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Reviewed: 04/11/07

One of the Better Star Wars Games to Date

INTRO: The Phantom Menace was a big special effects heavy blockbuster film. The typical knee jerk reaction of a game to such a thing is a half-baked “movie of the game” that waters down the plot and inserts illogical events into the game to make a cashcow. But instead with Star Wars Episode One: Racer Lucasarts takes the 10 best minutes of the movie and made it into a game. Sounds like an even worse idea almost right? Well actually it turns out those ten minutes turn into a really cool game concept. SW: Racer is a great game in concept and execution, all the while being one of the best showcases of the N64 power.

GRAPHICS: Racer really is one of the best looking games on this console. All environments are lively and full of color. The amount of detail in them really is spectacular. The pod racers themselves look outstanding as well, with all the great detail too. The special effects looked like they were almost pulled from the movie. And the sense of speed this game achieves is unlike anything else a game has been able to translate before. Your pods go 600 mph and really does feel like it too. Overall Racer is one of the top 5 best looking games for the N64

SOUND: It’s Star Wars! Of course the sound is amazing, even though the track is playing off a cartridge the clarity is really impressive and rivals some of even PSX games. The pod racers sound brilliant and really gives the game an immersive touch. The music of course is classic. The only bad part is some of the one liners, especially Anakins, are absolutely cheesy and do get annoying.

CONTROLS: Overall Racer has pretty basic control. But this turns out to be a good thing. Because of the straight forward controls turn out to be really intuitive.

GAMEPLAY: Basically in Racer you control one of the pod racers from the new star wars movie, Phantom Menace. Unlike other futuristic racers though this game is really fun. You really can believe and feel the sense of speed that game presents. The game plays like any other racer but extremely fast. There are parts you can buy to increase your performance for the pod, which they do make a significant difference. There is even other pods that you can buy or swap into. Initially when you choose your first pod a character from the movie comes with it. The creators did a nice job of giving these characters enough personality who had only a brief cameo in the movie. Some characters can throw wrenches which damage your. The good thing is you have an on screen display of your pod which you can repare in real time in midst of a race. If you don’t you most likely crash and burn losing the race.

BOTTOM LINE: If you like racing games or star wars games than this game is certainly a decent purchase. Star Wars Racer is one of the extreme games to date in terms of sense of speed. Not to mention it is simply one of the best looking games ever to be released in this generation of video games. And its certainly the best of its kind.

Rating: 8

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