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Reviewed: 01/05/03 | Updated: 01/05/03

"The Fast and the Furious"

This_game_is_awesome. I have never seen such good gameplay, and wonderful graphics in a Star Wars game. I first saw this game at my friend's house. I borrowed it and I haven't returned it for two years. (Don't tell him that) I haven't really liked the other Star Wars games for the N64, because they were slow and boring at times. This game, though, is DEFINITELY not slow or boring. This game keeps you on the edge of your seat. I thought the movie was exciting, but playing is even better! Get ready for fast-paced pod racing!

You can either be Anakin Skywalker or the other aliens when you race. No real story. You just pod race the whole time! If you win, you can get money, and buy repairs for your pod, or buy new pod racers. After you beat a lot of races, you can even race where they did in the movie! Cool!

Outstanding graphics. Your pod racer looks stylish and looks like it's exactly out of the movie. All of the pod racers look different and unique. Some look very weird, others look perfect. The lands you race through have AMAZING details, and the backgrounds look incredible. If and when you crash, part of your racer falls apart, and sparks light up when you skid across a wall. I couldn't believe how much detail that your pod racers have. As I said before, the pod racers look EXACTLY out of the movie, and that's rare. I have to congratulate the developers for their magnificent job in the graphics department.

While racing, you hear the pod racers humming, and as they go faster, you can hear they hum louder and louder. The explosions when you crash sound very good as well. Exciting Star Wars music takes place as you race. On each lap you progress on, the music starts to go faster and more powerful. Your heart races as you try to complete the laps in once piece. The voice acting is pretty good, as well. When your racing, and you bump into the other racers, they yell at you, back and forth. It's funny, sometimes. The aliens speak their language, and Anakin yells back at them in English. When buying parts, the alien there that flies (I forgot his name) tries to sell you his parts, and says, ''Oh, that's a good one, huh? Nice, very nice.'' Also, when racing, the sound effects get very loud. If you're racing at very high speeds, and someone bumps into you, intentionally, you hit the wall, and gives out a big bang. If you're racer has taken too much damage, your racer starts to beep, and you could start repairing with the touch of a button! I felt like I was watching the movie all over again. I was having a great time.

Racing takes place in a bunch of different lands. Some very icy, and some very hot, like in deserts. You race against twelve other pod racers. All, both very mean and tricky, or just trying to win the race. While racing, Sebulba or some other racers try to bump you off course, and try to make you crash. At the start line, count down to three, while the light flashes, (Red.. Yellow.. Green) to make you shoot out of the start line into first. Did I mention you go very, very, very fast?? The top speeds are about seven hundred miles an hour! That means, you definitely have to slow down, while making turns, or else you'll spin out and crash. If you go way too fast, your engine starts to overheat, and if it goes faster, the pod racer will explode. Racing is hard, at times. You always want to have a good head start, or else the others will catch up to you, and will have a greater lead. I had trouble turning the most. You can't really slow down that fast, when going six hundred miles an hour, and you want to turn! If you pick a pod racer that is too big, then you're more likely to crash more often. I thought racing was very fun. It could never get boring. Racing through a ton of lands, trying to beat other fast pod racers, trying to keep hold of your racer, and winning big. I started sweating after each race... that's how intense it got!! It seemed the fun never could stop, and I didn't want it to.

-Replay Value-
Very high replay. You'll be playing this again and again. You'd keep wanting to advance, get more money, and even unlock secret pod racers! There's also secret lands that you can unlock for more gameplay! And if you really want to go fast, then do the time trials. They're not easy, so you have to really zoom. This is the most exciting Star Wars game in the series. Wonderful graphics, great sound, magnificent gameplay equals an INTENSE RACING GAME. Sure, maybe it doesn't have a real story, but are you going to stop playing for that? I don't think so!!

Buy_this_game. You'll have the most fun out of it. This is one of the best games for N64. Unlike the other Star Wars games, this has multiplayer. And you know what that means. More trickery, more crashing, and more FUN!! You'll have the time of your life playing it with your friends. So, take out that N64, and those three other controllers, and buy this game. You definitely will have a very enjoyable gaming experience! On your marks.. get set.. GO!!

Rating: 9

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