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Reviewed: 12/22/03

A great racing game

The first time I played this game was at a friends house. I really enjoyed it, and ended up trading madden 64 for it. I have not regretted that decision.
Some of you might think that was rather rash, but as I had gotten madden for free and am not a big football game fan, I didn't mind. For another thing, you haven’t read my reasons yet.
This is a great game, unlike any other racing game I have played. For instance, instead of having one solid course you race around in circles on, almost every course has split paths you can take. This is simply, a great game, and always will be, as long as there are people to appreciate it.

Gameplay: As I said before, this is a great game. It starts out really easy, and then gets rigorously hard. I did not like how you had to buy upgrades when you get a lot of bonus ships. You spend a lot of money upgrading, and then you get a racer that has the exact same stats it makes it seem that there’s no point in upgrading. The course design is excellent; the designers did a really good job. There is only one thing: In the movie, there seemed to be much more bashing in the race. In this game, you zoom past your opponents so fast you can barely touch them, so a little bit of similarity to the movie was lost there, but since it wasn’t essential for gameplay, I don’t mind losing it.

Graphics: The course graphics are some of the best graphics on the 64, it looks just like the movie. However, there is a drawback. As the pods are well represented,as well as the courses, the characters are greatly lacking. They almost look like they’re made out of Lego’s. They are extremely blocky, even with the expansion pack. With all the great pod and course graphics, I wish they‘d spent more time on the characters.

Controls: The controls are good, A is go, B is stop. There are 4 views accessible by C^ the side C buttons make your pod go sideways, but usually you won’t use them. R is repair, which is another thing that sets this game aside from the rest. By pressing R your ship will repair damage, but it makes you go slower, possibly making you lose a position in the race. Of course, the trick is not taking damage in the first place.

Sound: This was rather disappointing. There’s the computer like sound when a menu comes up which is star wars sounding, and doesn’t get on your nerves, even though it is repeated a lot. The other sound is that of your pod, which does get annoying. If you’re on a really long course in time trial, the continuous droning can get annoying. Also, there are other small sounds that are realistic enough, like a volcano or sand people shooting at your pod.

Music: Here we have two selections of music from star wars one, yes, count them two selections. One on the title screen, one for the final lap. This was very disappointing. I think it would have been cool if there were an individual track for each world.

Play time/replayability: I’m not sure what the total play time is because I played my friends half completed game, but I will tell you, the replay value is extremely high. There is nothing I love more to do on a rainy day then zoom around the courses in this game. Once you complete this game you will come back to it, I almost guarantee it.

Buy or Rent?

BUY! At $3.77 on eBay, it’s too good to be true. Such a great game, such a low price. You will not regret it.

Rating: 8

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