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Reviewed: 11/14/01 | Updated: 11/14/01

A must for any Star Wars fan, and a should try for any racing fan

If you like Star Wars, you will like this game. It has a decent challenge, and replay value. There are lots of characters to choose from also. It might take a while to get used to the high speed and the cornering, but its fun to master. In the tournament mode you have to use your winning money to soup up your pod. It's best if you stick with one racer through the whole game, so you will be more practiced with that character.

Gameplay: 8/10

In between races, you can visit Watto's shop to buy upgraded parts to improve your pod's ability. Your pod has different ability measurements, like acceleration, turning, brakes, repair.., each affects you greatly in a tough race. The racing part of the game takes some time to get used to. Your pod is not usually touching the ground, doing so will slow it down. Once you get used to it, its very fun. The game has a tournament mode, a time trial mode, and a vs. mode. The tournament mode can also be played with 2 players on a split screen. This game is very challenging, and even after beating the tournament, with the time trial mode, there is always room to improve.

Play Control: 7/10

The options let you costomize the controls however you want. This game makes good use of all the buttons on the controller. There are things like boosts, brakes, leaning, view changing, repair, and all of these can be done quickly and easily while you are racing.

Graphics: 10/10

Of course it's nothing like in the movie, but very good for an N64 game. The characters look true to the movie (except Anakin, they made him look older for some reason), the tracks are very detailed, but not so much that it affects the frame rate. If you care about graphics, you wont want to play this game without the expansion pak. (ugh, I cant imagine how bad that would be)

Sound: 10/10

The sound in this game is... perfect. That's the only word I can think of to describe it. It has real voices from the movie, and some original music.

Satisfaction: 7/10

It can get addicting at times, like when you are stuck on a track on the tournament and you try over and over to beat it. It feels great when you finally do beat the tournament, on top of that you get to play as Sebulba. With the time trial mode, it will almost never get boring. You can just keep improving until you can beat the tournament mode all the way through without ever retrying a course. And you can beat the tracks with every character to see which one is the best for you. If your thinking of buying or renting this game, you should rent it.


The best parts of this game are the graphics and sound, they were done very well. The feel of the speed isn't anything like in the movie, but if it were it would be almost impossible to control your cornering. I suggest this to anyone who likes the movie.

Rating: 8

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