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Reviewed: 05/25/01 | Updated: 07/31/03

Fox in Space!


StarFox 64. The sequel to the ever so popular ''StarFox'' for the Super NES. This game is a flying simulation that has you flying in an Arwing. A special spacecraft that I guess is from the future. The name ''StarFox'' most likely comes from the fact that you play as Fox Mc Cloud who is infact a fox. He flys his Arwing to other polanets and completes missions, some of these missions take place in outer space, where there are stars, get the idea yet? You will...

Story: 8/10

Fox and his crew have found a new job, they must destroy Andross, an evil person who is bent on conquering the universe. As fox, you make your way from planet to planet, trying to get to Andross. It is much more difficult than you think. There are lots of different ways to get there, the way that YOU go depends on what you do in the mission.

Graphics: 8/10

Smooth, Crisp Graphics. Some of the bosses do look rather choppy, but it isn't a big deal, you can make out all the details on the ship and the surroundings. It isn't a real stunner, considering it came out in the 1st generation of N64 titles.

Sound: 9/10

Wonderful sound, voice acting, and perfect sound effects, well almost perfect, it IS a cartridge after all... If the characters mouths could be slowed down, ALOT, then I guess it could be considered lip synching, but since they're going up and down a million times a second, I only consider that there is speech in the game. No text. Even in the mid-mission, one of your crew members may call for help. This is your cue to get a move on and help out.

Gameplay: 10/10

When have you ever seen a nintendo game with really bad gameplay? There isn't too many. This one is great though everything is sooo easy to pull off. A single button to bank left of right, a couple of taps to do a barrel roll, and the analog stick to control where exactly it is you're going. The only thing that i don't like is that the screen keeps moving forward, which means no circling around to get items you may have missed. The only time you get to go in a ''3-D environment, is when you face bosses, or a few select missions.


Now here is where you want me to tell you whether or not to buy this game. That's not what I'm going to do. It's your choice, if you like flying/adventure games, then this game will probaly appeal more to you, if you on't, then this might not be the game for you, but you could always try it out and see if it changes your mind.

Overall, this game gets a 9/10 This is NOT an average from the scores, it is just what o thought it deserved. It is a great game and I hope to see a sequel for it sometime.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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