How to defeat world devastater?

  1. How to kill mussel sites?

    User Info: EagerTeacher82

    EagerTeacher82 - 4 weeks ago


  1. On the top of a World Devastator in the rear is a small domed shield generator that can be taken out in a single pass with a sustained barrage of rapid-fire blasters. Once the generator is destroyed, take out 2 of the 4 leg jets on the bottom of the Devastator. Then it will crash into the ocean and you can move on to the next section of the mission.

    You don't need to shoot any of the missile launchers or laser turrets on the Devastators. These particular ones don't count towards kills if you're trying for a medal.

    User Info: Nairb10

    Nairb10 - 4 weeks ago 0   0

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