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FAQ by JThomas

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/02/99

Date: Sat, 02 Jan 99 15:27:34 PST

                ñ  Rogue Squadron Faq     ñ
                 ñ  Version 1.0            ñ
                  ñ  By: Josh Thomas        ñ
                   ñ  LinkThomas@hotmail.com ñ

    Revision History
Version 1.0
-Hot off the presses
-Still need most of the Walkthrough. Any contributions would be greatly                                                                                
'`'`'`'`'`'Table of Contents'`'`'`'`'`'
II. Basics
  b)Rebel Ships
  c)Imperial Craft & Defences
III. Walkthrough (under constuction)
IV. Codes
V. Secrets
VI. Credits
VII. Disclaimer
Welcome to my first FAQ. I hope it helps you on your quest. Anyway... Rogue 
Squadron is based on the popular level, Battle of Hoth, from Star Wars: Shadows 
of the Empire. You get become Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight and co-founder of the 
famous Rogue Squadron(Wedge Antilles is other
founder).Rogue Squadron is the first of three games that Lucas Arts plans to 
make in the next couple years about Star Wars, the others being about the 
upcoming prequel to the Star Wars trilogy, Episode One:
The Phantom Menace. But Rogue Squadron takes place during the time period 
between Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.
Note: Most of what's in this section is in the game's Instruction Booklet. You 
can choose to look at this or the Instuction Booklet. If you choose the 
Instruction Booklet than skip down to E) Tricks--in this section.
A) Controls
There are four settings of Controller Settings:
Luke's Settings
Wedge's Settings
Janson's Settings
Hobbie's Settings
There are subtle differences among them. They are all basicly like Luke's 
Luke's Settings
Control Stick - _Craft Movement_
                Controls the craft's direction
A Button - _Thrust_
           Accelerates craft. Tap button to speed
           up in short bursts. Hold button down for
           continuous acceleration.
B Button - _Fire Blasters_
           Fires blaster cannons. Hold button down to
           fire continuously.
C Up - _Look Around_
       Use Control Stick to look side-to-side
C Down - _Fire Mode_
         Links blaster cannons to fire more shots at
         once. Press to cycle through linking settings
         for each craft.
C Left - _Fire Secondary_
         Fires secondary weapon assigned to each craft
         (like missiles).
C Right - _Special_
          Activates special craft features (not available
          in all craft).
+ Control Pad - _Camera Shortcuts_
                Up - Cockpit view
                Right - Close Outside View
                Down - Standard View
                Left - Drop Camera:
                       Operates the drop camera,
                       for a fixed view in midair.
Z Button - _Brakes/Speeder's Left Brake_
           Tap button to slow down. Hold Brake Button
           down to drop to minimum speed.
L Button - _Switch View_
           Cycle the camera between five views.
R Button - _Roll/Speeder's Right Brake_
           Rolls X-wing, Y-wing, and A wing and is
           the right brake for air speeder. It is not
           not used in V-wing. Press the Roll Button
           while using the Control Stick to roll craft.
           Continue rolling to fly upside down. Let
           go of the Roll Button to fly level again.
Start - _Pause_
Wedge's Settings
Control Stick - Craft Movement
A Button - Thrust
B Button - Fire Blasters
C Up - Switch View
C Down - Look Around
C Left - Fire Secondary
C Right - Special
+ Control Pad - Camera Shortcuts
Z Button - Brakes/Speeder's Left Brake
L Button - Fire Mode
R Button - Roll/Speeder's Right Brake
Start - Pause
Janson's Settings
Control Stick - Craft Movement
A Button - Thrust
B Button - Fire Blasters
C Up - Switch View
C Down - Look Around
C Left - Fire Secondary
C Right - Special
+ Control Pad - Camera Shortcuts
Z Button - Brakes
L Button - Fire Mode
R Button - Roll
Start - Pause
Hobbie's Settings
Control Stick - Craft Movement
A Button - Brakes
B Button - Thrust
C Up - Look Around
C Down - Fire Secondary
C Left - Fire Mode
C Right - Special
+ Control Pad - Camera Shortcuts
Z Button - Fire Buttons
L Button - Switch View
R Button - Roll
Start - Pause
B) Rebel Ships
Below are desciptions of five of the crafts available in Rogue Squadron. There 
are two secret crafts that I will add in future updates.
