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Reviewed: 03/07/00 | Updated: 03/07/00

From movie to an amazing way.

Not long after the release of the Star Wars: Episode I movie, this game came out from LucasArts. The movie was incredible, but what about the game? My review tells you.

Gameplay - Star Wars: Episode I Racer comes with a healthy amount of tracks, quite a few drivers, and a lot of realism. I like the game's setup and it puts you right in the movie. Now imagine that! You're actually standing right there, because look what LucasArts did. They wanted a simulation of the movie, in the racing genre, and they wanted to actually put gamers in the movie. I like everything, EVERYTHING that was done here in attempting to create something like this. Not to mention that if you're looking for something even better, why not get an Expansion Pak?

Graphics - Absolutely *amazing*! The screen shots, like on the title screen for example, are so realistic. I almost thought they took a few clips from the podracer part of the movie and then inserted it into the game. Well, maybe they did. The FMV at the beginning is amazing. And the gameplay that you see in the game is really good: it's extremely realistic. It is absolutely incredible - but the Expansion Pak is even better.

Sounds - The music isn't exactly the best, but I like what is put into it. The title screen music is extremely good and they MUST have taken it from the movie, as it would have been a lot worse if it wasn't. As for the sounds, I like them, and there's a lot of work put into the voices in the game...even the non-English ones.

Multiplayer - The two-player mode is pretty good for die-hard fans who are looking for some neat high-speed racing. And it's pretty good. Since the graphics are really good, I can excuse the lack of computer players. But it's okay.

Lasting Appeal - Thirty drivers and over twenty tracks to test out. But there isn't anything extra, like in San Francisco Rush, but I am going to give the benefit of the doubt.

Overall Scores

Gameplay - Puts you in the movie. 10.0
Graphics - One word: RE-AL-IS-TIC! 10.0
Sounds - There's a lot of work put into it. 9.0
Multiplayer - Lack of computer players. 8.0
Lasting Appeal - I'm giving the benefit of the doubt and giving a 7.0

FINAL SCORE (averaged) - 8.8
What I would say about it - 9.5
Overall Score - 9.2

Rating: 9

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