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FAQ by marshmallow

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 07/27/99

* * * Rogue Squadron - A FAQ * * *
Author: marshmallow (m_mallow@hotmail.com)

You're probably wondering how I'm doing this FAQ when I said I rented it 
weeks ago. It's rather simple...my father got it for his PC (which makes 
mine look like a piece of scrap metal) off the 'Net, and now I get to 
play it! 


- Version 2.1 - 

Revision History:

July 27th - You people asked for the Naboo Fighter code and you got it. 
big whoop -- no one really cares anymore anyways. 

January 31st - Um...what did I do...OH YEAH! I added two new codes. I 
didn't add that stupid one that turns the face of Luke to some bearded 
guy, though. The only reason I'm doing this update is to shut up the 
people who keep e-mailing me them!! ARGH!!!

December 24th* - MAJOR UPDATE! Added what you have to do in each level 
to get a Gold Medal, tips on getting Gold on each level, walkthrough for 
two of the three secret levels, changed the introduction (see above), 
added the World Devastator to the Enemies Section, two more ships to the 
vehicle section, another secret upgrade, another code, and a major tip 
of toppling AT-ATs. Whew...don't expect another update for awhile, 
tomorrow I get Body Harvest (I played it up to the American Level on a 
rental though...check out my FAQ for it, which will be updated soon.), 
Turok II, and maybe Zelda if my EB stops sucking for a few hours. If 
they "forget" about a game one more time...

* - I do realize that Gamefaqs won't put this up until the day after 
Christmas, but the 24th is when I finished this...

December 22nd - Added what you need to get a Gold on each level, 
including some tips! 

December 21st - Added a new section, some more Secrets, and a few people 
to the Credits section. 

December 19th - Fixed/added a few errors in the Secrets Section, and 
added a few Tips to the Tips section...

December 15th - Hot off the press!


An "*" will appear next to the sections that have been updated as of 
July 27th, 1999.

Table of Contents
- - - - - - - - - - - 
1) Basics
2) Ships & Weapons
3) Missions
4) Enemies
5) Tips 
6) Secrets 
7) Codes* 
8) Credits 
9) Legal Junk
10) End

Note: The most updated version can ALWAYS be found at www.gamefaqs.com. 
Now, most other sites also have the most updated version, but if you're 
going to ask a question, be 100% sure you're not viewing a way outdated 
version. In other words - if you're not sure, check out Gamefaqs. All 
other two dozen or so of my FAQs can also be found there. Just check out 
the Contributor's Recognition Page, then look for my name. Enjoy! Or 

2nd Note: This FAQ will work for both the N64 and PC versions, as far as 
I know. 



Damage Indicator - In the upper left hand of your screen is a small icon 
of your ship, this is your damage indicator. If your vehicle is in 
perfect condition it will be green. As you get hit, it will turn to 
yellow, then orange, red, then when you're about to be killed, flashing 

Cross Hairs - Naturally, this is what you use to aim with. =) To get a 
perfect shot, align the smaller circle so your target is right inside of 
it. Fire at will!

Radar - In the upper right hand corner of your screen is the radar, 
which works a lot like the PC Star Wars Series. You are the green square 
in the middle, friendly craft are green dots, and enemy craft are the 
red dots. Sometimes there will be blue dots, these are neutral. Each 
level is very, very large, so it's easy to get lost. Well, see the large 
pie shape that is flashing orange? Fly to it (get it in the 12 'o clock 
position...that is, at the very top of the radar) and it will get 
larger, then disappear when you're over it...This is where you must 
complete your objectives!


You start each mission with three ships. Die and you will be returned 
'near' where you were destroyed. If you lose all of your ships you get a 
game over and go back to the level select screen. You will automatically 
lose a life when you fail a mission, as well.


Although there are several different control styles, there are "buttons" 
that guide you along. i.e. "Shot Button" means to shoot...duh! Anyways, 
here are a few buttons that you should know about:

Boost - Pressing this will make your craft accelerate, allowing you to 
speed away from danger or get to a critical situation faster, or catch 
up to enemy craft. Whatever it may be, remember to hold this button for 
maximum benefit. Though, be careful, you'll go into turns a lot 
wider...but of course, that can be a plus in certain situations.

Brake - This will, naturally, stop your craft. Well, ok, not totally 
stop, you'll still be moving, but not very fast. This is VERY useful. 
Especially if there are people behind you, or you're trying to kill 
something in front of you.

Secondary Weapon - Hitting this will shoot your secondary weapon, 
whatever it may be.

Special Button - Some craft have special moves.

Roll - With this you can...roll =) 



Named for it's uniquely shaped wings when deployed, the X-Wing is the 
main vehicle used by the Rebellion. During normal flight the wings 
(read: They are called S-Foils) are usually closed, causing the craft to 
be more aerodynamic, making it go much faster. You go even faster, since 
when they open your Rocket Engines will fire 100%, making it VERY useful 
for catching up to the opposition. However, during this mode you can not 
fire any weapons. To open them, use the Special Button. When opened, you 
can fire to your heart's content. With it's four laser cannons (you can 
fire all four at once, three at once, two at once, or one, depending on 
when you use the Firing Mode Button) you can easily shred through 
opponents, plus you can carry a small payload of rockets! It's shields 
are average at best, but it more than makes up for that in it's great 


This is the fastest ship in the entire fleet! The A-Wing can easily out-
run a Tie Interceptor, turn on a dime, and is very easy to handle. 
However, what the A-Wing wins in speed it loses in shields. Do not count 
on shields, instead use it's speed to dodge laser fire and other 
projectiles. It also has twin lasers, they are quite powerful, but no 
where near the caliber of the X-Wings'. The A-Wing gets it's name 
because it looks like a capital "A" from a distance. Using a boost, you 
can outrun a Missile with this! 

Snow Speeder:

Not a true spacecraft, the Snow Speeder was built for ground based 
missions, and it passes with flying colors. It can hug the ground quite 
nicely, since it has special engines that fire when it gets a few feet 
off the ground, allowing it to go very low. It has two large lasers 
mounted at the front, and a tow-cable at the back, for the second 
gunner. The tow-cable's main function is to defeat the feared AT-AT 
Walkers, which the Empire loves to deploy alongside it's fighters.


