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Reviewed: 04/08/02 | Updated: 04/08/02

Come to the Dark Side...


To begin, I'd like to say, I LOVE Star Wars, !BUT! that is not why I like this game. I like this game for its individuality, it’s difference and itself.

The gameplay is good, because it's not one person in the same place all the time. It's not too easy and not too hard. I like it. I like the different characters, the different levels, the different planets. I LOVE difference and varying things. Unlike Banjo-Kazooie: you're the same old bear and bird all the time.

The replaying part isn't really my favourite. Mostly because if you've beaten the game, it's done. KABOOM, KABAZ, KASPLAT. Left with nothing. Even though you can try all over again to come first in every race. But, it's always the same way. You can't do it a different way, unlike Zelda.

The graphics are quite good actually (that is, for a N64 game.) In some parts it can be quite bad and in some places it's pure reality. The sounds are good, apart from the fact that there isn't any music until the last lap. There should be music in every lap, if you choose there to be. Plus, there's only one track, how cheap is that!?

The story isn't really... uh... um... well, there! You don't know what's happening, what you're racing for, where you are, why or how you exploded, who the heck is laughing at you when you do explode or whether this is just a dream. Plus there are no options (really.) Unlike Super Smash Bros., which goes to the limit, describing every character thoroughly, from their life to why they’re there.
It doesn't make it a bad game though, if you've seen Star Wars: Episode #1 - The Phantom Menace.

It's a good game in some areas, though not many 'beings' can figure out what the heck they are doing. I love it, on the other hand, as any other racing game fan would. These people go to the limit to provide access to everywhere in the track.

How come I'm last all the time? If I make one mistake I find myself in the twelfth position. Unless I'm on the second level, which is much too easy. The first level isn’t that hard, considering Sebulba not using his flash vents.

So I'd like to finish of by saying: May the force be with you.

Gameplay: 6/10
Replayability: 4/10
Audio/Visual: 6/10
Storyline: 2/10
Overall: 8/10

Rating: 8

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