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Reviewed: 02/18/02 | Updated: 02/18/02

Well I used to hate space shooting games until this.

As from my other reviews, I prefer Nintendo Action Mario games, mostly rpgs, strategy, and mainly other products by Nintendo etc ... so, three years ago I decided to buy a game that had been out for a while, that was called ''Star Fox 64''.

At first, I went into the mode that they call ''Training Mode'', where a Robot named ''Rob64'', who will help you throughout your training session, speaks to you from radio transmission into your space ship *Known as the Arwing*.

Rob explains to you the basics of how to fly your ship, the moves, how to use the controller and all the buttons and learn keys of how to be a great pilot.

Along with Rob64 helping you, a maintence bear type of animal tells you how to move your Arwing when you are approaching the certain course and or obstacle.

In the Main game, you play the young pilot named Fox Mcloud, son of the deceased James Mcloud, who we killed by the evil mastermind professor Andross, who has tried to take over the Lylat system. But in history, James Mcloud and Peppy Hare have stopped him... but recently James had just died, and Peppy barely escaped to Corneria to explain to Fox about his father's death.

Now Fox, Peppy, Falco, and Slippy, all together as a true team, must defeat the evil forces of Andross... and defeat the evil mind himself!

Graphics: 86%
Words: Very nice, I mean technically I believe they could have shown Fox, Falco, Peppy, and Slippy's bodies a little more like there should have been more scenarios like the multiplayer mode where you could be Fox on the ground in the MAIN game scenarios and shoot bad guys and such, oh well, but incredible graphics I will admit.

Sound: 73%
Words: The sound was one of the least amount of % earned, because it really sounded annoying at times when laser shots did not even sound like lasers, and eventually it was annoying always hearing your boss enemy speak to you when you are trying to figure him out and trying to kill him!

Replay: 32%
Words: Well this is the least of % earned. After you beat this game, you will want to take QUITE a break from this game...

Gameplay: 97%
Words: Thing is, the Gameplay was so cool and nice how you could move your Arwing so quickly and nicely, and the lasers shot fast and the life meter bar could be strengthed by Gold rings and recovered by Silver rings!

Story: 44%
Words: Okay story... okay story.

Characters: 76%
Words: Animal people in ships...! Interesting, and to me, I believed it was very good to do it that way instead of humans always flying the ships!

Final Words: Well this is a great game to have for your Nintendo 64 without a doubt, worth buying and worth having. The greatest space shooter game Nintendo ever made for the Nintendo 64!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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