Review by napster

Reviewed: 12/10/03

......I'm Speechless because this game is so awful....

Okay now let me say this. I am a Nintendo freak. I am the one who runs out and gets all the new stuff that comes out. Well that's what happened with this game. But hey! I got the Rumble Pack! What happened was my best friend said ''let's play this game! We haven't played this in a long time!'' So me being me I just popped the game into my console and saw the awful graphics, the awful sound and almost everything was awful. The game isn't even challenging. Me and my friend grew very bored with this game since every stage in the multiplayer mode was boring and repetitive. Needless to say I haven't played a Star Fox game since then. I don't even like the game for Gamecube even at first glance. Man what did they go wrong with all the Star Fox games past the Super Nintendo days! Now onto the review..

Gameplay: Awful simply awful. Your ship flies around like a broken one and your fellow partners are very dumb. Peppy is supposed to be the smart one who tells you about the enemies and he usually tells you about them while they're shooting at you so he's pretty useless. Falco is supposed to be the tough guy but he's always whining for you to help him with something. Slippy is just dumb if you ask me. Sure she handles most of the technical stuff but pretty much she's dumb. I almost hate her because she sends you to the area where you have to use the tank which is hard since the tank is so hard to manuever around obstacles. You have three different sources of transportation. The first one is your ship which flies around like a broken pogo stick but is still the best transportation available in this game. The second vehicle is the tank which is the worst in the game since it's hard to hit stuff (I mean c'mon I thought tanks were supposed to be the bomb!) I was real angry when I had to fight a boss who had tentacles coming from out of the ground and my tank moving around like it was running out of gas. The last vehicle would be the submarine. I don't even have to say what this thing is like. It's just like the ship except underwater and moving slower. It also has flash bombs that lets you see what's up ahead. On the plus side, the game does have some pretty cool bosses but the cons pretty much outweigh the game.

Story: You are Fox McCloud who is a pilot for Corneria in the Lylat system. Andross (a mad scientist) was banned from the Lylat system because his expiriments were becoming way too deadly. Later on James McCloud (Fox's dad) is sent to Venom along with his sidekick Piggy. Piggy betrays James and gets him locked away and eventually killed. Now it's up to Fox to stop Andross's evil reign of terror. Coming along with him is Slippy the frog, Peppy the hippopotamous and Falco the falcon. Fox is the leader, Peppy is the brains, Slippy handles the technical stuff and Falco is the tough guy. That's basically it.

Graphics: The graphics are so-so for an Nintendo 64 game but I think they could've been better. That's just me though. Everything looks to polygonaly and stuff for me and it made me want to puke. The characters mouths move to fast for them to be saying the words which was really bothersome. The bosses were kind of cool but got boring after awhile since they had the same approach toward you they just used different weapons and looked different which made them easy. The backgrounds looked kind of flat but I did like when I was in space. Everything looked so real it was outstanding.

Sound: One word: Awful. I've heard better music in a Pokemon game. I know that's harsh but yes that's what I think. The game's music gave me a headache.

Replay Value: The game has hardly any replay value since I beat the whole thing within an hour and then the following hour and a half I had all the secrets for the multiplayer mode which wasn't really anything special. In a short word the game is awful.

Final Verdict: Like I said before this game is awful. If you want a good game for Nintendo 64 pick up Paper Mario or Goldeneye or even Perfect Dark. Some of the Mario Party games are okay but that's another review. In a final word heed my last warning: STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME AT ALL COSTS OR YOU WILL BE SORRY. THIS GAME IS SO AWFUL THAT IT WILL GIVE YOU A HEADACHE IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. I hope you take my advice.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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