Named for its unique double-layered wings, or S-Foils, the Incom T-65 X-wing is 
the primary starfighter of both the Rebel Alliance and Rogue Squadron. These S-
Foils are closed during normal flight, so it can fly faster. To open the S-Foils 
if closed, you can tap the brake or tap the special button, which closes them if 
open. It strikes a near-perfect balance between speed, maneuverability, and 
firepower, which makes it the default ship for most of the missions.
Primary Weapon: Four Laser Cannons
Secondary Weapon: Proton Torpedoes
Special: Open/Close S-Foils
Named for its resemblence to a capital A, this is the fastest starfighter in the 
Rebel Alliance, matching the Empire's TIE Interceptor in speed and 
maneuverability. It's powerful armament include includes twin wing-mounted 
pivoting blaster cannons and concussion missiles, which lack the punch of proton 
torpedoes, but it can carry up to eight of them. Though ray-shielded, the A-wing 
is still relatively fragile and must rely on its speed and agility for 
Primary Weapon: Twin Laser Cannons
Secondary Weapon: Concussion Missiles
Another Incom product, the T-47 is not a starfighter but an Airspeeder, which is 
much easier to control in an atmosphere than some other ships. It is limited to 
low altitudes and is unable to perform elaborate acrobatic maneuvers such as 
rolls. The Airspeeder is not shielded, but it is heavily armored for protection.
Primary Weapon: Twin Laser Cannons
Secondary Weapon: Tow Cable
A cross between a fighter and a bomber, the Y-Wing formed the backbone of the 
Rebel Alliance starfighter fleet proir to the introduction of the X-Wing. The Y-
Wing is now used primarily as a bomber. The workhorse Y-Wing is larger, slower, 
and less maneuverable than the X-Wing, and has difficulty against the more agile 
Imperial craft. On the flip side, the Y-Wing is equiped with heavy armor, 
beefed-up shields, and a ship-disabling ion cannon, which is used by pressing 
the special button.
Primary Weapon: Twin Laser Cannons
Secondary Weapon: Bombs
Special: Ion Cannon
The V-Wing is more unstable than the T-47 but is faster at higher altitudes. It 
has rapid-firing (to turn it on, press the special button) and regular-firing 
blaster cannons, but the cannons can overheat in rapid-fire mode. If the lasers 
overheat and shut down, wait a few seconds before trying them again, but be 
careful that you don't burn them out completely.It features a scram jet and a 
huge booster.  Use the scram jet and weapons sparingly. If aimed right, the 
Cluster missiles will take out five TIEs or Probe Droids.
Primary Weapon: Twin Laser Cannons
Secondary Weapon: Cluster Missiles
Special: Boosters
C) Imperial Craft & Defences
In this section I will describe the craft that the Empire will throw at you.
Armored Hover Train
With cars heavily defended by numerous gun emplacements and missile turrets, 
strafing guns against this mobile target are difficult at best.
Short for All Terrain Armored Transport, the four-legged Imperial walker strikes 
terror in the heart of any defender. This mechanized beast is armed with blaster 
cannons underneath its "chin" and medium blasters on each sides of each side of 
its "head", and has thick armor plating to protect it from most types of 
artillery fire. Try to wrap a tow cable around the "legs" of an AT-AT with a 
speeder to bring this behemoth down.
Short for All Terrain Personal Transport, this small, two-legged weapons system 
has the ability to climb up 45-degree mountains and hills. The AT-PT houses one 
or two soldiers, surrounding them with thick, heavy armor in its central command 
pod. It is armed with a twin-blaster cannon.
Short for All Terrain Scout Transport, this chicken-like walker is used to 
support Imperial ground troops and protect the vulnerable underbelly of the AT-
AT walkers. Since it balances on two legs, the two person AT-ST is more unstable 
than the AT-AT, but its superior speed and formidable firepower more than make 
up for this weakness.
Imperial Probe Droid
This reconnaissance device was used by Darth Vader to locate the Rebel base on 
Hoth. It can move quickly across planet surfaces, andis programmed to defect 
life forms and signs of hibitation. An Imperial probe droid is armed with a 
blaster device.
