Review by Mariofan0

Reviewed: 03/02/09

A Blast From Nintendo's Past

It was a blast playing this game years ago and is still a blast even today on the Wii. It is probably the best "Star Fox" game in existence. Even "Star Fox Command" cant compete.

Probably the most entertaining feature of the game was the voices. I love it when the other characters say something like "Never Give Up Trust You Instincts" Or "Whats The Big Idea Fox" Nintendo was going somewhere when the added the voices of these characters to the game to go along with the text that appeared on screen. (Am I hearing voices... no its just the game.)

Another thing to love about the game Is the game play. the most entertaining part of game play is that there are alternate routes this and the linear levels make a great duo for the game. I have never played a game like this one it is by far one of the most outstanding games made for the N64 and I would play it again and again If I could. (And I can...)

Graphics where especially good for the N64 the only thing that really caught your eye was the terrible character models which since they mostly appeared only with the text box that appeared when a character spoke it was mostly unimportant. (However these terrible character models appear other times as well.) I must say that although the graphics where made for the N64 they where probably "some" of the best graphics Ive seen on the N64. (At least graphics created for a child's game... Not that it turned out to be one.)

The music was great it matched both the theme of the game and the themes of the levels. it blended well with the series and showed Nintendo still had some juice left over from the Saga Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System Era.

I Highly recommend this game to Gamers new and old. it was one of my all time favorites. and demonstrated the power of the N64. If you have a Wii and an Internet Connection get it its definitely worth the $10.50 you would spend on it. (Included tax unlike most people.)

Overall - 9.2
Graphics - 8.6
Music - 8.7
Game play - 9.5

Again I highly recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of "Star Fox". It is a great game. It was probably the best work done for the "Star Fox" series and demonstrated the power of the N64. it was by far the best in the series and showed Nintendo knew what they where doing when they mad it. Great game. Totally enjoyed it. Highly recommend it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Star Fox 64 (US, 04/02/07)

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