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Reviewed: 06/16/08

I Did a Barrel Roll. It Was Everything I Ever Wanted It To Be.

I remember when Star Fox 64 came out in this big package at the video rental store on Main Street where I live. The game had just been set out and it was my lucky day to get to experience firsthand the near arcade like game of Star Fox 64 with the rumble pack to go with it. Star Fox was the first game to introduce the use of the Nintendo 64's Rumble Pak and with that bulky carpal tunnel causing thing it was quite the experience to play Star Fox.

Star Fox 64 is the sequel to the Super Nintendo game Star Fox. James McCloud had helped Peppy Hare to push the evil Andross across to the other side of the galaxy and in the process he was captured and supposedly killed. So with Star Fox 64 you have James McCloud’s son Fox McCloud who is the leader of the small band of polygonal shaped “R-Wing” fighters (seriously) who have to go re-conquer the galaxy and push the evil Andross back into the gaseous pit on his side of the galaxy. And all of the characters are some type of animal. You just can’t make something like that up.

The game is very fun to play however. The first time playing it I was really into it and Star Fox 64 definitely has an arcade feel to it that keeps you in the game. Not only that but your mission doesn’t fail if you do. There are various paths you can take to get to Andross and most of these depend on whether or not you succeed in doing something in a particular mission like protecting a ground structure or shooting up one of Andross’ cronies. You will be berated by constant voice chatter, 80% of which comes from Slippy Toad. Toad is the rookie of the squadron and therefore must drive you nuts to help her or him or it stay together. Peppy Hare is also on your wing as well as Falco who thinks he is cool or something. You will have to put up with Slippy Toad all the way through until you reach what may or may not be Andross. There are two final bosses and one is the real one. So you get two different endings depending on how well you did in the game and through which area you were able to get to the final fight.

The sound and graphics are still great even more than a decade later (which will tell you something about these current “next-gen” consoles). You get plenty of dramatic music and dramatic acting (of which 80% comes from Slippy Toad), but Star Fox was also one of the first in having voice dialogue in a game. Compared to Goldeneye 007 which also came out in 1997 you see that this stuff was new and exciting to young gamers like me.

Star Fox 64 is definitely worth a buy if you have never played this game. I don’t know why you wouldn’t have if you do own a Nintendo 64, but this is a game that is a must in every Nintendo fan’s collection. Star Fox for the Super Nintendo is not all that great with its poor graphics, but it tried very hard to create what Star Fox 64 strongly succeeded in and that is giving you a great and intense rail shooting game. It is a fun and fun to replay game that is basically like a good arcade game. I doubt anyone would have a functioning Rumble Pak anymore, but you do not need a Rumble Pak to enjoy Star Fox.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Star Fox 64 (US, 07/01/97)

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