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Reviewed: 10/31/17

Lylat Wars 64 Do A Barrel Roll!

My Introduction - Welcome, welcome!
To yet another one of my ranting, annoying and slightly unhinged reviews. This time around we'll be jumping into our Arwing and trying desperately not to shoot Slip in the backside accidentally (on purpose). This game was one of my 'gateway' titles for getting into the old Nintendo 64, along with Mario 64 and the Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. I loved this game and played the life out of it, to the point that I had top bodge some of the circuits inside the cartridge back together. Each and every save did have me going postal and chasing do Slip at least once just to get rid of the annoying half-wit toad. Anyhow let me give you some background, back in 1997 I was actually gifted this game without a box from someone flogging all of their consoles for money to move out of their parents home. Seeing as he had no box he said I could have it or he'd throw it in the bin. Even now I have some golden memories of screaming at my TV, going bright red with rage and chasing that damn toad down.

Battling Andros -
The game play for Lylat Wars was pretty much a 3D arcade style Sci-fi shoot 'em up in a jet!
Taking your Arwing into battle against thousands of ships from all angles while having your own team bungling around was quite a lot of fun. Pearls of wisdom from Peppy, stoic responses from Falco and Slippy just 'dinking' around into my cross hairs brings back so many good memories of this games it still makes me smile to myself. The overall play style is very heavy on the arcade feel, with barrage after barrage of enemies to take down and plough through all the while barrel rolling furiously and occasionally making some delicious seared toad legs. With a simple arsenal of the Arwing and Land Master the player got to experience space combat and ground battles first hand a real innovation at the time. Colourful and addictive to play this game did rather well in keeping many a gamer glued to their TV screens. I always liked the way that this game could be dropped and picked up again with little to no issues aside from re-mastering the controls all over again.

Up, Down, Left, Right That’s All You Need -
The simple physics for Lylat Wars were all new and remade on order of Shigeru Miyamoto himself and were quite ground breaking as the Arwing would do far more than that on the previous NES system. With a series of manoeuvres the player had far more options for dodging and out piloting the CPU opponents. The astral object and debris engine was consistent and pretty good as was the general flight and motion one. The way in which the bombs and Super Laser moved were pretty good for the time and tracked the players desired direction very well giving that tracking engines and programming was still relatively new. Oh and have I mentioned that Toads Legs go great with a sweet mint sauce anyway I digress, back to the review!

Look At Them Polygons Go! -
The graphics for Lylat Wars are the same as those that became synonymous with the Nintendo 64. The use of rough shapes and polygons had been hand in hand with the N64 at its release and all throughout its history. This title was no different but I still think the quality was very good for a cartridge based game. Lasers and weapon effects look the part and don’t easily mesh into one with no distinction. The Arwing looks like a star fighter from most other games of the same genre, while the Land Master looks like a miniature tank just as it should. Explosions and particles were rendered well in the same style and there really isn't anything to fault giving age and cartridge limitations some consideration. A fun fact for you Shigeru Miyamoto was a fan of the English puppet TV show Thunderbirds, that is why the characters heads flap and bobble around while talking!

Watch Out Fox! -
Most of the game play relied heavily upon a reasonable A.I to combat the player. I do believe that at times it was a little easy to push off and fend against. While I also believe that if the player endlessly did barrel roll after barrel roll they could scrape through a level even if that meant Fox's butt would be hanging out of the bottom of the ship. However I still think it is safe to say that this game was no cake walk. There was always a challenge enough to keep casual and more dedicated gamers focused enough to see things right through. During the late game things began to punish any mistake and the final Boss fight was pretty intense, no matter how you looked at it. Them Toads Legs though!

My Final Warbling -
I have to say that in the greatest of fairness I am somewhat bias towards this game and while I enjoyed it very much. I know that there were a great many gamers that thought of this title as pretty poor. I also have to say that I understand there are some that simply don't care for Nintendo as I do. So to look at this game from their point of view, I do understand that a good few PlayStation games had more to offer. I'd still recommend this game to fans of arcade and Sci-fi space shooters in general though.

3.5 – Good!

Leonardo A.K.A Spiceworm

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Lylat Wars (EU, 10/20/97)

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