Review by Andy007

Reviewed: 02/06/00 | Updated: 02/06/00

Good Graphics, Good sound, and......

Graphics 10/10: I think this game has very good graphics. The Podracers are awesome and look pretty real with all the mechanics and little designs. Then also when you are racing, the background and environment are so realsitic and you feel like you are actually in the race. The sound also helps with the background and racing too. Also, when you ride your podracer at those fast speeds, it looks like you are going at that speed. This game has pretty good developed graphics.

Gameplay 8/10: This game is very fun. Playing through the many levels is very challenging. There are four levels of gameplay, and once you beat each level, you continue on another level! Like some other racing games, you can buy parts for your podracer. You also choose a variety of characters, the more levels you beat, the more characters you get and each character has different attributies for their podracer. I like trying out the different characters. But for some people like little kids, this game is way too hard for them. They'll probably get only to the first 6 levels and will never play this game again. It may get way too hard for them, so I think teens are most likely to play and beat this game. Some levels have ramps and other cool future like things too. After you've tried beating the levels and can never beat them, this game will be in the trash. It is still fun to retry some levels.

Sound 9/10: I like the sound of the roaring podracer engines. The sound in this game is better than average in my opinion. But sometimes, the taunts of the players get annoying and that's the only thing I do not like about some of the sound.

Overall 8/10: This game isn't that bad, good graphics, good sound, good gameplay. But since most racing games start to suck after a couple months, this game does start to stuck in my opinion. It is now boring because I have beat the game and there is nothing I can do except replay the levels. No wonder at most game stores, I saw the price of this game go from $60 to $30. Sell this game if you've had it for months and you are very bored of it. But you can also trade for a better game.

Rating: 8

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