Review by Jdude84

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 09/29/01

Your average space shooter....with a few extra additions.

When starfox 64 came out, i was expecting it to be as hard as the original, with better graphics, sound, and more features. Unfortunatly, this game only has 3 of the 4, it seems the developers forgot to make this game challenging. This game is actually EASIER than the original, so easy that it almost wrecks the game. The medals are too easy to get, the bosses are too easy, and the enimies aren't worthy to be on ANY system! There are 15 levels, all different, but they all share the same common thing, way too easy, the features on the levels are cool though. Buildings fall, space junk floats around, and what's this? The characters now speak english?!?!? The multiplayer game, and the extra mode really saves this game. Multiplayer is great, you and 3 freinds can play as an ARWING, Landmaster, or on foot with a bazooka! This game is pretty fun to own, but don't be expecting much of a challenge.

Graphics - 10
Well...the graphics are great! The levels in outerspace look REALLY good especially, the ships are well designed, and the bosses look pretty well too!

SoundMusic - 10
The characters actually talk, what a treat! opposed to the prequel, where they spoke jibberish, and the music is pretty good too!

Gameplay - 7
Like i said, the levels are fun, unique, and nice to play, but the game is just TOO EASY! This is a pretty good beginners game.

Replay Value - 7
Not much replay except for the multiplayer, and maybe getting all the medals, this game really is all about the multiplayer mode.

Overall - 8
This is a pretty good game overall, and the multiplayer is fun too, if you have an extra $40, buy this game today.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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