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Quote Guide by SniperNightOwl

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/14/07

Star Fox64 Quote Guide
Created by: SniperNightOwl
E-Mail Address: nocturnal_owl_ninja@yahoo.com 
Version: 1.0 
Last Updated: March 14, 2007
Total No. Of Quotes: 653

 Table of Contents 
1. Introducion
b. How to use this guide
2. Protagonists
a.Fox Mc Cloud
b. Peppy Hare
c. Slippy Toad
d. Falco Lombardi
3. Supporting Characters
a. Bill Grey
b. Katt Monroe
c. General Pepper
d. Rob64
e. James Mc Cloud
4. Antagonists 
a. Andross
b. Wolf O' Donnel
c. Leon Powalski
d. Pigma Dengar
e. Andrew Okionny
5. Secondary Villains & Bosses
a. Granga
b. Attack Carrier
c. Meteo Crusher
d. Shogun warlord
e. Spyborg
f. Sarumarine
g. Mechbeth
h. Caiman
i. Venomian Army Commander
6. FAQ
7. Legal Junk
8. Credits
1. Introduction
a. Welcome!
Hi. This is my first FAQ for my favorite game of all time: Starfox 64. 
I’m surprised no one has created one yet, but it is quite a task to tackle. 
I had a lot of fun creating this guide, and I hope you enjoy it. Just one 
thing I ask of you- if you want to use it on your website, please give me 
credit, It took awhile to type all of the quotes and I had to replay some 
levels that I normally can’t stand to make this guide as complete and 
accurate as possible.
I have the majority of the quotes down (Roughly 99%), but I'm sure I missed
a few. So please, if anyone can lend a hand into making this guide as 
complete as possible I would really appreciate it and give you credit!  
Also, if you see any errors, either they be wording, spelling, or major
puncuation (If it's "!!!" instead of "!!" I don't care. It has to be MAJOR.)
let me know and you’ll also get credit. Thanks.

b. How to use this guide:
*All the Quotes for each character are in alphabetical order 
(Unless I messed up.. notify me if you see this.)
* I listed total # of quotes so you can check back and see if I added any 
new ones (Then check version history to find exact update)
* You can print this out and use it for whatever you want 
(Nostalgia, trivia with friends.. Whatever.)
* Be warned: There are obvious spoilers.

