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Reviewed: 01/26/03 | Updated: 01/26/03

Racing at 600 miles an hour and over... for what?

Anyone who has played a star wars game knows that they are either complete perfection or an utter waste of time. Sometimes you get a rare gem from LucasArts... other times you get stuff like Star Wars: Racer. You may like this game if only a little for the first day or two... but after that if you haven't already, you may grow to resent this game.

Graphics: 6/10

Well this is one of the games strongest features. There are several detailed and unique Pod Racers to choose from. Each a bit different from the last. Also in the repair room are several Pit Droids that look juts like they were in the movie. And the worlds all hold their unique features, some are hard to see... some aren't. Some of the worlds many features may even blow you away the first time you see it, in any case there is a bit of eye candy to satisfy a gamer.

Story: 4/10

The story is fairly simple, especially for a Star Wars game. You basically control the Racer of your choice, and win one of a few tournaments to choose from. Tournaments range from Novice to Expert and even a special Bonus one for completing them all.

Gameplay: 4/10

Well nothing is perfect. And the control in this game can be quite sluggish depending on which Pod Racer you choose. Nothing is really unique and stands out in this game in terms of control, other than the repair function and thats about all.

Sound: 3/10

Now this section WOULD have received a ten out of ten... only if there was more music when Racing. Pod Racer sounds sound like they came straight from the movie and voice overs are random and good as well. But the thing that really killed it was the fact that the about the only time that you'll hear actuall music is very softly in your final lap. Sure it makes that final lap all that much better, but I'd prefer to have that music a bit more than that.

Difficulty: 1/10

Even with the worst Pod Racer imaginable, you can pretty much out race anyone else with your eyes closed its that easy. Even in the later levels, you'll find no difficulty or challenge whatsoever.

Replay Factor: 2/10

Well even if you aren't tired of it before you finish everything and have doen everything you can do, once everything is done there is a good chance you'll never want to play again for a long time. Nothing really great to offer, minimal rewards and the same boring thing over and over again... Unless you enjoy the sounds of engine turbines... you probably won't want to replay this game much if at all.

Overall: 4/10

This game has a few good things to offer. Thing is, those few things are just a FEW... this game needs a lot more stuff to be enjoyed. Big trouble is that this game offers almost nothing unique to make you want to play.

Rent or Buy?

Well unless your a huge star wars fan I reccomend either Renting or just running away period. For a good racing game, check out Grand Turismo... for a good Star Wars game, Check out Rogue Leader or Bounty Hunter... sadly as much as I wanted this game to be... it is neither a good racing game or Star Wars game. But this is but one opinion... it is best to rent and decide for yourself.

Rating: 4

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