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FAQ by TAuxier

Version: 0.5 |

Rogue Squadron
Version .5

New additions in version .5:
Levels 5,6
Secrets added

Things to do:
1. Contribute.  If you know something I don't, don't hesitate to tell 
2. Copying and distribution without my knowledge is not allowed(no web 

I hope my FAQ helps you beat this awesome if hard game.  

Read the manual for this.  
Tips to help a beginner
-Follow the orange cone.  It tells you where your target is, and helps 
you beat a level minimally.  It doesn't help with secrets, though.  
And, I found an exception on level 6.  It leads you to where you have 
to go after the shield generator is gone, not before.  
-Find all the bonuses.  This, too, is helpful because you will have 
better shields, better Bombs, or whatnot.  
-Kill missile sites first.  This is helpful because starting at level 
5, missile sites start to murder you.  If you hear a funky beep noise 
twice, gun it!


Level 1
Basically, just follow the cone and kill all the probe droids.  At the 
bomber phase, go to the city and use the superior speed of the X-wings 
to kill `em.  

Why can't I get a gold here?
Are you missing two lousy enemies?  If yes, they are in a canyon around 
the 2nd probe droid field.  Don't outrun them, they will get away.

Secrets: None as of release of the FAQ.  

Level 2
This level is hard.  Follow the cone until you see a few tanks, then 
kill the droids.  Follow when they move on and watch out for Bombers.  
Your convoy die of 3 hits, so be careful.

Why can't I get a gold here?
ALL of the convoy must live.  This really stinks, because this is next 
to impossible.  Try it later with a bigger ship.

Secrets: I can't find any, but you wouldn't be able to find any in this 
problem of a level.

Level 3
First, find the ship.  Fly low to find it, then hug the outer ring 
surrounding it.  When the annoying misfit boss of yours (I had to 
badmouth him) tells you to guard the ship, kill the at-st, then the 
tanks.  Then bombers and interceptors come, and at-pt's.  Kill the at-
pts first, then the bombers.  The tie's go after you.  

Why can't I get a gold?
You need to prevent most hits coming to the ship to have a chance of 
beating the incredibly low time limit. 

Secrets: None

Level 4
Follow the readings until you fight some probes.  Then the cities under 
attack.  Defend it and kill all the ties, and the tech center is under 
attack.  Defend it in the same fashion, and the city is under attack 
again by an at-at.  Harpoon it around the legs and the tech center is 
under attack by all hell.  Go back to it and kill the at-at and at-sts 
to win.  After another tie swarm on the rescue shuttle.

Why can't I get a gold?
Save a lot of buildings, and kill a lot of ties.

Secrets: I heard a rumor that a laser power-up is here, but I can't 
find it.

Level 5
This level is just plain tough and takes a few zillion tries.  First 
thing you should do is circle around the city(There is a big rock wall 
you should see) and TAKE OUT THE MISSILE LAUNCHERS!  I will refrain 
from saying that now because you will be.  Once they are all dead,  
kill the missiles in the other city, which is NE of your starting 
point.  Then Wedge will say the 128 TIE intereceptor squad is here, so 
zip over to them.  Keep on the gas and pour on the lasers!

Why can't I get a gold?
I think you need Imperial technology to do it.  I heard its to the west 
of where you should come into the city, but it's not there.
There. I don't know where.

Level 6
This level is easy if you have good aim and a itchy gas finger.  The 
cone doesn't lead to the FIRST objective, but the second.  It leads to 
the tanks you must guard.  Go to the tanks, and follow them to the 
shield generator.  Then head west. There is a shield generator at the 
end, kill it.  Watch for the AT-PTs, though.  You then have to kill 
EVERYTHING, except the oil takns and industrial stuff to win. There are 
about 7-10 missile sites on the map, 4-5 AT-PTs, 5-7 Bombers, and 3 
Interceptors.  Then you win.
Why can't I get a gold?
Most of the convoy ships must survive.

To almost the immediate west of your starting point is a shield boost.

Farmboy: You get to fly the Mullenieum Falcon!
Toughguy: A heck of a lot of bonuses, makes the game 100% easier
Igiveup: The ultimate wuss code, gives you unending lives.

Fine print 
My E-mail address is thomasauxier@usa.net, so mail Q&A, comments, or 
other stuff to me.  

Thomasauxier@usa.net: I made this FAQ
My friend, Steve, he recommended this game to me.
All the other fine Rogue Squadron FAQs.  Check em out

Copyright 1999 Tom Auxier

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