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Reviewed: 11/29/02 | Updated: 11/29/02

This game is probably the most overused in my entire N64 collection. A great game!

Lots of people claim that this game is really short and that they can beat it in a day. Many others say that the number of moves that starfox can do is measly. These people have not recognized the depth of this game. Starfox 64 is probably one of the best shooting games for N64 (though you fly in an airplane).

I was a serious starfox player. When starfox on SNES came out, i didnt react strongly, but after playing it a few times, I loved it so much that I began to open the locked doors of my parent's room with screwdrivers just to play it. When Starfox 64 came out, I was equally determined to get it, whatever the cost. It wasn't as good as I had anticipated (remember that I had very high expectations for this series), however, it was good enough to keep me playing for a long time.

In this game, you basically play in an airplane and shoot down enemy craft. There are 2 basic weapons, one is a laser (that can be upgraded twice, so there’s 3 different types of laser, from “single laser” to “hyper laser”), and can be used an infinite number of times. The other is a bomb that is limited, but can be obtained in the levels. Some maps are free range, which means that you can fly anywhere in a given area (you cannot leave the area), the other, you simply fly through and survive. There are around 20 courses in the game, starting at the planet Cornaria and ending with the planet Venom, but you can take different paths depending on how well you play. In each map, there are large numbers of enemies that you have to shoot down, and in each level there are boss(es) that are usually behemoths that are only vulnerable in a small location (you have to fire at a certain area to kill the boss). Most bosses are multi-stage, which takes from 2 to 5 minutes to beat. And also, there are a few levels in which you are in a submarine or tank, and this spices up the game.
Those who claim that they can beat this game very quickly are wrong. In each level, you have to get a metal (award) for killing a set amount of units (bosses give 11 points total, and killing larger units give you more then 1 point). After getting a metal on every planet, a whole different mode appears. So this game is not merely as shallow as some people claim it to be.
And also, there is multiplayer that can keep you playing, ever after you beat the single player.

The graphics are very well done, and the 3D effects are authentic. Some say that the game is infested with polygons, and my rebuttal is that the small numbers of polygons DO NOT affect the gameplay. In fact, you would hardly notice them. You would be surprised, however, not because the graphics have polygons, but how the polygons help the game. After playing this game, nearly everyone agrees that the graphics are very appreciable.

Sound/Sound effects:10/10
Rich, creamy, and complete are the three words that can most succinctly describe the music. In almost every stage the music is different, and the victories and defeat music are very realistic. The sound of the explosions are also appreciable. Voices of the characters reflected their supposedly personalities. The background music was also well done. It stimulated the game by quite a bit. For example, in the course at aquas (all covered by water), the music makes you feel as if you are ACTUALLY underwater.

Though its impossible to beat this game that soon (you might be able to beat the game by traveling through the easiest courses, but never reach the harder planets), this game can be beaten in less time than some of the other ones. Multiplayer will add to the value, but the multiplayer’s not even close to the best part of the game.

I liked this game, and I have played it for years (maybe at least an hour a week average, I don’t play as much now), and I’m still not bored. This game IS good.

A very good game overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this, considering that’s its so cheap now.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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