One of the most useful crafts for the Rebellion, the Y-Wing was named 
for the fact that is looks like a giant Y. This baby can do just about 
anything...It can disable ships with its twin ion cannons, then other 
craft can come in and take it away. It has another set of lasers, which 
are very potent. A large portion of the space is used for it's gigantic 
payload of missiles, bombs, and torpedoes, making it famed for bombing 
missions. As for shields, well, it's safer to be in this than anything 
else! It's armor is quite strong, and will protect you from just about 
anything, which is good, since you won't be going anywhere fast (like 
the game said about it) :)


A newbie to the Rebel Force, the V-Wing is named that because...Yeah, 
because it's shaped like a V. It's rockets are state-of-the-art, and a 
special feature will allow you to supply an incredible amount of power 
to it, which will allow you to rocket out of an area in seconds. During 
this time it is faster than the A-Wing! This is great, since it carries 
very little shields. That said, it is very easy to handle, highly 
maneuverable, and nimble. It has two laser cannons, and you can fire 
them rapidly, which is great for ground based targets. However, Rapid 
Fire Mode will quickly burn out the entire gun if used for too long. Use 
with caution.

AT-ST Walker:
entering the code "CHICKEN", you can play as an AT-ST on each level. The 
AT-ST is very, very slow, it takes minutes just to go a few hundred 
feet. It has a strong shield, but it's so slow it doesn't really matter 
since it can't dodge. For offense it has two weak lasers, lasers so weak 
that a small Tank Droid looks like a demon from Hell! It can swivel it's 
head, but that makes you walk even slower. It has no target, so you have 
to guess. All of this makes the AT-ST the worse vehicle in the entire 
game. But that's ok, it's just a little code  for your entertainment :)

T-47 Skyhopper:

You only use this on one level, Beggar's Canyon, where you get to race 
the rest of Rogue Squadron! It's engines are great, it's single laser is 
pathetic (you won't need it, though), and it has almost no shields, 
meaning that bumping against a wall is almost fatal!

* - R2D2 is in this and will help you by slowly replenishing your 


Proton Torpedo - Fast and light, the Proton Torpedo will take out just 
about any craft. Very powerful, and there is even a version that will 
track opponents!

Concussion Missile - Weaker than the Proton Torpedo, this missile is 
very fast, but does not cause a great deal of damage. Try to fire a 
barrage of them at larger targets, like tanks.

Cluster Missile - When fired, it will open up and five smaller rockets 
will burst from it's shell and spray everywhere. Chances of hitting your 
foe are increased, but it's not exactly the most powerful weapon.

Bombs - Only used in the Y-Wing, these powerful projectiles will fall to 
the ground and cause a devastating explosion. Very powerful! If you drop 
these at a low altitude, chances are you'll kill yourself!


                               CHAPTER I

                            C H A P T E R   I

Stage 1 - Ambush at Mos Eisley. 


It seems the Empire has it's eyes set on destroying Mos Eisley on Luke 
Skywalker's (that is you, BTW) home planet, Tatooine. Let's see what 

Default Craft: X-Wing with 6 Proton Torpedoes

Guide: This is the first stage so naturally, it's not very difficult. In 
fact, you'll probably beat this on your first try! Really simple stuff 
here...There are a lot of Probe Droids floating around the area, 
shooting at houses and such. Go blow 'em up! After they are all 
destroyed a cinema will show some Tie Bombers heading towards Mos 
Eisley! Well, get over there! There are only about four or five, and 
their patterns are predicable. Then watch the cinema, then it's on to 
the next level...

Needed For Gold Medal:

Completion Time - 3:00
Enemies Destroyed - 31
Accuracy - 15%
Friendly Saves - 50
Bonuses Collected: 0

Tips for Gold:

As long as you don't shoot at any little people or let the Ties destroy 
the town, everything should be fine. However, what most people miss is 
the group of Stormtroopers near the town of Mos-Eisley, the entrance 
that is. Shoot at all four of them and you will be able to get 31 Enemy 

Stage 2 - Rendezvous On Barkesh


The Rebellion is in dire need of supplies, and these cargo carrying 
machines are here to the rescue! Problem is, the path is through an 
Imperial Zone. There's bound to be trouble, so it's your job to make 
sure they make it across intact. 

Default Craft: X-Wing with 6 Proton Torpedoes

Guide: When you first appear there will be a fleet of Probe Droids in 
front of you, be sure to take these out. Follow the trail of cargo 
vehicles (all 20 or so of them) to another pair, after which the 
vehicles will start moving along their way. Along the path will be many 
AT-STs, Tie Bombers, and Tie Fighters. Be sure to take out the Bombers 
first, as they will go straight for your craft! The Ties will go after 
you, so be careful. The AT-STs are  stationary, for some reason or 
another, and will open fire on anything on the Rebellion side. They are 
quite strong, so I advise missiles. Explore the entire level when 
nothing is happening, as there are several Cannons on the hills that can 
be easily missed. Rocket back to the convoy by closing your S-Foils. At 
the end of the mission the Rebellion will get their supplies. Hooray!

Needed for Gold Medal:

Completion Time - 5:45
Enemies Destroyed - 30
Accuracy - 40%
Friendly Saves - 19
Bonuses Collected - 0

Tips for Gold:

This one is pretty easy if you know what to look for...If you keep going 
past the second group of Probe Droids, you'll find a large Laser Turret, 
a AT-ST, a box, and a TON of Stormtroopers. This location can also be 
reached by going straight from the building the Convoy docks at. Kill 
all the Stormtroopers and Turrets to get 30 Enemies destroyed!

Stage 3 - The Search for the Nonnah


Do'h! A top secret craft breached into an Imperial Base and has stolen 
several pieces of information and weapons for us. Now it has crashed in 
this mucky planet. Well, go rescue it before the Empire comes 
here...which should be soon.

Default Craft: A-Wing with 8 Concussion Missiles

Guide: There are Probe Droids, Tie Fights, and Bombers EVERYWHERE! 
Destroy as many Bombers as you can, it'll make your job later MUCH 
easier. Scan the landscape, particularly near the river, since that's 
where it is. If you don't find it first, one of your wingmen will, then 
it will appear on your map and you can get to it. A Rebel Shuttle will 
come in and dock with it, rescuing all supplies and soldiers. Oh-oh...An 
Imperial Shuttle has landed on the shore and is deploying AT-STs, Tanks, 
and Bombers! Destroy them ALL! After that the Shuttle will remain on the 
beach, doing nothing. Now, you see the large hill in front of the downed 
craft, out in the water? Bombers will start coming in from that side; so 
circle 'round and be ready, you can't let them get near the Nonnah! 
After a few minutes the Shuttle will lift off the Nonnah, ready to 
leave. Not before about a dozen Interceptors and Bombers come out from 
behind! If you're lucky, you should be able to destroy them all before 
they damage the Shuttle too much. If not, it's Game Over for you!