2. Protagonists

a. Fox McCloud
Total Quotes: 76
“Affirmative general.”
“All aircraft break away!”
"All aircraft report."
"All-Range Mode."
“Bill! Is that you? I can’t believe it!”
"Bill! You're okay!" 
"Check your G-Diffuser System."
"Deploy the Landmaster!"
"Don't Relax. We're not done yet."
“Entering Venom air defense zone!”
“Falco, where are you going?”
"Give me Slippy's location, Rob."
"Here it comes!"
"Hey! The force field is disappearing!"
"Hold on! We're entering Venom air space!"
"Huh? What?"
"I can't leave Slippy Hanging."
"I'll be careful."
"I'll check it out."
"I'll do my best. Andross won't have his way with me."
"I'll go it alone from here!"
"I'll take care of the bomb now!"
“I’m going to check out the bio-weapon.”
“I’m on it!”
“I’m on my way!”
“I’m sending the data to you guys.”
"I see 'em up ahead. Let's Rock and Roll!"
"I spot the train. I'm taking it out."
"Is that you, Slippy?"
"It's all come down to this."
“It’s time for us to go now.”
“I’ve found the bio-weapon!”
“Jeez! Can anyone take care of it?”
“Just who I want to see... Star Wolf.”
"Keep an eye on your shield gauge." 
"Let's back up the squadron."
“Let’s sneak in low and surprise them!”
“Let’s take care of these guys first.”
"Let's take out that weapon, boys!"
“Nothing. Nothing's wrong.”
"Oh no, Sir. We prefer doing things our own way."
"Okay guys, destroy all barriers!"
“Open the wings.”
"Rob, can you confirm Slippy's location?" 
“Rob, is everything OK?”
"Roger, General."
"Say your prayers, Andross."
"Slippy! Is everything OK?
“So Andross, you show your true form!”
"Sorry to jet, but I'm in a hurry!"
"So this is the secret weapon."
"Split up, and take it to 'em!"
“Star Wolf again? Why now?”
“Thanks Slip, Bluemarine came through.”
"There's one more to go!"
“Uh oh. Have we been spotted?”
"Venom, here we come!"
“We’re entering Corneria city now!”
"We're heading for Aquas. Report in."
"We're heading into the asteroids!"
“We’re preparing to dock.”
“We’ll gladly take this one.”
“We’ll just see about that, Star Wolf!”
"We're gonna break through that fleet!"
"We're heading out. All aircraft report."
"We're Star Fox!"
“What is he saying?”
"When we get back, we'll head for Venom." 
"Why don't you come down here, Falco?"
“Yes sir. Deploy the Bluemarine!”
"You owe me one."
“You too.. Bill.”
b. Peppy Hare 
Total Quotes: 130
“Aim for it’s back!”
“Aim for the open spot!”
"Aim for the rudder Fox!"
“Aim for the six energy towers!”
“Are you okay? Hold together just a bit further.”
“Be careful, it’s a trap!”
“Brace yourselves!”
“Change the switch ahead!”
"Come on Fox, you can do it."
“Dang, I’m hit!”
“Destroy all three energy balls!”
“Destroy the two 2 exhaust pipes!”
“Destroy the satellite’s core!”
“Doggone it!”
“Don’t be dead, Slip.”
“Don’t fly too low, your ship can’t take it!”
"Don't go dyin' on me, Fox." 
“Don’t go too fast, Falco!”
“Don’t let any of them through!”
“Don’t get so down, Fox.”
“Don’t let them to the supply depot!”
“Don’t mess up that ARWING!”
“Do a barrel roll!”
“Enemy down! Wait, that was one of ours!”
"Enemy tanker!"
“Everybody stay alert!”
“Everything okay?”
“Everything’s A-OK!”
“Follow in your Father’s example, Fox.”
“Fox, are you okay?”
“Fox, take it easy!”
“Fox, you’re okay!”
“Go for the chest!”
“Good going, Fox!”
“Good, I see the satellite’s core!”
"Good job, keep up the good work!"
“Good job, keep up the pace!”
“He’s quick, be careful!”
“His armor’s tough! Use bombs wisely!”
“Hold em’, they’re trying to get through!”
“I can’t break free!”
"I got tagged, my ear's are still ringing."
"I got the last one!"
“I saw my life flash before my eyes!”
"I see your Father in you, Fox."
“I’ll attack from the outside!”
“I’ll take care of everything below!”
“I’m going ahead, back me up, Fox!”
“I’m sure he’s learned his lesson.”
“I’m sure we hurt em’ this time!”
“Incoming enemy from the rear, drop altitude!”
“Incoming message from Rob64!”
“It could be difficult to attack Venom.”
“It’s a good thing you prepared, Slip.”
“It’s quiet. TOO quiet.”
“I’ve got a BAD feeling about this, Fox.”
“I’ve got the right!”
“I’ve taken a few hits, but I’m okay!”
“I won’t let you get away from me!!”
“Just shoot it, Fox!”
“Knock it off, Fox!”
“Lock onto the enemy!”
“Looks like he’s on Titania!”
“Looks like the pollution has started!”
“Looks like we’re heading for Macbeth.”
“Maybe it’s an arm, aim for the arm!!”
“Never give up! Trust your instincts!”
“Okay, now shoot the switcher!”
