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Reviewed: 03/15/01 | Updated: 03/15/01

A great game with some flaws.

I remember that day in 1997 when I recieved this game as a birthday present, how happy I was. I recieved Star Fox, one of the greatest space shooters games ever made. The game is great, the action is constant, the majority of the sound is fine, and the game also sports good Graphics. Overall very memorable, even by todays standards it is pretty great. Read on to learn the overall quality of this game.

Graphics 7.8/10
No, they are not perfect but they look good in there own little way. The backgrounds of every level are pretty detailed, resembling a real world. I especially like the space backgrounds in the Asteroid Field level, as you progressed through the level, the planet you are flying to gets much closer. The ships in the game kinda stink, just slight improvements over the SNES one. The characters when you see them (The only time you see them is in the ending) look terrible, and an embarrasement to even games that came out before the game was released. Explosion effects are a mixed bag. Normal Lasers and Bombs look really cool and detailed, but a huge explosion such as when you defeat a boss, is plain terrible. All that happens is a huge orange sphere appears plus some Sound Effects. Overall the Graphics are above average.

Story 6/10
For no explained reason, some guy named Andross desides to take over the Lylat system. He sends a HUGE army out to destroy your home planet, Corneria, and the army fails to defend the planet so they send out Star Fox to destroy Andross.

Sound 8/10
The Sound in this game was pretty good. First I'll talk about the Sound Effects. They sound a little too cartoony, but fit the mood well. I especially liked Laser sounds. The Music is really good, it Sounds ''spacey'' and very futuristic. This fits the game really well. Overall the Sound fits in really well with this game, and probably fits well in other Space Shooters.

Gameplay 9.1/10
Basiclly you fly in Space like in the SNES version and shoot at anything that moves, with the exeption of your team members. First you can only shoot a normal laser, but that can be upgrated to a double laser with an item, which can be upgraded to a Hyper Laser. You can also fire Bombs, but they are limited. One of the unique parts of the game is the team member system. Basicly you can protect members from being killed, and in turn they will occasionally try to protect you. Usually at the very end of most levels, you will have to fight a boss, which is always dissapointingly easy. This is the worst part of the game. The first boss is actually harder than the last boss. That perfectly tells you about the challenge in the game. But one of the strong points is the fact that the story will progress diffrently. For instance, in one level you have to beat the level in a certain amount of time, and if you win, you will go to one level, and if you lose you will go to a other level. The game also has two diffrent endings. The game also has a multiplayer mode, although it is horrible. All that happens is you can barely see, and nothing happens at all in five minutes. Not a good way to start a party. If you are looking for a good party game, get Goldeneye instead. Overall this is a fun game.

Challenge 5/10
Sadly, there is very little challenge. Bad Nintendo.

Replay Value 8/10
Most gamers will play it again just because they want to expeirince the game again, thats what I did.

Buy or Rent?
Right now old Nintendo 64 games are really cheap, so the next time you come across this, buy it.

Overall 8.4/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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