Needed for Gold Medal:
Completion Time - 10:00
Enemies Destroyed - 38
Accuracy - 20%
Friendly Saves - 1
Bonuses Collected - 0

Tips for Gold:

You don't have to worry about Friendly saves and time, since you'll pass 
both of those if you complete the mission. However, destroying 38 
Enemies is IMPOSSIBLE with standard Concussion Missiles, you'll need 
some Seeker Missiles! At the beginning, do not miss the group of Probe 
Droids near the end of the canyon, plus all the Interceptors and 
Bombers. At the end, when the Shuttle is going away, about 10 
Interceptors will fly in. Be sure to hit the brakes and stay far away 
from the Shuttle so you have a clear view of the Ties, then lock on to 
them and fire! However, you'll have to take down a few with lasers...And 
be quick about it! You don't have forever.  

Stage 4 - Defection at Corellia


Imperial Officer Crix Madine wants to join our side, but it seems the 
Empire is sending large amounts of ships, AT-AT Walkers, and Bombers to 
stop him. Save Corellia from destruction, or countless numbers of 
innocent lives will be lost!

Default Craft: Snow Speeder

Guide: Follow your wingmen to a crater, destroy all the Probe Droids. 
Now Bombers will start flooding into the city! Go over there and kick 
their metallic rear ends. After they're all gone, Mr. Madine is stuck 
inside of a building which is under heavy fire. Go over there and save 
his hide, it's not too hard. Then Han Solo and Chewbacca come in to save 
the day from more Bombers, yah! They'll be here the entire mission, 
helping you out. Now Bombers will come from every which way, 
Waveskimmers will hit the beach, Ties will come, and AT-AT walkers will 
be deployed! The first one is right behind the giant building...it's 
hard to miss, being 500 feet tall and everything. Carefully wrap the Tow 
Cable around it, then it will fall and be destroyed. This does take some 
practice, though. After that some AT-STs will be let loose near the 
other part of the city, as will another AT-AT walker. Finish them off, 
then take care of ALL the Tie Bombers in the area. Chewbacca will ask 
for Shuttles to come in and rescue the townspeople, then they will. But 
now more Bombers are coming in, as well are some Tie Fighters! Fend them 
off with a big stick of lasers, then the Shuttle will carry everyone 
away to safety...


Needed for Gold: 

Gold Medal
Completion Time: 10:00
Enemies Destroyed: 50
Accuracy: 20%
Friendly Saves: 95
Bonuses Collected: 1

Tips for Gold:

Ok, I can finally get the bonus myself! :) The best time to get it is 
right after Han Solo and Chewbacca come in, because then you have the 
perfect shot at the city. Hit the brakes and look down until you see it. 
Get as close to the lower buildings as you dare, then quickly get down 
there and snatch it! Then you'll have to quickly turn a hard right to 
avoid smashing into a building. The rest is history!  

Stage 5 - Liberation of Gerrad V


Stop the awful governor from fleeing the city with valuable treasure 
that he STOLE from it. The Empire is also making a little visit. 

Default Craft: X-Wing with 8 Concussion Missiles

Guide: Lay off the floating ships in mid-air, these are the Y-Wings' 
targets. You are flying escort. To defend them, destroy the guns and 
Ties flying all around, and it's easy to miss the little AT-PTs, isn't 
it? After awhile the yachts in this city will be destroyed, then we will 
move on to the next. This town has the BIG Gun. It's gigantic...save 
your missiles for it. There are also several Missile Turrets on the 
edges of the desert, so if you're wondering where the missiles are 
coming from... :) After a bit of this a cinema will play out. Very 
interesting indeed! The leader of the 128th Tie Interceptor Squad (the 
best of the best) will give you secret plans to a Moon Base in...

Needed to Get Gold:

Completion Time - 5:15
Enemies Destroyed - 33
Accuracy - 30%
Friendly Saves - 6
Bonuses Collected - 0

Tips for Gold:

Again, it's almost impossible to do this without Seeker Missiles. I 
suggest you use an A-Wing when trying to get a Gold Medal, since you 
have to save ALL of the Y-Wings to do this, and there are enemies 
EVERYWHERE! Also, _do not_ leave the Y-Wings alone! Enemies will come 
from all over the place, looking for something to shoot. When the Ties 
come, make sure to kill as many as you can. It's so much easier with 
Seeker Missiles it's not even funny...

                                  CHAPTER II 

Stage 6 - The Jade Moon


With the help of Lt. Kasan, we have found this secret base on the moon. 
General Madine will lead the ground assault, but the installation is 
blocked off by a shield. 

Default Craft: X-Wing with 6 Advanced Proton Torpedoes

Guide: Destroy all the AT-PTs you can, since they'll annoy you later if 
you don't. Keep going forward and you'll find several Laser Turrets, 
destroy them all and clear out the area. Turn left to find a field of 
Missile Turrets, quickly destroy these before they kill everyone, 
including you! Using your radar, make your way through the canyon, 
you'll soon find yourself at the Shield Generator! Defeat all the 
nasties there, then shoot everything you have at it (it's the long worm 
thing that looks like a bunch of gears connected together). When it's 
gone for good the shield will disappear, allowing General Madine to 
quickly go in and gather supplies, then leave. However, they will be 
bombed by Bombers and Tie Interceptors! You HAVE to kill them all! The 
Bombers are easy enough, but the Interceptors are a different story 
entirely. Hold down the Rocket Button and shoot at them the best you 

Needed for Gold:

Completion Time - 6:00
Enemies Destroyed - 45
Accuracy - 40%
Friendly Saves - 7
Bonuses Collected - 1

Tips for Gold:

At the start, ignore the AT-PTs and just focus all of your attention on 
the little canisters, these count as enemy points. Also, I suggest you 
use an A-Wing and then hold the Rocket Button the entire time, this way 
you can out-run ALL the Missiles, then destroy them easily. And yes, 
destroying the Ties at the end is much easier with Seeker Missiles. Now 
that I think of it, it's almost vital you have Seekers. Not one of the 
General's ships can be destroyed, and you need to be quick about it, and 
I've destroyed all of the Ties will Seekers in seconds!

Stage 7 - Imperial Construction Yards


Lt. Kasan's information is again proving useful, now we know the 
location of the main factory that manufactures Imperial Walkers! 

Default Craft: Snow Speeder

Guide: There's a lot of stuff to blow up here, and a lot of AT-ATs to 
trip...but it's not necessary. Just follow my directions. First you have 
to go through a canyon with your wingmates, shooting at Scanners. If 
they detect you, it's a mission failure. Here's the perfect way to get 
past this: Simply hold your break most of the time! Let your wingman do 
all the work! =)

Ok, after the canyon turn to your left and you'll find the AT-AT 
factory. Ignore the lasers, just get behind them all and them blow up 
all the large buildings. Now return to the entrance of the canyon and 
keep going, you'll find a Shuttle taking off from a platform. Behind it 
is a Missile Turret, destroy this and go into the path behind it, it's a 
side route that will let you avoid a lot of dangers. When you exit 
you'll be at the AT-ST Factory. Simply blow everything up, including the 
Laser and Missile Turrets since they can quickly kill you. This stage 
takes a lot of practice, it's all about skill. There are so many ships, 
it's easy to get disorientated and get killed. Keep at it! 