"One missile destroyed." 
"Quick destroy the crane!"
“Quit dinkin’ around, Slip.”
“Quit screwing around, do something!”
“Shoot em’ down, we’re being marked!”
“Shoot the eight switches to open the gate!”
“Shoot, they got me!!”
“Shoot the rocks!”
“Shoot the tentacles to open the core!”
“Slippy get back here!”
“Slippy’s not such a screw up after all.”
“Slippy watch out, bogie on your tail!”
“Sorry guys, but I’m going to have to sit this one out!”
“Stay alert!”  
“Surprise attack coming from above!”
“Take care of the guy behind me, Fox!”
“Take out his arms, Fox!”
“Thanks, Fox.”
“That shield is absorbing the laser!”
“There’s one down!”
“There’s rocky terrain dead ahead!”
"The enemy's coming from behind!"
“The shield is down! Shoot the core!”
“They’re attacking in groups!”
“They’re everywhere!”
“They’re on me!! I’m getting careless!”
“This brings back memories of your Dad!”
“This is Peppy. All systems go.”
“This is the enemy’s bio-weapon?!”
“This is Zoness!?”
“To barrel roll, press Z or R twice.”
“Try a somersault!”
“Try a U-turn!”
“Try hovering!”
“Use bombs wisely!”
“Use the boost to chase!”
“Use the boost to get through!”
“Use the brake!”
"Watch the radar carefully, Fox." 
“Watch where you’re flying!!”
“Well, at least we can take this boss out.”
“We’re getting close to the base!”
“We got the bad guys on the run!”
“What’s taking so long, Fox?”
“What’s taking you so long, Fox?”
“What’s the big idea, Fox?”
“What’s wrong, Fox?”
“Where is the secret weapon?”
“You can also lock onto enemies this way!”
“You got an enemy on your tail!”
“You’re mine!”
“You’re becoming a better pilot!”
“You’re becoming more like your Father!”
"Your Father helped me like that too!"
“Your skills have improved, Fox!”
“You’re the best, Slip.”
c. Slippy Toad 
Total Quotes: 93
“Ah ha! Think you could hide from me, eh?”
“Ahhh! I’m hit!”
“Data analysis complete, here it comes!”
“Doggone it!!”
“Don’t forget me!”
"Do something!" 
“Don’t worry, Slippy’s here!”
"Enemy ahead! This one's different!"
“Enemy robot dead ahead.”
“Enemy shield analyzed!”
“Escaping? I don’t think so!!”
“Fire a homing torpedo!”
“Fox, are you okay?”
“Fox, get this guy off me!”
“Hard to tell the good guys from the bad!”
"Here comes a big one!"
“Here I go!”
“Hey! He was mine!”
“Hey! Leave me alone!”
“Hey, nice aircraft, guys!”
"Hey we made it!" 
“Hey! What’s the big idea?”
“Hold A to charge your laser!”
“Hoo! That was TOO close!” 
“How’s the Bluemarine, Fox?”
“How’s the Landmaster, Fox?”
“I can see the look on their stupid faces!”
“I got one!"
"I got the last one!”
"I got you now!"
“I knew you’d come help me!”
"I made it. I'll analyze it right away."
“I thought I was a goner!”
“I’m fine, I’m fine!”
“I’m going to the missile now!”
“I’m having some trouble, here.”
“I’m monkey food if I don’t leave!”
"Incoming enemy missiles!!!"
“Interceptor system, dead ahead.”
“It’s awful!”
“It’s impossible this way!”
"It's now at 8000! Oh no!" 
“It’s too hot! I can’t take it anymore!”
“Let me handle it.”
“Let’s take it to em’ Fox!”
“Look out behind you!”
“Oh no!”
“Scratch one missile.”
“Shesh Falco, you too?”
“Slippy here. I’m okay.”
“Slippy’s hit!”
“Space mines ahead!”
“Something’s coming from the sea!”
"Something's up ahead! Look's different!"
“Something’s wrong, I don’t see anything!”
“Take that!”
"Temperature is 6000 and climbing." 
“Thanks Fox, I thought they had me.”
“That temple gives me the creeps!”
“Thanks a lot, Peppy..”
“Thanks Peppy!”
“They don’t give up.”
“There you go!”
“Things are starting to heat up!”
"This baby can take temperatures up to 9000 degrees!”
“This is really starting to tick me off!”
“Those ships are shielded too!”
"Venom's right there."
“Watch out for the searchlights!”
“Watch out Fox!!”
“Way to go, Fox!”
“What a dump!”
“What do you think you’re doing, Fox?”
“What’s going on? He’s running away!”
“Whew! You’re all right!”
“Whoa! Can you make it?”
“Whoa! Help me!”
“Whoa! Watch out!”
“Wow, look at that... It’s beautiful!”
"Yeah! Yeah!!!"
"Yeah yeah. No problem."
“Yes!! You did it!”
“Yippee!! You did it!”
“You did it! I was worried for a moment.”
“You’ll be sorry punks!”
“You’re not getting away that easy!”
“Your carcass is mine!”
“You too, Falco?”
“You want a piece of me?”
d. Falco Lombardi
Total Quotes: 119
“Ah! You’re getting better, Fox.”
“All right I'll admit it. You did good, Fox.”
“All right!!”
“A magnetic storm! We’ll search here.”
“Andross is an insane fool!”