Imperial Landing Craft
This heavily armored assault ship devotes two-thirds of its power to its 
shields, making it extremely difficult to destroy.
Tank Droid
Designed to stop civil unrest on Imperial worlds, this fully automated combat 
vehicle driven by a droid brain is a brutal urban assault machine.
TIE Fighter
Powered by twin ion engines, a TIE fighter's advatages are its excellant 
maneuverablity and its small profile, which makes it difficult target to hit. 
However, these advantages come at a steep price, since it has no shields, no 
hyperdrive systems, and no other weapons besides forward-mounted blaster 
cannons. A direct hit on one can usually destroy it.
TIE Bomber
A TIE bomber is armed with two front-firing blaster cannons, and can drop a 
varity of payloads, including bombs, guided concussion missiles, orbital mines, 
and thermal detonators.
TIE Interceptor
This dagger-shaped starfighter is more than a match for the Rebel craft, since 
it's nearly as fast as an A-Wing and more maneuverable than an X-Wing. The TIE 
interceptor's weapons include four blaster cannons with advandced targeting 
software for greater accuracy. Since the TIE interceptor has little armor and no 
shield generators, it can easily be destroyed with a few hits.
Like its name impliees, this attack hydrofoil was designed to operate above the 
water's surface at high speeds. Originally built around the frame of an AT-AT, a 
waveskimmer is far more maneuverable than its land-bound counterpart.
Shield Generator
A device that produces the power needed to create and maintain deflector shields 
and to focus thos shields around a given object. Whenever there is a shield that 
cannot be breached, there is sure to be a shield generator nearby. Destroying 
the generator is a sure way to take out the shield.
Radar Dish
A rotating dish that alerts the Empire to incoming enemies. Destroying radar 
dishes can limit the Imperials' ability to track your craft. Radar dishes can 
also function as general communications devices.
Turbolasers are the backbone of the Imperial planetary defenses throughout the 
galaxy. These stationary cannons fire twin blasters strong enough to take out 
any fighter or infantry.
Missile Turret
Advanced ground-based defensive weaponry used to protect important Imperial 
facilites. These turrets fire powerful missiles that home in on their targets 
and rarely miss. The destructive capacity of these missiles should not be 
D) Tips
-For a more effective attack, line up your targets by making long,
  straight runs. Avoid the temptation to make quick turns in pursuit of
   your targets. Instead, fly far away, then turn around and fly toward 
    your targets from a distance, using your brakes. You'll be able to
     keep them in your sights longer-and score more hits. But you'll
      also be in enemy sights...
-Use a loop-the-loop move to bear down on enemy that has passed you by.
-Find the Contoller configuration and camera views best suited to your
  flying style.
-For more control in turns, use the right or left brake to tighten your
  turn in either direction(Speeder and V-wing).
-Use the Thrust and Brake Buttons to match the enemy's speed or to more
  easily attack a ground target.
-When in doubt, follow your wingmates to mission goals.
-Pay close attention to directions from General Rieekan and your
-Be on the lookout for enemy bombers, and attack them before attacking
  fighters. Bombers do more damage to critical Rebel installations.
E) Tricks
--If you own a gameshark, here is a trick: First enter the following 
code:80130b4d007e and as its description as: All Levels / Ships. Turn it on then 
star the game. When it fully loads you can play the game for as long as you 
want. Then the next time you play it, don't use the gameshark and you'll have 
all the levels/ships without the gameshark!
Note: My walkthrough is under construction. As you can see I only have the first 
Chapter 1
Ambush at Mos Eisley
Since this is the first level, it is the easiest. Just kill all the probe 
droids. Look at the radar to find the probe droids to goto next. After the 
cinema, close the S-Foils and head toward Mos Eisley. When you get there open 
them and slow down. Then choose a group of bombers and go after them. They are 
pretty predicible. After you kill one group go after the other one. I recommend 
beating it first, then later go after the medals.
Enter these codes st the Options menu. Choose Passcodes. When you enter a code 
correctly, you will hear R2.