Needed for Gold:

Completion Time - 6:30
Enemies Destroyed - 80
Accuracy - 45%
Friendly Saves - 0
Bonuses Collected - 1

Tips for Gold:

Basically, kick butt...and fast. Around the landing zones are gobs of 
little boxes and crates you can shoot, each counting as one kill. Also, 
the factories alone can yield 30-40 shots! Don't forget the little 

Stage 8 - Assault on Kile II


The Empire is again clutching another helpless planet in it's iron fist. 
Go in and clean the place out! Bwahaha!

Default Craft: Y-Wing with 20 Bombs

Guide: Go through the canyons, good thing you're in your Y-Wing...this 
place is CRAWLING with Ties! Use your Rocket Button constantly to get 
out of here. When you get to a place with four satellite dishes, bomb it 
into the ground. Then cinema will show some boxes nearby, go destroy 
them with lasers, save your bombs. Now you have to go to an Airport-like 
place. Bomb it all! Kill all the Laser & Missile Turrets on the outside, 
too (you have to). After all of this, it's over. You might die a few 
times, though...

Needed for Gold:

Completion Time - 6:00
Enemies Destroyed - 65
Accuracy - 60%
Friendly Saves - 0
Bonuses Collected - 0

Tips for Gold:

You have to know WHAT to do and WHEN to do it, and HOW to do it...Just 
do it ;) Remember, turn right at every turn to find the Satellites, and 
left at every corner to get to the Spaceport. There are a lot of caches 
of enemies you can just pulverize with your Bombs (Smart Bombs are even 

Stage 9 - Rescue on Kessel


Find Wedge, who was captured at the end of the last mission.

Default Vehicle: X-Wing fitted with one Ion Cannon

Guide: Go forward and take out any Missile Turrets you can! They're 
EVERYWHERE! Ignore the Laser Turrets, since they don't really pose a 
threat. After a bit you should see the Hover Train. Shoot your Ion 
Cannons at it (same as firing a Missile) and it will start to shoot out 
electricity. The Train is divided into sections, so you have to disable 
EACH INDIVIDUAL piece before the entire thing will stop. This is very 
difficult since the Train Itself is armed with Missile and Laser 
Turrets. After the Train is stopped a Shuttle will come in and pick him 
up and put him in his X-Wing!

Needed for Gold:

Completion Time - 4:30
Enemies Destroyed - 26
Accuracy - 40%
Friendly Saves - 5 
Bonuses Collected - 0

Tips for Gold:

For such a late level in the game, this one is a cinch. Why, there are 
around 30 Laser Turrets alone, so Enemies Destroyed should not be a 
problem...Just make sure the Hovertrain doesn't get TOO close to the 
installation or it's Mission Failed for you, 

Stage 10 - Prisons of Kessel


Help free other Rebellion Prisoners from the planet before they are 

Default Craft: X-Wing with 6 Advanced Proton Torpedoes

Guide: Ooh! This level is just plain mean. You have to protect a Shuttle 
as it picks up prisoners at four different prisons. Sounds easy...But 
there are tons of Ties, Half a Dozen Walkers, and a lot of Laser 
Turrets, plus one Rocket Turret. First, turn around and just speed ahead 
(Close S-Foils when I say "speed ahead", it's faster than the Rocket 
Boost) to the first place, the Shuttle will be right behind you. Quickly 
take out the four Laser Turrets and any ties that even dare to enter the 
sector. If you do not destroy the Laser Turrets before the Shuttle 
lands, they will shoot at it and damage it a lot. After it lands you 
have to go destroy the Shield Generator, it's not far away (check 
radar). On the way there, try to destroy as many Laser Turrets as you 
can, but don't go out of your way. Keep going, brake, and fire lasers at 
the Shield Generator. If it's not destroyed by the time you get there, 
use a Rocket, that will do it. Now speed up and return to the Shuttle, 
some 'buddies' will be waiting.

The best way to destroy the different Ties is to use the Rocket Button, 
especially on the Interceptors. Take them out QUICKLY! They will fire at 
the Shuttle. After they have the prisoners the Shuttle will lift and go 
to the next place. You pretty much have to repeat the same process, 
except this time you have to follow the Shuttle a bit so you don't get 
lost. Again, shoot the Laser Turrets and Ties. This time, however, a 
single AT-ST Walker will enter the area. Kill him with LASERS! Save your 
Torpedoes, you'll need them later. Ok, after this you'll go to the next 
prison. Same thing, except with TWO AT-ST Walkers! You should have about 
five rockets...I say fire one at each then finish them off with lasers. 
However, do not focus on them! If you do the Ties will quickly destroy 
the Shuttle, which is helpless on the ground. In the final prison there 
will be a long line of AT-ST Walkers, good thing they're far away. You 
should still destroy them, however, with your remaining Torpedoes (if 
you don't they'll form a circle around the Shuttle and blow it to 
smithereens). Now, when the Shuttle lifts from the last prison it will 
be badly damaged, so make sure NOTHING is following it! Congratulations, 
you just finished one of the most draining missions in the game! 

Needed for Gold:

Completion Time - 10:30
Enemies Destroyed - 103
Accuracy - 40%
Friendly Saves - 35 
Bonuses Collected - 1 

Tips for Gold:

Seriously, Seeker Torpedoes HELP ON EVERY MISSION! Hammer on every thing 
you see, destroy difficult to hit targets with Seekers, and don't forget 
about the dozens of Stormtroopers near the Shield Generator (after you 
blow it up, at least). 

                                     CHAPTER III

                             C H A P T E R   I I I 

Stage 11 - Battle Above Taloraan


Destroy the Imperial canisters of Tibanna Gas, but be careful not to 
harm the civilian operations there!

Default Craft: A-Wing with 8 Advanced Missiles

Guide: This level is pretty simple...Just destroy all the canisters on 
the air-platforms. Well, all the cans that have a little star on them. 
Ignore the ones with a blue stripe, these are civilian...things...Just 
don't shoot those =) After a few platforms there will be Guns attached 
to the platform. Just use your Missiles if you're panicky, but a few 
laser shots is all it takes. At the very end a huge starship will come 
up from under you. Ignore it and fly underneath to find another 
platform...with quad Missile Launchers! This is a good time to use those 
Missiles of yours, since lasers are too slow. After that the level is 

Needed for Gold:

Completion Time - 7:00
Enemies Destroyed - 90
Accuracy - 70%
Friendly Saves - 1 
Bonuses Collected - 1

Tips for Gold:

You have a full seven minutes to kill 90 people, so it shouldn't be that 
difficult. In fact, the only difficult thing is collecting the Bonus in 
the floating city. If you shoot the buildings down it becomes a lot 
easier, though. I suggest using the X-Wing in this level because of it's 
better shields, but if you're good at dodging then use the A-Wing, since 
it can hold more Missiles. 