“Are you going to listen to that monkey?” 
“Back off, Fox.”
“Bogies behind me. Am I getting slow?”
"Come on Fox, let's kick some tail!" 
“Crud! And we were so close to Venom!”
“Dang! I’m hit!”
“Dang! Now they’ve done it!”
“Destroy what? He’s crazy!”
“Don’t get too close, Fox!”
“Don’t go dieing on me!”
“Don’t worry about me, Fox!”
“Enemy fighters coming at you, Fox!”
“Enemy troops behind us. Man they’re fast!”
“Falco here, I’m fine.”
“Follow me, Fox!”
"Fox! You're supposed to shoot them all!"
“Gee, I’ve been saved by Fox, how swell!” 
“Get out of my way!”"
“Go find your own target, Fox!”
“Good riddance! I almost got burnt!”
“He sure can be a pain in the neck.”
“Here they come!”
“Hey Einstein I’m on your side!” 
“Hey, I got my hands full up here!!”
“Hold still and let me shoot you!”
“Hold together.”
“Hurry up or you’re toast!”
“I ain’t your buddy, go away!”
“I can’t believe they did this...”
“I can’t shake this guy!”
“I can’t wait to see this secret weapon!”
“I could use some help here, Fox!”
“I found the gate! Looks like a warp!”
"I found the target! Try to keep up!"
"I got the last one!"
“I guess I should be thankful.”
“I guess it’s your turn to be thankful.”
“I guess your good for something.”
“I hear ya, Slippy.”
“I’ll be there soon!”
“I’ll cover you, Fox!”
“I’ll pass, Fox.”
“I’ll take the left.”
“I’ll take the sky any day.”
“I’ll take this one. Get the one behind me!”
“I’m fine. You OK over there, Fox?”
"I'm here to rescue you!"
“I see the fuel bunker on the right side!”
“I see you have new ships!”
“Is that the best you can do?”
“I think you look better in a tank.”
"I've got everything above!"
“Jeez Laweez, what is that?”
"Jeez! Quit moving around!
“Katt?! Can't you go bother someone else?!"
“Katt?! Not you again.”
“Katt?! What are you doing here?”
“Katt.. Where did you go?”
"Let's go!"
“Let’s clean up this mess!”
“Let’s have a little… fun!”
“Let me have a piece of that action, Fox!”
“Let’s take em’ all out!”
“Look’s like we’ve got company...”
“Man, there’s just no end to these guys!”
“Move it Fox, he’s right behind you!”
“Nice welcome!”
“Now it’s our turn to kick some tail!”
“Oh man, I’m going to have to back off.”
“One missile down.”
“Pipe down, Slippy! Just hold on!”
“Pretty smooth flying, Fox!”
“Scratch one bogie.” 
“See my ship? Does it look like it’s okay to you!?”
“Shoot a torpedo to help you see!”
“Shoot! I’ve taken damage!”
“Shoot! He’s right behind me!”
“Slippy can be such a headache!”
“Slippy what are you doing? Hurry up!”
“Somebody’s gonna pay for all this!”
“Something beat us here.. It’s all gone!”
“Something’s not right here...”
“Something’s wrong with the G-diffuser!”
“Sure you can handle it, Fox?”
“Take em’ down with one shot!”
“That’s it, Fox!”
“That’s our leader!” 
"That's what worries me the most!"
"That was a close call."
“That was a close call, Fox.”
“The ARWING may not make it.”
“These guys just keep coming!”
“This is horrible…”
“This thing will never hold together.”
“Time for a little payback!”
“Time to show the monkeys who’s boss!”
“Too late. Game over, pal!”
“Watch out, Fox!”
“We’re always saving your hide, Slip.”
“What the heck? Fox! Look behind you!”
“What the heck is that?”
“Who took this base out?”
“YEAH! It’s working!!”
"YEAH! Just one more!"
“You are NOT taking him down today!”
"You are SO lucky, Fox!"
“You guys don’t give up!”
“You’re dead meat, pal!”
“You’re not leaving yet.”
“You worry about your own hide.”
3. Supporting Characters
a. Bill Grey
Total Quotes: 28
“All units report!”
“Boy am I sure glad you guys are on our side!”
“Bulldog unit, don’t let anything through!”
"Don't get too excited. Here we go!"
“Enemy mother ship approaching!”
“Fox, get out of here now!”
“Fox, that was one of ours!”
“Fox, you made it!”
“Go for the four hatches on the underside!”
“Hang on guys, help is on the way!”
“Hey!!! See if I help you again!”
"Hurry up, and take out that core!"
“Husky Unit, cover the base!”
“I’m going to open the gate, back me up!”
“Just like old times, eh Fox?”
“Looks like you could use some help!”
“Of course, I’m here to help!”
“Take care, Fox!”
“Take it easy Fox, don’t let us down!”
"The core has appeared. Standby to attack!"
“The hatches are open!”
"There's not much time left. Hurry!"
"There's some sort of energy reaction!"
“Try shooting the bad guys, Fox!”
"Watch yourself, Fox..."
“We can catch up later, Fox!”
“Yee-ha!! You did it!”
“You’ve become quite a pilot!”

