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Reviewed: 08/11/00 | Updated: 08/11/00

Lucas Arts delivers a very average game for the N64.

Lucas Arts needs to learn how to make good games for their good franchises such as Star Wars. This game barely manages to stay afloat. A lot of things needed to be polished up. On to the scores...

Graphics: 5/10
Dull, bland, boring. These words describe the tracks and the colors of the game. They're just too plain. Nothing flashy. Plus, they get a little blurry and unclear because you are going so fast. You can barely make out what everything is because of the dull colors. Also, there is not a lot of detail. Everything is so simple. Lucas Arts just drew some podracers, put some colors in it, and put it in a course. Barely any detail was used! It is average, but there's a whole lot of room for improvement.

Sound: 3/10
I could barely hear the music. It was muffled out by the really loud and annoying engine noises. Lucas Arts might as well not put any music. Not that the music is good anyway. The music is very annoying. All you can hear for the sound effects is your annoying podracer's engine and the stupid taunts the other people give you when they pass by. It sounds like junk!

Ingenuity: 7/10
Racing games: the most overdone genre of the N64. Even more overdone than platformers, and you know how many of them there are! It would be nice if Lucas Arts was kind, and added a lot of extra ideas to break away from other plain racers, but no! Lucas Arts just throws mostly the same stuff at us, with a couple of new ideas. The Star Wars name and being a podracer. Having a repair mode when your ship is damage in a race is wonderful. Having your player's abilities drained slowly after rough races is another novel idea never done! And don't forget how you get new characters/players once you defeat them in their home level! Though these are few and limited, they are amazingly novel and interesting!

Gameplay: 6/10
This game is fun for a while, but then, it just gets too boring. A main problem is control. On the courses, you usually just bump back and forth between the sides. The control is too loose. Even if you've upgraded your player to be perfect, you still have a control problem. Also, the courses are badly designed. The shortcuts are way too obvious, and most places are so narrow, it's impossible to get through without dying. And dying is another problem. If you have too much damage, have a head-on collision with a wall, or fall down a cliff, you die, and start from where you were before you died. Now, when you're trying to get past a huge cliff, you can imagine how frustrating it is. The only way you can get past without dying is to be lucky and have an oppurtunity for a boost. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen a lot. So you die 2 or 3 times before the game finally lets you start on the next platform. What's good about it? Racing, for a while, is great fun. And trying to find the real shortcuts to outwit your opponents is fun, too. I also like the few new ideas this game has. Even though they're limited, they're interesting. But I haven't said the best part: the speed and intensity of this game! This game is amazingly fast! You usually stay around 400 mph. And that's pretty slow in this game. That boosts the score!

Replayability: 5/10
It's great fun to master all the levels and shortcuts and then beat up all your friends who think they're so good at this game. The levels are more suitable for this kind of match! Most of the time, you'll find yourself neck to neck with your opponent. I like it! But there are problems. The courses aren't that amazing and don't offer much after one or two plays in multiplayer. Also, it's only two players! What's up with that, Lucas Arts? We want a four player game! Then, after about at most around 10 tries, you realize the game is kind of boring. There's not much to offer. Most shortcuts are easily found. It's not as addicting as say, Super Smash Bros. or Goldeneye. But it's nice for a couple of tries.

The Final Word: This game is an average game. It's short and doesn't have too much new to offer. I would give this game a try, but I would not buy it. Maybe rent it, practice some levels, and then invite some friends over. Play a couple of rounds and return it the next day. It's not long-lasting, but it's worth a try.

Final Score (an average): 5.2

Rating: 5

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