Stage 12 - Escape from Fest


During your last mission a team of Rebellions snuck into this top secret 
base and stole a squadron of AT-PTs. Unfortunately, their escape has 
been hindered...go save 'em! 

Default Craft: Snowspeeder

Guide: Oh yes, this is my favorite level! Nice and snowy, like Hoth. I'm 
sure it'll be yours, too. First off, in this level you are REALLY 
pressured for time. If you screw up it usually means you'll fail your 
mission. Here's the most efficient way to do it...

Rocket forward and destroy the first AT-AT Walker with your Tow Cable, 
then get away. See those Laser Turrets on the ridge? Destroy them all, 
then turn left to find a trio of AT-PTs, these are on your side! But 
they won't be for long, there's another AT-AT Walker behind them. 
Quickly destroy it before it has a chance to shoot at any of the AT-PTs. 
Your wingmen are working on the wall, but it would be a good idea to 
shoot at it a bit while you pass it. After passing it you'll notice 
another AT-AT Walker. Go past this and defeat the two Turbo Lasers 
behind it, now go kill the AT-AT Walker. By now the wall has been 
destroyed by your wingmen and they're in the path. You don't have time 
to breath yet!

Dozens of Tank Droids will be let out. Although they pose little threat 
to the AT-PTs (it's the other way around!) it's usually a good idea to 
destroy them...just in case. Now a squadron of Tie Bombers will be 
deployed from the base. You know, the one with the shield around it. 
Quickly destroy these! Just ONE Bomber could destroy the entire fleet of 
AT-PTs. After that Bombers will come from all over the place. When the 
AT-PTs board the shuttle you can sigh in relief...but there's still more 
to do.

Go destroy the Shield Generator (it's near the last AT-AT you killed) 
and then go to the building and blow it up! Hooray!

Completion Time - 6:30 
Enemies Destroyed - 65
Accuracy - 25%
Friendly Saves - 7  
Bonuses Collected - 1

Tips for Gold:

Whoever designed this level must have LOVED to witness people fail time 
and time again...The hardest thing is really just completing the actual 
level itself (Of which I have only done a handful of times, even though 
it's the most played level for me). Then you have to scramble to destroy 
as many boxes and Stormtroopers as humanly possible, then blow up the 
facility post haste. Don't forget that the bonus is behind it on a 

Stage 13 - Blockade on Chandrila


Moff Seerdon has decided to hold this peaceful city hostage to make the 
Rebellion pay for what it did in Fest.

Default Craft: X-Wing with 6 Advanced Proton Torpedoes

Guide: Nice music at the beginning! :) First you have to protect a Hover 
Train from Tie Interceptors, Bombers, and Fighters. Easy enough! 
Seriously, this is nothing new. After the Train is safe you'll have to 
go protect some buildings...Again, shouldn't be a problem. Then some 
Shuttles will land to pick up some people, then four AT-STs will be 
deployed right next to them. This is the best time to use those Advanced 
Proton Torpedoes! Then you get to shoot down some more Ties, then it's 
all over.

Needed for Gold Medal:

Completion Time - 5:45
Enemies Destroyed - 35
Accuracy - 20%
Friendly Saves - 4   
Bonuses Collected - 1

Tips for Gold:

Sure, it's easy to complete, but getting a Gold Medal is another story 
entirely. Each car of the Hovertrain HAS to be intact! This can be 
simple if you know what to look for on the radar. Look for two red dots 
coming in from an angle, usually on the left side of the radar. This is 
a group of Tie Bombers...go get them! Near the end, when the train parks 
itself, make sure to destroy the last pair. After that it's rather 
easy...don't forget the Bonus!

Stage 14 - Raid on Sullust


In retaliation to the raid on Chandrila, the Rebellion is doing the 
same, except on a base inside of a volcano.

Default Craft: Y-Wing with 20 Bombs

Guide: This level is very large, but the first thing you probably notice 
is how quickly you die. 20 seconds at the most...then you discover that 
there are Missile Turrets all over the place. Solution? Take out the 
Missile Turrets! Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. What I 
always do is simply go around the perimeter of the level, then when I 
spot a Turret, I get over it and drop a Bomb! You might think there are 
500 Missile Turrets, since you hear the little "wheewhee!" Sound every 
.1 seconds (that sound only happens when a missile is locked onto you). 
In reality, there is only about six or so, they fire two at once, 
constantly. Even I die at least once when doing this...

Ok, now it's time to start doing something towards beating the level! 
See those little machines that resemble the Plungers in Iggy's Reckin' 
Balls? Bomb 'em! Bomb 'em all! If you run out of Bombs you're screwed, 
since that's the only way to destroy them. When they are all gone the 
shield surrounding the large machine in the center will disappear. And 
what a machine it is! It's HUGE! Get right up at the top and wait 
awhile...Ties will come. You have to defeat them...in a Y-Wing! I know, 
it sounds ludicrous, but it's not that difficult, since the Ties in this 
level seem to be a little tipsy (if you know what I mean). Now, see 
those white things at the top? Not the giant lights, the other white 
things. Shoot those! When they're all gone the level is done.

Needed for Gold:

Completed Time - 4:00
Enemies Destroyed - 40
Accuracy - 75%
Friendly Saves - 0
Bonus Collected - 1 

Tips for Gold: 

Really, all you have to do is destroy the tons of Walkers and Turrets 
around here...which is even easier with Smart Bombs. 

Stage 15 - Moff Seerdon's Revenge


NO! That idiot Moff Seerdon has captured our local Bacta supplies! Get 
in there, save our supplies, and kill that commie! :)

Default Craft: X-Wing with 6 Proton Torpedoes


NOTE: This level is much easier with the Seeker Torpedoes [See "Secrets" 
Section]. I suggest you go get these before coming to this level. The 
Extra Shield will also do quite nicely...