b. Katt Monroe 
Total Quotes: 16
"Are you gonna hog all the fun?"
“Are you trying to ruin my pretty face?”
“Beautiful! I could kiss you for that!”
“I got somebody on my tail!”
“I got the left, you get the right, hon.”
“I’m outta here. Take care, Falco.”
“Is that anyway to greet a girl?"
"I took care of a missile for you."     
“Make way for Katt!”
“Mess with me and you’ll get scratched!”
“Starting the party without me? Boys, I’m crushed!”
“Take the right light boy, I got the left!”
“We’re closing in on them, Falco.”
"You owe me, Falco."
"You're on your own. Good luck, little man."
“You’re pretty good, Tiger. See you again!”

c. General Pepper
Total Quotes: 19
“If you destroy the satellite, we can go straight for Venom. 
Be careful, Fox!”
“Impressive StarFox, now watch out for enemies in the asteroid field!”
“It’s about time you showed up Fox, You’re the only hope for our world!”
“It’s almost over. We’re in your debt. Come back in one piece, Fox!”
“Fox, we’re under attack, help us out here!”
“Good luck.”
“Katina is battling the enemy! Will you help 'em out?”
“Recover our base from the enemy army!”
“Reports indicate that Andross is working on some secret weapon!”
“So you’re going to attack the enemy base? Great idea Starfox!”
“Starfox, I want you to take out the enemy bio-weapon.”
“Starfox, we are in your debt. I would be honored to have you as a part of 
the Cornerian army-”
"That area's an oven! Don't go burning that Arwing! Be reasonable, Fox!"
“This is one steep bill!!! But it’s worth it.”
“The enemy army is gunning for you! Be careful.”
“There’s an enemy base there?”
“What are you doing? It’s too dangerous there.”
“We need your help Starfox! Andross has declared war! He’s invaded the 
 Lylat System and is trying to take Corneria! The army alone can’t do the 
 job, hurry Starfox!”

