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Reviewed: 07/08/02 | Updated: 07/08/02

One of my first N64 games, and still one of my favorites

Star Fox, ahhh the memories. All in all one of my most favorite and most memorable games out there. A game with a simple goal, as most games have, save the world from your typical evil ruler type, blah blah blah, right. Easy game at first until you open up the expert difficulty which provides a slight more in the difficulty field. However, enough introduction onto the actual review.

Story 5/10
The baddie from the first Star Fox, Andross, is back. Even though you thought he was banished to Venom, he somehow survived and took control of the planet. Yada yada yada, end result is to save the world. Nothing super, but nothing that will make you puke if you think about it. Pretty average story in my opinion, so by the powers invested in me, it gets a 5.

Gameplay 10/10
One of the shining points in this game. Two types of stages. You got your controlled stages where you can only control two depths of movement of your plane (with the exception of the somersault). This is where most of the action occurs through the ''normal stages.'' You fight some bosses this way that are for the most part rather simple, and go through a good portion of the game this way. The camera is dead behind you, so you get to see the back of your ship and also you can see where you are going to shoot by a type of cross hair projecting from your ship. There is also 2 stages where you trade in your ship for a tank, and in a different stage a submarine as well. You keep this view in the other vehicles as well. Then you have your free range stages, where you control your Arwing entirely. These type stages are like your fight in the sky(space) dogfights. These stages are a little more fun because you have total control.
Enemy ships attack you in many forms possible coming at your ship firing many types of different attacks. Most attacks can be shook off by doing a barrel roll, creating a shield around you, or you can just do it the old fashioned way and dodge the attacks. You obviously shoot back at the ships, unless of course you want to die. Now you don't go through all the planets alone, you have your star fox team to back you up. You have your comrades watching your back or getting in to trouble begging you for help and your main ship launching you powerups. All in all its a fun concept that I love to play.

Controls 10/10
Responsive controls that are easy to learn. Go to the games tutorial to learn everything. I have no problems with the controls as they should present no problems.

Audio 9/10
Great sound effects, music, and voice acting. The fx are what I think intergalactic battle should sound like. The music is pretty good, and thats coming from a guy that doesn't listen to any game music. And the voice acting, phenomenal, except for when you play the game like 95 times and you know all the lines. Then it gets a little old and annoying.

Difficulty 6/10
Not that hard of a game at all. It might be a little tough to get everything done at first but once you really get the hang of the game its a breeze. Once you unlock expert mode the game ramps up in difficulty a little bit until you get the hang of that mode then once again it isn't that tough. Nothing to pull your hair out for.

Replay Value10/10
When you destroy an enemy on a stage you get a hit count. Kill one guy get one, kill 150 get 150. Each stage has a set number of hits in order to get a medal. Unlock all the medals get the expert mode and other good stuff. Then you can get the medals on expert mode. A bunch of stuff to do that should keep you occupied for a little while.

Rent or buy?
Buy without a doubt. Probably cheap now a days, and you shouldn't be disappointed. Worst comes to worse, you can always use it as a coaster, door stopper, or just something to hit when you get angry. It could be your pets new chew toy, or that much needed object to balance out your crooked kitchen table. All in all a versitaile tool even if not used as a video game, but as a video game, a must play.

Extra credit
A worthy note should be the games graphics. I feel they were pretty good for the time that they came out, and are still pretty decent. Gets a chocolate chip cookie in my book.

Final Statement
Damn fun game that should be played by all a gamer. What are you waiting for, stop reading this pathetic review and go out and play the game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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