Time's a wastin' and you don't have very much of it! Your first goal 
should be to take out the half-dozen or so Missile Turrets around here. 
Remember, when your S-Foils are locked you CAN outrun Missiles, so use 
this when you hear the little "wheewhee!" sound. Next, take out all the 
Ties! After doing this for awhile you will notice someone is shooting 
you from behind. If you slow down, they slow down. If you turn right, 
they turn left and shoot you point blank. They follow you EVERYWHERE! 
Here's how to take him out - Lock your S-Foils are go to the other side 
of the level. Take out your Seekers, turn around, and watch the radar 
for a rapidly moving red dot. When you see him, get a lock, and FIRE! 
He'll be killed the second the Torpedo hits him, which is a guaranteed 
hit. Now another one will come. Do it again. A third will come, take 
care of him as well. Now you can do whatever you want in relative 

Unless you're on the verge of dying and you're on your second life, save 
your Seeker Torpedoes for later use. Now you have to destroy all of the 
Ties, this is actually pretty easy. The AT-STs go next, these are also 
pretty simple. Then the Laser Turrets go, then the little boxes. After 
all of this, Moff Seerdon will come down in his Shuttle. Get ready to 

This Shuttle is FAST! Way faster than your X-Wing, but it still turns 
enough that you can catch up to it. When he has a clear shot of you he 
will lock on and fire a Torpedo, when you hear that sound ("boosh", when 
he fires it) lock your S-Foils and get out of there, you WILL be able to 
get away. However, you will not hear a "wheewhee" sound if you are real 
close, so listen for the "boosh." His lasers don't come any where near 
you, so that shouldn't be a problem. If you have at least five Seeker 
Torpedoes, this guy will be EASY! Just aim, lock, and fire! That should 
do it. However, if you only have lasers this will border on the 
impossible. Just get in close, hit the brakes, look around, and attempt 
to shoot lasers. This will take a LONG time, however. 

Oh, and if you're damaged badly, lock your S-Foils and fly around the 
level until your energy gets back into the green (That R2 unit is 

Needed for Gold:

Completion Time - 6:00
Enemies Destroyed - 45
Accuracy - 30%
Friendly Saves - 55
Bonus Collected - 1

Tips for Gold:

If you even want to get CLOSE to doing this in the target time, you just 
HAVE to have the A-Wing, it's faster than the X-Wing, so you should be 
able to do everything faster. And of course, this includes Moff Seerdon. 
Just hold down the Rocket Button the entire time and his Torpedoes and 
Lasers will be useless. It also makes hitting him with (Seeking) 
Missiles easier. Just get far away, come in, and fire! You won't have to 
worry about avoiding his fire, so it all becomes much easier. This one 
will take a lot of practice...

Stage 16 - The Battle of Calamari    


The World Devastators are coming, the World Devastators are coming!! Go 
save the planet Mon Calamari, they are our main supplier of Battle 

Default Craft: V-Wing with 6 Cluster Missiles

Guide: To destroy the World Devastators you'll first have to knock out 
their shield. This can be done by destroying their Shield Generator, 
which is located at the top, it looks like a little Ball on some towers. 
Then you have to take out their legs...This is pretty easy, just shoot 
Missiles/Lasers at the little rockets. HOWEVER! You must be careful not 
to be under it when it falls, you have to be careful of the Rockets it 
shoots, and it's vacuum at the back. Oh, exercise caution when near it, 
even when it's down, there are A LOT of guns on these things.

Then you have to save a city from Tie Interceptors. It sounds easy, but 
it's actually very hard...unless you have Seeker Missiles :) You do this 
sequence three times, then it's over!  WOOHOO! GAME OVER BABY! Now go 
find those secret levels...

Needed for Gold:

Completion Time - 5:30
Enemies Destroyed - 24
Accuracy - 25%
Friendly Saves - 87
Bonus Collected - 0

Tips for Gold:

This one is actually pretty easy. Again, I suggest using the A-Wing, 
since it carries more Missiles than an X-Wing, and it can avoid 
Torpedoes easily by just holding down the Rocket Button. Also, you're 
going to have to destroy all of the Waterskimmers, which is easier if 
you're right behind them...Then the Interceptors. These guys border on 
the suicidal, attempting to crash into you (killing you both). So get 
far away from the city, get a lock with your Seeker Missiles, and fire 

                               SECRET LEVELS

                         S E C R E T   L E V E L S

...Look in the Secrets Section to find out how to get to these levels...

Stage 17 - Beggar's Canyon


Race your teammates for some fun! 

Default Craft: T-47 Skyhopper

Guide: Not much to say, really...The left route is longer, but much more 
easy. However, the right route is much shorter, but MUCH harder, with a 
lot of turns and twists.

Needed for Gold:

Beat Wedge

Tips for Gold:

Basically, go through the right route. No tips, it just takes pure skill 
for this one! Don't ask me for help. There is a shortcut somewhere, but 
I haven't found it...anyone know?

Stage 18 - Death Star Trench


Go back in time and blow up the Death Star!

Default Craft: X-Wing with 6 Proton Torpedoes

Guide: The path to the Heat Generator is long and very, very dangerous. 
There are Laser Turrets EVERYWHERE! Hold down the Rocket Button and 
shoot at them all. Of course, then there are the Ties to worry 
about...They come from almost every direction, but mainly from 
Outerspace, so always look above you. They WILL take pot shots at you, 
and this is dangerous with the large amount of Ties. In the last part 
there will be blocks and strange objects sticking out of the wall, 
hampering your view and hogging up precious maneuverability room. At the 
very end the metal of the Death Star will glow purple, and there will be 
a large hole...but first you have to destroy the ton of Turrets around 
it, they block your view. Hit the brake, aim at the hole (easier with 
Seeker Torpedoes), and fire...BOOM!

Needed for Gold:

Completion Time - 2:45
Enemies Destroyed - 30
Accuracy - 70%
Friendly Saves - 0
Bonus - 0

Tips for Gold:    

You need 30 kills...simple. Hold down the Rocket Button and fire at 
Turrets and Ties. Count in your head...when you get to about 25, lock 
your S-Foils and go to the very end. Kill all the turrets guarding the 
hole, then fire away! 

Now, I just need to get all Gold Medals and beat Hoth. That won't be 
happening anytime soon, since I just received Body Harvest, Zelda, and 
Turok II for Christmas :)


Short for "All Terrain Armored Transport." This four legged behemoth 
strikes fear into the souls of fighters everywhere, as it's armor is 
impenetrable to everything short of a nuclear blast. This beast has two 
strong guns under it's chin and two weaker ones to the side of it's 
head. The best way to take this thing down is to use the Snow Speeder's 
Tow Cable to wrap it's legs up, then it will fall and explode. Woohoo!

Short for "All Terrain Personal Transport." These things are rare, which 
is a good thing. They have thick armor, can climb very steep slopes, and 
have twin lasers mounted on it's 'face.'

Short for "All Terrain Scout Transport." This thing has very, very thick 
armor, can move rather quickly, and has a moveable head, which is armed 
with twin lasers. Although they are not as powerful as the AT-PT's, they 
are still dangerous. Missiles, anyone?

Probe Droid:
These are usually the first wave of an attack, as they scout the area 
and look for things of interest to the Empire. They are very numerous, 
being un-manned and very cheap. It can float in mid-air and move 
quickly, it will fire it's weak laser at the sign of danger (or the 
Rebels...). One shot should put it down for good.