TOUGHGUY - All Powerups
FARMBOY - Access  the Millenium Falcon. Only available in certain levels. It is 
the fastest, most powerful, & most maneuverable fighter in the game.
MAESTRO - Music Menu & Ship Gallery
RADAR - Makes your radar like a real one. Higher ships are brighter, and lower 
ships are dimmer.
CHICKEN - Bonus level with AT-ST.
ACE - Increases difficulty
IGIVEUP - Infinite Lives
DIRECTOR - Watch all cut scenes in order.
Advanced Shield Technology:
Go to "The Jademoon." Fly through the canyon rifts, sooner or later
you'll spot a a building guarded by a Missile Turret. Shoot the building 
and a small, yellow object will appear. Collect it! This will add
another color to your Deflector Shields, allowing you to survive under 
heavy fire for a lot longer.
Seeker Proton Torpedos:
Go to "Raid On Sullest." One of the bunkers on the far side of your
starting point has this, it's up against a wall. The Seeker Torpedos are 
very useful. When you press the Secondary Weapon Button a yellow cursor 
will appear, get this over an enemy for a few seconds and it will turn 
red. Fire at will! However, you must keep the lock.
Seeker Cluster Missiles:
Go to "Prisons of Kessel." Near the SECOND prison is a ledge with a
Missile Launcher. It's very well hidden, so you may have to search
around. In front of the Turret (still on the ledge) is a building, blow 
it up! Now when a Cluster Missile breaks into five smaller missiles,
each missile will automatically target something and go there! Very
useful against multiple oppenents.
Smart Bombs:
Go to the "Imperial Construction Yards." As soon as you get out of the 
canyon with the sensor arrays turn right toward the AT-AT. Behind the
walker is a small installment with a bunch of tie-bombers. On the hill 
above the platform is a laser turret. Take it out and fly through the
canyon to your left. I try to hug the ground in this canyon because 3
TIE's will be coming at you head on and take can take you out pretty
easy immediately on the other side of the canyon is another platform,
this one has a carrier on it instead of ties. On the hill above is a
missile turret kill it and then the carrier, on the other side of the
platform is a laser turret (he's kinda low) kill him and do a quick U-
turn back to the installment. There is a variety of buildings, the one 
to focus on is at the back and to the left corner. (Right below the
former missile turret) The round dome shaped building. Blow it up and
collect your reward!!
The explosions of the Smart Bomb are bigger. I tried a normal bomb on
two Turrets, it hit one, then I tried the Smart Bomb (same targets same 
place) and the both blew up and I think, THINK it does more damage, but 
probably not.
Seeker Missiles:
Go to "Escape from Fest." Fly towards the Lab, but keep going and you'll 
find a ledge with Laser Turrets. Blow the building away, behold! Seeker 
Missiles for the A-Wing!
Advanced Proton Torpedos:
Go to "Defection at Corellia." After the Millenium Falcon cut-scene,
when going toward the yellow thingy cone on your radar, the first sub-
city you see you should see a yelllow thing. Hold down brake, navigate 
toward it, and fly through it.
Advanced Lasers:
Go to "Battle Above Taloraan" This one is pretty simple, fly through the 
level achieving all objectives. When you get to the last platform of
imperial tanks, there will be a city floating in front of it. Carefully 
navigate through the buildings on top, behind one of them is an upgrade 
of your lasers. Don't worry about destroying buildings this one is in
the open.
I didn't have time to verify their locations, but each of the above
levels does have a Bonus, and the location of it is exact, I'm just not 
sure what goes where.
Secret Levels:
Level                    How to get it
Beggar's Canyon           Get Bronze on all Stages
Death Star Trench         Get Silvers on all Stages
Battle of Hoth            Get Gold on all Stages
Josh Thomas(me)------for writing this FAQ
marshmallow------for leting use Secret section from his FAQ
--John Brady
© 1999 All Rights Reserved.  All information in this FAQ is my own. If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, get permission from me first, then credit me. If 
there's anything wrong contact me(LinkThomas@hotmail.com) and I'll credit you in 
the next revision.or Shields, allowing you to survive under
heavy fire for a€urvive under
heavy fire for a€ÄPÄPPwwwÄPÄPÄPÄPPBB

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