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Reviewed: 10/08/01 | Updated: 10/08/01

Zooms past all other racers...but is that such a good thing?

The gameplay is fast, the environment it cool, but does this really make such a great racing game?

Story 1/10: There is no story. You race for money and to gain more races. The score wont hurt the overall score though.

Control 9/10: Well the control in-game depends on your turning. But the tracks give you just enough time to think going around turns since it goes so fast. While going fast enough a green light will appear near you speedometer. When it does this you can hold forward on the control stick and when the light reaches yellow you can tap A and get a super boost. Now that is fast...But it's terribly hard to control.

Sound 8/10: After 24 reviews I summed this up as ''sound'' rather than music or music/SFX. Ok enough rambling. The music in this game is very quiet in the game but on the last lap it kicks up. It seems to be annoying music any ways so I don't mind. The SFXs are what stands out in the game. Basically all you hear in races are the engines and threats in alien toung toward you when you pass or hit someone. When you finish the race you are greeted by what sounds like a singing, drunk alien. Every SFX in this game is great.

Graphics 8/10: Probably some of the best, smooth, and flowing graphics I have ever seen on the 64. The only thing bad is in the game there is either fog or plants that might get in your way for vision. Now some plants are there to mess you up but that's not a nice thing to do is it?!

Gameplay 7/10: From playing Xtreme-G I find this game better. But the dumbest thing is the money system. You get money to upgrade a pod but you cant go back to races and get more money from that if you already got 1st! This means you basically have to play as one racer through the whole game to soup it up. This game is just a fast racer. It is intense but when you get to later races it almost seems impossible. I'm still stuck on two of some of the last races. The game has an array cast of racers and it's great.

Replay 10/10: It's a racing game so it has great replay. Especially with the amount of races.

Buy/Rent: Rent, it's not the best racer and I'd rather stick with Mario Karts.

Overall 7/10: Being a so-so racer with Star Wars skins is pretty cool but it can get kind of old and frustrating after a while, especially when you get stuck on an impossible track.

Rating: 7

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