predecessor to starfighters such as 
the Incom T-65 X-Wing.  Like the X-Wing, it sports blasters, projectile 
missiles, shielding as well as an R2 unit for interfacing and improvement of 
starfighter operations.  

	The Naboo Royal Starfighter is armed with 2 laser cannons, 2 seeker 
torpedo launchers as well as an energy shielding and an R2 unit.  This 
configuration allows it, much like the X-Wing to take damage, while dishing out 
damage in turn to inferior crafts.  As a result, the Naboo Royal Starfighter was 
capable for defending Naboo from the most vile of the galaxy's criminals, 
including the Greedy Trade Federation.

	The Naboo Royal Starfighter sports a yellow and chrome paint job.  While 
the Yellow is insignificant, the Chrome is there to notify that it is the craft 
of the Naboo Royal Forces.  On Naboo, only the Royal Spaceship is allowed to be 
Chromed completely.  Other Royal ships are allowed to have partial chroming to 
show their affiliation to the Naboo Royal Family.  All other ships are 
restricted from Chroming their vessels.

V. Capabilities of the Naboo Royal Starfighter

Shields:  Although it is a tad weaker, the Naboo Starfighter is capable of 
taking much more damage than an A-Wing, allowing it to survive more fights

Engine:  It like an X-Wing.  With thrusters engaged, it matches the speed of an 
X-Wing with S-Foils closed.

Manueverability:  Turns on a dime.  You can make turns that you never imagined 
before in an X-Wing or even an A-WIng.  Be careful as you may overcompensate 
because the ship is so manueverable.

R2 Unit:  Existant.  Allows for repairs to be done on your ship.

Guns:  Fast and furious.  Shoot just a tad bit slower than a V-Wing using it's 
turbo blasters, but it does not burn out.  Be careful as you may shoot too fast 
and drop in accuracy noticably.

Torpedoes:  Seeker Torpedoes are much more powerful than a normal seeker.  One 
shot is capable of taking out an AT-ST, while a normal seeker requires 2 shots.

Overall:  Too Powerful.  Rapid guns allow it to shoot down enemies and strafe 
targets will no restraint.  Powerful Seeker Torpedoes allows it to shatter the 
most powerful craft the enemy has to offer.  It's maneuverability allows it to 
chase down and stay on the tails of it's enemies while it's rapid fire guns 
tears the target into shreds.  Powerful shields and an R2 unit allows it to take 
an exorbitant amount of damage.

VI. In Conclusion

There has never been a better time to fall in love with the game.  You know the 
levels you thought were too diffucult to pass?  With the Naboo Starfighter, you 
have the firepower, speed and protection needed to crack the toughest Imperial 
bases.  This fighter makes it a joy to once again wipe the universe clear of the 
Imperial scum!

VII.  Other notes

1) How on earth did LucasArts keep this a secret for 6 months?  Someone had to 
have leaked it!
2) What does HALIFAX? mean?
3) What does !YNGWIE! mean?
4) Why on earth is a Naboo ship that's 30 years old fly better, shoot faster and 
have better torpedoes than today's ship?  Makes you wonder why they were phased 
out in the first place.  Maybe it's the "Privateer Syndrome".  You know, ancient 
derelicts always contain better technology than what we have today.  ^_^

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