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Reviewed: 02/10/02 | Updated: 02/10/02

Quite possibly the best racing game for your N64

First off let me say this, i really really liked Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and in my opinion that is the best star wars movie ever. This game is based around one famous scene in the movie. This was a good idea to choose this scene and try to make it in a game, and it turned out better than all the other star wars games.

Graphics: They capture the moment of the high speed boonta eve race in Episode I. You can actually go through that entire track, and man, i gotta say i was blown away, it was like i was in the movie. All the other tracks are done well, this is one of the game's high points.

Sound: The sound gets very annoying in this game, the characters chant something stupid when they pass you up, It gets annoying after a while.

Concept: The concept in this game is nothing new than Gran Turismo 3, you buy parts and upgrade your pod racer, you also unlock a series of racers, such as sebulba. The concept of this game is indeed remarkable. I was extremely happy to see Lucas do this.

Controls: The controls aren't as real to life as you think they would be, but your pods controls can be altered by buying certain parts, a good idea for a racing game, other game have it where the controls are the same throughout the entire game. This was a good step in making the game. Also the speeds in this game get redicously high, i'm talking into the thousands, where everything looks like a blur.

Replay Value: The replay value in this game is high, just like any other racing game. You will want to complete every track in this game and humiliate your friends. All in all, this game's replay value is magnificent.

Overall: Today you can buy this game for $10, which is the best bargain in the world, just imagine this, have Gran Turismo's suping up options, its cars, and put it in a star wars format, enough said, you have to buy his game if your a big fan of star wars and a fan of the gran turismo series. I truly think this is one of the greatest game for the N64.

Final Grade: This game deserves an 8, now your thinking, why in the heck fish here is giving this game an 8 and not a perfect, simply because of the annoying sound effects, and the difficulty is a little difficult on some stages. But trust me this game makes the pod racing scene in the movie just like that, you can live that awesome scene in this game over and over again, and not only that, but there are extras added in just to make you play it even more, in my opinion you should buy this game before the N64 dies out.

Rating: 8

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