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Bonus Guide by Mr. Guy

Updated: 07/30/99

Nintendo 64's
Star Wars
Rogue Squadron

This document Copyright 1999 Mr. Guy
Last Updated: 7/30/99
E-mail: Trekman104@aol.com


I like bonuses. It gives you a lot. When you see these bonuses, they appear 
as yellow boxes with orange cones on the top and bottom. And the best part 
is, it gives you extras for your ship. So, for all you hardworking gamers, I 
took the liberty of helping you find these little tidbits. There are nine 
levels with bonuses, and most are well hidden. One other thing, the spelling 
of the names I mention might be a little off, so please give me a little 

-Defection at Corellia-
Bonus: Advanced photon torpedoes
Go kill the probe droids as needed. Then General Rykus will call you back to 
protect the Capitol Tower. Defend him from the bombers. Then Cricks Maydene 
will ask for help in the Tech Center. Go defend him. After you kill the 
bombers, Han Solo will arrive. On your way there, there should be a city with 
boats on the shore and stormtroopers infiltrating it. Fly high, look down on 
the section furthest from the shore and there should be two stormtroopers in 
the center of all the buildings. Use them as landmarks and fly above them. 
When you nosedive, you should see the bonus and two stormtroopers. Try to 
barely skin the top of the bonus because you'll need to turn up fast! NOTE: 
If you try to get the bonus before the stormtroopers arrive, the bonus will 
not be there. They need to come and put the bonus in.

-The Jade Moon-
Bonus: Advanced Shields
First, destroy all that Imperial scum ahead of you. Approach the shielded 
area and turn left. On your radar, follow white area, past the two missile 
turrets. After going through this canyon, you'll hit a dead end. Go over it 
and you find a bigger, deeper canyon. Head towards the generator. DO NOT 
DESTROY IT! If you do the game will set you elsewhere and you won't find the 
bonus. Instead, approach it, and turn right. Follow the canyon destroying the 
imperial scum, until you reach the end. When there, you will find a missile 
turret and an oddly shaped Imperial bunker. I suggest destroying the missile 
turret first, then take out the bunker. Inside, your bonus awaits you. Grab 
it and U-turn back into the canyon. Destroy the generator, and complete the 

-Imperial Construction Yards-
Bonus: Advanced Bombs
This one is just about the easiest to find. First, destroy the sensors. After 
you've done that, turn right towards the big walker. Try your best not to get 
hit. Fly to the landing platform and turn left. Keep going until you reach 
another group of Imperial structures. There should be two small, round silos 
ahead of you. Destroy the one furthest from you, and there it is.

-Prisons of Kessel-
Bonus: Seeker Missiles
First fly through the level until Cricks Maydene asks you to destroy the 
shield generator. Destroy it and go back and protect him. Follow him to the 
second prison. Fly above the platform and turn right. On that little cliff 
there is a missile turret and a bunker. My suggestion is destroy the missile 
turret, then destroy the bunker, grab your bonus, and complete the mission.

-Battle above Taloraan-
Bonus: Advanced Blasters
Destroy all the platforms, past those round floating things, through the 
squadron of Ties, and into Cloud City. As in Corellia, fly into the center of 
the city (on top) and in there in your little bonus on the ground. Also, as 
in Corellia, you'll need to just skin the top of the bonus because you're 
going to have to pull up fast.

-Escape from Fest-
Bonus: Seeker photon torpedoes
When you start off, turn a little left and you shall see a walker. Fly over 
him, keep going and you shall see a shielded research facility. Fly high, and 
past the facility and you shall see two tower guns and a bunker. Kill those 
annoying little towers and take out the bunker. In that bunker is your bonus.

-Blockade on Chandrila-
Bonus: Advanced Bombs
First, protect your hover train from those pesky little bombers. When you 
reach the city, fly left using the white outline of the city as your flight 
line. Up ahead, the outline turns right. Turn 45 degrees to the right when 
you reach that point. Soon, you will see a chicken walker. Destroy it, and 
the bonus is there.

-Raid on Sullust-
Bonus: Seeker Photon torpedoes
Easy to find, hard to get. The ground control on this level is substantial. 
So watch out! Okay, first destroy some generators until you reach one near a 
landing platform. Keep flying straight, and continue to avoid the missile 
turrets. Ahead, you'll see a large, oddly shaped building. Blow it up, and 
your bonus is there.

-Moff Seerdon's Revenge-
Bonus: Seeker Cluster Missiles
This one is another easy-to-find. When you start out the level, turn 150 
degrees left and 40 degrees down. You'll see a bunker with no guards, towers 
Turrets, nothing. Take out that bunker, and you've gotten your last bonus! 
NOTE: The instructions for this bonus are just to help you find it. You can't 
beat this level without destroying ALL bunkers, fighter, etc. You'll have to 
destroy it and when you do, you'll have the bonus!

If there's anything you'd like to suggest to me, my e-mail is at the top. 
Good-bye, good luck, and may the force be with you! 

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