d. Rob64
Total Quotes: 27
“A bomb has been planted at the base.”
"Bomb exploding, keep clear." 
“Damage to rear left of the ship.”
"Danger. 1 minute to explosion."
“Distance 10, unable to evade.”
“Distress signal coming from Titania”
"Enemies approaching from the left."
“Falco/Slippy/Peppy’s ship is in the docking bay.”
“Falco/Slippy/Peppy’s ship is under maintenance.”
“Good luck, Fox.”
“Great Fox is ready to go.”
“Great Fox is OK.”
“Great Fox will cover you.”
“Great. Now let’s get back to the game.”
"Let's practice the basics."
“Life form indicated at twelve o clock”
“Location confirmed. Sending supplies.”
“Repairs complete on Falco/Peppy/Slippy’s ship.”
"Message from General Pepper. Priority one."
“Missile 1 approaching. Distance 20/40/50.”
"Missile 1 is heading toward Great Fox." 
"Missiles 2 and 3 approaching."
“Missiles 4, 5, and 6 are headed towards Great Fox.”
“This is ROB64, keep up the good work.” 
“Welcome to training mode.”
"15 seconds to explosion."
"30 seconds to explosion."
e. James McCloud
Total Quotes: 5
“Don’t ever give up, my son.”
“Follow me Fox.”
"Never give up, trust your instincts."
“This way, Fox.”
“You’ve become so strong, Fox.”

4. Antagonists 
a. Andross 
Total Quotes: 12
"Ah, the son of James McCloud"
"Ha ha ha! You can never defeat me."
"If I go down, I'm taking you with me!"
"I'll make those fools pay!"
"I'm looking forward to this."
"It's foolish to come against me."
"I've been waiting for you, StarFox."
"Now you will feel TRUE PAIN!"
"Only I have the brains to rule Lylat."
"Those tin cans are no match for me!"
"You know that I control the galaxy."
"You will die, just like your Father."

b. Wolf O Donnel
Total Quotes: 12
"Can't let you do that, Star Fox!"
"Don't get too cocky, Starfox."
"I… can't… lose!!"
"Looks like we win this round, StarFox."
"No way! I don’t believe it!"
"Play time is over, Starfox."
"What? Is that all you got?"
"What the heck?"
"You'll be seeing your Dad soon, Fox!"
"You're good, but I’m better!"
"You're in my sights! You’re going down!"
"You're not so tough!"

c. Leon Powalski
Total Quotes: 11
"Andross has ordered us to take you down."
"Annoying bird! I am the great Leon!"
"Close, but no cigar... Ha ha ha!"
"He's too strong!"
"I'll take care of you."
"I think I'll torture you for awhile."
"Let's see how you handle our new ships."
"Not yet, the party's just begun!"
"Shoot me down if you can."
"This can't be happening!"
"You’re not as tough as I thought."

d. Pigma Dengar
Total Quotes: 12
"Come on little man, shoot me!"
"Daddy screamed REAL good before he died!"
"Heh heh! We're getting paid lots of cash for this!"
"I'll do you fast, Peppy ol' pal!"
"I'm gonna bust you up REAL good."
"I've got two words for you, LO-SER!"
"My beautiful reward!!! Argghh!"
"Peppy, long time no see!"
"That reward's as good as mine!"
"This can't be happening!"
"Too bad Dad’s not here to see ya FAIL!"
"You can’t beat me, I have a better ship!"

e. Andrew Oikonny 
Total Quotes: 11
"Andross' enemy is my enemy!"
"Bow before the great Andross!"
"Give it up, you can’t win!"
"I'm not afraid of you!"
"Score one for Andross!"
"Stick to the pond, Froggie!"
"Uncle Andross!!"
"We'll make sure you’ll never reach Andross!"
"You'll be sorry you crossed us!"
"You're not welcomed here!"

5. Secondary Villains & Bosses

a. Granga from Corneria (Easy path)
Total Quotes: 9
"Ah! So this is Star Fox!"
"I'm going to crush you!"
"I will not be defeated by this worm!"
"My emperor! I've failed you!"
"Stop moving, so I can squash you!"
"Those who cross Andross will die!"
"You annoying little flies!"
"You are starting to annoy me!"

b. Attack Carrier from Corneria (Hard Path)
Total Quotes: 6
"Ah, someone wants to play!"
"Deploy all units… CHARGE!!"
"I got a present for ya!"
"Who are you guys?"
"You'll never defeat Andross!!' 

