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Reviewed: 02/24/02 | Updated: 02/24/02

May The Force Be With You

This is the first Star Wars racing game I've ever seen, it's completely based off of the Podracer scene from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Story: 2

Well DUH. Story: WIN A GALACTIC PODRACING CIRCUIT! Like most racing games, it's not played for its plot. want to win, because winning gets you money, and money gets you better parts for your Podracer. If you beat all the races and do well, you can race in the Boonta Eve Classic (the race on Tatooine from the movie.)

Gameplay: 10

OK, this is where it gets fun. You can pick a Podracer to pilot, there ae TONS of options, over 20 normal racers plus secret ones.

Depending on the setting, if you place in a race or win it, you get prize money. This money is best spent upgrading your Podracer, buying the best parts and the 3 Pit Droids. You also should buy the 3 Pit Droids so they can repair any damage you take.

Unlike the movie, both pods are controlled by one control stick (but there's a code to use 2 controllers, 1 for each pod.) You get the basics: accelerate, brake, maneuver. If you build up your power, you can use a booster, but this causes the engines to overheat if overused.

Once you unlock Sebulba, you get a weapon. Sebulba's Podracer is equipped with a flamethrower. This is the only racer with one (because he's a big cheater.)

You race in different circuits that span 8 worlds. You goal: win.

Graphics: 10

Great graphics. All the racers and courses look awesome. Great attention was paid to background and course details, as well as details of your Podracer and those of your opponents.

Music: 7

The music is OK, it gets more intense and urgent as you get into the 3rd lap of the race. The sound effects are really cool, the other racers and your own often yell things. In fact, one button can be used to taunt the other racers!

Replay: 10

There's time trials, along with the normal circuits. It's your typical racing game, Star Wars-style. Endless fun if you're into the genre.

There are also lots of hidden racers you can unlock. There are also some nifty codes you can use to unlock other racers, 2 controllers to pilot a Podracer (like 2 control sticks in the movie,) mirror tracks for all the courses, and even some hidden tracks.

Overall: 9

No story (but it's a racing game, what do you expect?) The gameplay is awesome, the graphics are phenomenal, there are tons of hidden racers to unlock. The music suits it, as do the sound effects. All in all, a top notch racer.

Rating: 9

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