Shuttle Craft:
Since it devotes an un-imaginable 2/3 of it's power solely to it's 
shields, this thing is very hard to destroy. It can carry troops, 
weapons, and other things of importance. They are often dressed up and 
used as transports for people of importance.

Tank Droid:
Although slow, their aim is unpeccable. A small target to hit.

Tie Fighter:
The grunt of the Imperial Force, the Tie Fighter is very maneuverable, 
is fast, and it's small profile makes it a difficult target to peg. 
However, these come at a steep price, as it has no other weapons besides 
it's weak cannons, no hyperdrive, and NO shields! One shot is all it 
takes to kill 'em.

Tie Bomber:
Besides it's twin lasers, it almost always has a huge payload of bombs, 
concussion missiles, mines, and other annoying projectiles. When they 
come, focus all of your attention on them, as they will destroy the 
craft you are trying to protect! They are slow and quite large, so 
hitting them shouldn't be very difficult.

Tie Interceptor:
The best the Empire has to offer their troops, the Tie Interceptor is 
almost as fast as the A-Wing, more maneuverable than the X-Wing, has 
four cannons, and yes, room for missiles. However, like the other Ties, 
it has little shields, so a few hits is all it takes. But it can be 
difficult to get a direct hit, since it turns everywhere and is so fast.

These deliver troops to the beach, then fire at flying craft. Annoying, 
but nothing deadly.

Shield Generator:
If you need to knock out a shield of some kind, look for this, a long 
string of box like objects. Usually heavily guarded.

Radar Dish:
If you spot one of these, blow it up! Well, unless it's on your side. 
With this, your enemy can call for re-enforcements!

The most common cannon of all, these are mounted on high places and fire 
at you. Nothing new here...

Missile Turret:
This guy should never be underestimated, as he fires homing missiles 
using state-of-the-art aiming software that almost gurantees a direct 
hit. Take these out as quickly as possible!

World Devastator:
This thing borders on the unstoppable! Good thing, there are only three 
you have to face...This machine is armed to the teeth, it's surface is 
covered with Turbolasers and Missile Turrets, which you can take out to 
make it a tad bit less dangerous. It's powered by four gigantic leg 
jets, which spout out a sweet looking blue flame. It gets it's power by 
sucking up rocks from the ground via the huge vacuum in it's 
back...which can also suck you in if you get too close! Well, you 
probably want to know how to topple this behemoth...First off, disable 
it's shields by taking out it's Shield Generator. It's at the top, it 
looks like a ball. After that, shoot at it's Leg Jets. When two are 
destroyed it will fall, useless. However, be careful, as it's lasers 
still function! 


Use the Brake and Rocket Buttons to catch up or get behind your 
opponents. For example, say someone is shooting at you from behind. 
Simply hit the brakes and all the sudden they're in front of you! Too 
far away to hit? Slam on the Rocket Button and get there within seconds!

If you're having trouble defending your craft this if for you...Don't go 
for Tie Fighters and the like! Focus on the Bombers; these are what are 
blowing up everything!

The most effective way to attack is to come in a straight line and just 
tap the attack button. I know it's tempting to just turn around, but 
this isn't as good since your target will just be out of range. 

Use your brake to follow your opponents, this way they'll never be out 
of your sight!

If you don't know it by now, the radar is like a clock. When a member 
says "Hey! Enemy craft at 11!" look at the radar like you would a clock! 
It works...trust me...

When you're trying to grapple a AT-AT Walker with the Snow Speeder, get 
directly in front of it, hit the Tow Cable, then use the Rocket Button 
to make tight turns around the legs. With practice, AT-AT Walkers won't 
look so dangerous! Of course, later you have to do it under enemy fire. 
Oh boy...

When in doubt, look at your radar for the triangle. If you're still 
confused, listen to your wingmates.

Shoot everything that isn't on the Rebellion side! =)


On the N64 version this is simple, but for PC gamers this is a bitch 
(pardon my French), I should know. N64 people have nice, smooth, 
sensitive, sexy analog sticks that they can manipulate easily, while the 
PC version has to work with a large, clunky, crummy joystick that curls 
your fingers up if you play for more than an hour. First off, make sure 
the AT-AT is on your left side, then hit the Secondary Weapon button to 
fire the Tow Cable. Now, hold that button for a few split seconds then 
let go, then push the Joystick as far as it will to the left. This seems 
easier than pushing it to the right...but it might be because I'm right 
handed, I don't know. Experiment and see. Now comes the tricky 
part...avoiding the legs. Ouch! A simple bump will cause your craft to 
spiral out of control, or it might just bounce off and hit the belly, 
killing you instantly. If it looks like you'll hit a leg, lay off the 
stick and let the Speeder go straight for a few seconds, then resume. 
You'll be a lot farther from the legs, and a lot safer, too. Remember: 
Practice makes perverts!...er...practice makes perfect! 

(Robert J.'s Tips)

Cockpit view with cockpit turned off is best for most missions, except 
those that require tight maneuvering or bombing.  Behind-the-ship view 
is better for those, in particular for roping AT-ATs

To rope the AT-ATs, mash down the boost button to go faster, and steer 
mostly with the brakes.  Lighter touch on the joystick helps damp out 
vertical movements, which are the main reason for failure.

[Mini-Guide - Ed]

Assault on Kile.  Use behind-the-ship view.  Fly high, this lets you 
dodge incoming flak and missiles much more easily.  Just keep jinking 
right/left and up/down to avoid them and the shots from the TIEs.  
Ignore the TIEs totally, just keep jinking.

Take out the communication dishes first.  To get to them, just bear left 
at every fork.  You will eventually get to the area with the dishes (to 
the left) and the barracks (to the right).  To finish off the dishes, 
you need to take out the missile and gun batteries, the dishes, and the 
central building, but not the long buildings.  Missiles and guns first, 
of course.  Stay a bit high when bombing to prevent killing yourself.

You know you've got the dishes when you get the in-flight movie (grin).  
Next go take out the barracks.  Use blasters on this, don't waste bombs.  
Then, to get to the spaceport, go back to where you entered the 
dish/barracks area, but instead of going back the way you came (the 
right fork) go down the left fork and again always bear left.  The last 
left you take is a sharp turn that is hard to see except on the radar.

When you get to the spaceport run around the perimeter once taking out 
all the batteries, then pound the base.  If you run out of bombs, 
suicide into something and keep on bombing.

Silver is easy to get on this level.  The trick is to avoid going after 
the TIEs which just wastes time and lowers your shot percentage.  
Getting a 70% percentage isn't all that tough.


Advanced Shield Technology:

Go to "The Jademoon." Fly through the canyon rifts, sooner or later 
you'll spot a building guarded by a Missile Turret. Shoot the building 
and a small, yellow object will appear. Collect it! This will add 
another color to your Deflector Shields, allowing you to survive under 
heavy fire for a lot longer. 

