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Reviewed: 08/27/01 | Updated: 07/15/03

Fox is the star now!

One of the early N64 games is one of the best of the whole system. This is the best early game out and this whole review proves it....SNES StarFox fans will want there hands on this.

Excellent Graphics. There are no glitches really and the graphics of this game still seem to be one of the best on the N64. Characters all look good and level backgrounds are amazingly impressive. Lasers look cool, too. And those explosions, the best part of the graphics. You defeat a boss, and it makes a huge explosion. It won't look real, but who cares? If you want an explosion to look real, shoot regular enemies down!

Easy, if not Perfect. You can probably guess and still get it right. A is too shoot and if you hold A, you get a charged up laser. B is to shoot bombs, which make a really big explosion killing everything except you. You can press up C, to get a real life like view of what it really feels like of flying the Arwing and with the Rumble Pak, its even better. There are some other more advanced control techniques and Peppy, your teammate, will tell you them as you progress.

Just Perfect again. The music isn't too kiddy and not too adultish so its just right. None of the music repeats itself, which is good except for boss fights, which that music is pretty good. The only music that can be improved would be the Asteriod level music, which can be too slow. The sound is better than perfect. Explosions from your bombs and boss's ships sound too cool to be bashed and the sound of shooting down the smaller ships just makes the game better. The best part of the sound it what the SNES version never had, talking characters! Fox, Falco, Peppy, and everyone else but Slippy sound good. Peppy tells you moves you can do, Slippy analizes a life meter for bosses, and Falco can open up new paths for you. Why is Slippy annoying? He(yes its a he) can annoy you by saying ''Help Me'' too much.

This games got multiplayer and believe it or not, its probably the best around the time it came out. Theres 3 modes. Battle Royal is just your average kill the other person thing to win. Point Match is when you have to kill your oponent up to 5 times. Time Trial, the most replayable, when you shoot other ships down to gain points and when its over, you compare scores. A cool thing about the multiplayer is the ability to get items. Smart Bombs and Double Lasers are very useful. The only problem is that if you play with 2 people, its like playing with 4 people. Thats not a problem if you play with 3-4 people regularly, though. You can play as a tank, arwing, and person. 2 of these are not unlocked yet

An original story about StarFox and his partners saving the Lylat system against this guy with a big head named Androth. Also helping you is the Corneria Army.

The 1 player mode is excellent. Theres actually 3 different paths you can take. Depending how well you do on a certain level by how well you complete a certain part of a level. Medals are given out if none of your 3 guys died and you passed the Venomian kill score. There are about 15 levels. If you get a medal on all, Expert mode opens up. Its only for experts though. A cool thing is that you can kill your own guys. This game isnt very hard to just plain beat. Getting medals and beating expert mode is though.

After you beat the game, your score is placed. Play again and try to beat that score. Its fun. Multiplayer is also good, too. One more, thing, try to get all levels found...

Buy or Rent?
Buy now! It looks like a rental but it isnt. Its worth a buy!

Not an average!
best early game for the N64!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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