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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 09/29/01

Not as good as everybody believes it is...........

Many people will hate me for saying it, but StarFox 64 is not asgood a game as most people think. However, that will be elaboratedon later in the review. First, the premise: you are once againFox McCloud, and you're once again the main pilot trying to savethe galaxy. You are joined by teammates Falco, Flippy and Peppy,who assist you in each level but who need your protectionthemselves. There are different paths to choose in the game, andeach one leads to a final battle with Andross. Your weapons includeyour regular guns, a limited number of bombs and several specialitems. Your ship can perform several maneuvers such as U Turnsand barrel rolls, and you would be wise to learn them. Each of thegame's huge bosses has a weak point, and it flashes constantly soyou'll know what it is. This is a one player game in the regularmode, and up to four players can compete in the multiplayer mode.

Graphics: 8/10

Well done. Bright and sharp. The bosses are very large, and moverealistically. What you would expect from a Nintendo 64 game.

Sound: 9/10

Lots of voice and great music. Some of the best the N64 has to offer.The music is varied and the sound effects are well done.

Gameplay: 5/10

I still don't like those "invisible walls" on each side of thescreen that prevent you from moving too far to either side. Theproblem I have with this game is that the whole thing is too linear;in each level your ship is led on a tight path that you have nochoice but to follow. On top of that, the game isn't very long anyway. Most players can finish it on the easiest mode in a day.To its credit, the game does have some interesting levels. The control is well done and the variety of moves available to you isgood as well. The idea of protecting and being protected by yourpartners is a good concept.

Replay: 7/10

The game has several paths to choose, and there are challenges ineach level for you to beat, such as finishing it in a certain periodof time or killing a certain number of enemies. The multiplayermode also adds life.

Overall: 6/10

Being too limited in its design brings this game down. I was hoping,after playing the original StarFox, that more freedom would be allowedin this game. Unfortunately I was wrong. Having said that, if youliked StarFox for SNES than you'll like this too. The graphics andsound are also top notch, so maybe this game is worth a look. Irecommend a rental, but I don't recommend you buy it.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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