Seeker Proton Torpedoes:

Go to "Raid On Sullest." One of the bunkers on the far side of your 
starting point has this, it's up against a wall. The Seeker Torpedoes 
are very useful. When you press the Secondary Weapon Button a yellow 
cursor will appear, get this over an enemy for a few seconds and it will 
turn red. Fire at will! However, you must keep the lock.

Cluster Missiles:

Go to "Prisons of Kessel." Near the SECOND prison is a ledge with a 
Missile Launcher. It's very well hidden, so you may have to search 
around. In front of the Turret (still on the ledge) is a building, blow 
it up! Now when a Cluster Missile breaks into five smaller missiles, 
each missile will automatically target something and go there! Very 
useful against multiple opponents. 

Smart Bombs:
(GoSkins18@aol.com's Secret)

Go to the "Imperial Construction Yards." As soon as you get out of the 
canyon with the sensor arrays turn right toward the AT-AT. Behind the 
walker is a small installment with a bunch of tie-bombers. On the hill 
above the platform is a laser turret. Take it out and fly through the 
canyon to your left. I try to hug the ground in this canyon because 3 
TIE's will be coming at you head on and take can take you out pretty 
easy immediately on the other side of the canyon is another platform, 
this one has a carrier on it instead of ties. On the hill above is a 
missile turret kill it and then the carrier, on the other side of the 
platform is a laser turret (he's kinda low) kill him and do a quick U-
turn back to the installment. There is a variety of buildings, the one 
to focus on is at the back and to the left corner. (Right below the 
former missile turret) The round dome shaped building. Blow it up and 
collect your reward!! 

John Brady Says:

The explosions of the Smart Bomb are bigger. I tried a normal bomb on 
two Turrets, it hit one, then I tried the Smart Bomb (same targets same 
place) and the both blew up and I think, THINK it does more damage, but 
probably not.

Seeker Missiles:

Go to "Escape from Fest." Fly towards the Lab, but keep going and you'll 
find a ledge with Laser Turrets. Blow the building away, behold! Seeker 
Missiles for the A-Wing!

Advanced Proton Torpedoes:
(David's Secret)

Go to "Defection at Corellia." After the Millenium Falcon cut-scene, 
when going toward the yellow thingy cone on your radar, the first sub-
city you see you should see a yellow thing. Hold down break, navigate 
toward it, and fly through it.  

GoSkins18@aol.com also says: 

Now, you have to do this quick because there are AT-AT-ATs attacking a 
city. Make a run over the city so you know exactly where they are. 
Approach the city from the opposite side. (moving away from your next 
objective) There will be one long, skinny fairly tall building right in 
front of it. (ride your brakes the rest of the way) Fly as low as you 
can over this building, and dive as soon as you get over the other side. 
The torpedo's should be right in front of you. As soon as you get them 
(it will be kinda tough because the speeder doesn't dive real well) turn 
right hard and fly out of the city to your next objective.

Advanced Lasers:
(From GoSkins18@aol.com)

Go to "Battle Above Taloraan" This one is pretty simple, fly through the 
level achieving all objectives. When you get to the last platform of 
imperial tanks, there will be a city floating in front of it. Carefully 
navigate through the buildings on top, behind one of them is an upgrade 
of your lasers. Don't worry about destroying buildings this one is in 
the open.

Advanced Bombs:

Go to "Blockade on Chandrilla." After you saved the train from being 
blown to smithereens, circle around the perimeter of the city. Soon 
you'll find a lonely AT-ST Walker shooting at some tall buildings. Blow 
it up to collect the item! What does it do? That's a very good 

SCREW IT ALL! This section is way too messed up for me to 
comprehend...Yes, each of the above levels has a secret in that 
location, but it's not what it says it is (i.e. Seeker Cluster missiles 
are on "Moff Seerdon's Revenge", not "Prisons of Kessel.") Only a few of 
them are correct...

Secret Levels:

Level                    How to get it
Beggar's Canyon          Get Bronze on all Stages

Death Star Trench        Get Silvers on all Stages

Hoth                     Get Gold on all Stages

Walkthroughs when I get there...and if.


From a.d.: 

To get all of the advanced technology, enter the passcode "TOUGHGUY"  

These are from Nintendojo/Gamesages:

RADAR.....gives you a REAL Radar Compass. It's more detailed.

CREDITS...see the Credits. I'm sure everyone wanted to see it again ;)

ACE.......makes the game a lot more difficult.

CHICKEN...you play a stage as an AT-ST!

DIRECTOR...watch all of the cinemas. Now this is what I'm talking about!

MAESTRO...Music Test. 

FARMBOY...Play as Millennium Falcon!

IGIVEUP...Infinite Live. Wussies!

TIEDUP....Opens up the Tie Interceptor. It's above the Millenium Falcon. 
(thanks, Jason)

KOELSCH...Do you want to ride in the back seat of a caddie?
DEADDACK.. (Dack is wingmate)Passes the levels for you without adding 
medals.  Also the three bonus levels come along.

KOELSCH...Turns the V-wing into a cadallciq>Q.q...I don't know, just do 

Type "HALIFAX?"  select enter code, then "!YNGWIE!"  select enter code. 
Go to the ship selection screen and the Naboo Starfighter from the 
Episode I movie will be there. Big whoopie...


Companies Involved with the game:

- Nintendo

- Lucas Arts

- Factor 5

Readers who helped with Secrets:

- GoSkins18@aol.com 

- David

- John Brady (aka Shady)

Readers who added tips:

- Robert J.


- Nintendojo

- Gamesages

Readers who helped with codes:

- Ryan S.

- a.d.

- Jason

- Marcin "Ludwig" Kulis


You may freely distribute this FAQ as long as the following terms are 
1) The version you are taking is from gamefaqs.com
2) You give me credit
3) It is shown in it's full version
4) This fine print is included
5) It will not be used to gain a profit by ways of selling or bartering
6) You update it as I update it. I can not be bothered to send everyone 
the newest version, it would simply take WAY too long. And besides, I'm 
too busy (i.e. lazy). 

You may put it into HTML if you wish, but the above conditions must be 
met. It can be "broken into pieces" when in HTML as long as the text 
remains untampered, unaltered, unpirated, and just plain left alone 
(except for color stuff, bold, links, or whatever, but that's not 
changing the meaning). 

This document is copyrighted (c) 1998 - 1999 marshmallow 
All Rights Reserved  


You know the drill by now. If there are any mistakes, typos, additions, 
questions, comments, or anything else my tired, tired brain can't think 
of (seriously...it's 4:32 A.M.), E-mail me at m_mallow@hotmail.com.

In the meantime, I'll be playing Rogue!

                          - marshmallow -

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