c. Meteo Crusher from Meteo
Total Quotes: 10
"I admit defeat."
"I cannot allow you to go any further."
"I can't believe I lost to this SCUM!!"
"If this does not work!"
"I'm no match for you."
"I've underestimated you."
"Ha ha! You’re not as stupid as you look!!"
"How about...THIS!"
"Let's see what you've got!"
"You're more cunning than I thought."

d. Shogun warlord from Sector Y
Total Quotes:7
"Cocky little freaks!"
"Don't party just yet."
"I'll take these guys out from the ship!"
"I'm coming for ya!"
"It's time to try our new weapon."
"What's wrong? Is that it?"

e. Spyborg
Total Quotes: 7
"Destroy. Destroy."
"I must be complete."
"I will terminate all enemies."
"The view is clear.”
"Where is the creator?"
"Where is the enemy?"
"You are an enemy."

f. Sarumarine from Zoness
Total Quotes: 12
"Adjust 10 degrees right… fire!"
"All sections ready… engage!"
"Ar ha ha har!"
"Ar.. drop the crane now!"
"Disrespectful little whelps!"
"I can't see anything. Fire anyway."
"I'll teach ye some respect!"
"Fire! Fire!"
"Prepare to surface!"
"Pressure, angle ok… fire torpedo!"

g. Mechbeth from Macbeth
Total Quotes: 17
"Dang! Detach the rear vehicle!"
"Heh heh, What's wrong?"
"Here come's the little hyenas now!"
"Here you go!"
"I can't stop it!!!!!"
"I didn't expect I’d have to use this."
"I'll lure these guys to the front."
"No! Get away!"
"No! Hit the brakes!"
"Step on the gas!"
"Take this!!"
"Try this!"
"They’re not taking me seriously."
"What’s wrong? Come a little closer"
"You're too slow! Time to end this!"
"You're very lucky."

h. Caiman from Area 6
Total Quotes: 6
"Caiman here, no problems."
"Do you copy? Emergency maneuvers!"
"Not yet, sir!"
"The last line has been breached!"
"They’ve broken through the first line!"
"They've broken through the second line!"  
i. Venomian Army Commander from Area 6
Total Quotes: 4
"Dang! Deploy it now!"
"Did we get 'em?"
"Fire! Fire! Don't let them through!"
"These guys are crazy!"

6. FAQ
Q: You forgot a quote!
A. I did? Then by all means tell me which one! I’ll even give you credit 
for it. Contact me ASAP at:  nocturnal_owl_ninja@yahoo.com

Q: Hey! That’s not word for word/exact punctuation
A: Well, excuse me for having a life. I really don’t care if the punctuation 
is a little off (Like I put two !! When it should have been !!!, ect.) But
if you see anything major, like the WORDING of the quotes (Which you 
shouldn’t, I’m confident that almost every single one is correct) then 
let me know and you’ll get credit.

Q: What’s the purpose of this guide?
A: Look at it as a pseudo-text dump. Of course, mostly doing it for the 
fans and great nostalgia. Plus somebody’s gotta do it! 

Q: What’s your favorite line?
A: Either Peppy's "Do a barrel roll" or General Pepper's "You're going to
attack the enemy base? Great idea Starfox!" How did he become general,

Q: Who’s your favorite character?
A: I like Peppy a lot: he’s wise, caring in that Fatherly sort of way, 
and has a handful of great lines. I also like General Pepper, he has a 
cool voice and also has that one hilarious line about bombing Macbeth. 
Otherwise, I like everyone else about the same, they’re all very cool 
in there own ways...except for Pigma...he scares me.

Q: Are you going to make a guide for the SNES Starfox quotes?
A: Maybe, maybe not. Depends. Okay, probably not. I suck at that game
and there isn’t too many quotes worthy of making a quote guide unless 
I integrate it with this one.

Q: How about a Starfox Assault quote guide?
A: I don't have Starfox: Assault, I only rented it and was sourly
disappointed with it. However, I may consider purchasing the game after
a massive price drop- there's no way in hell I'm paying $50-$60
for a barely medicore game. So, to answer your question: More than
likely no. I have little to no motivation for that game so someone else
can have the pleasure of making one. Besides someone already made one.

/end shameless plug.

Q: You're a girl?
A: Yes I am!!

7. Legal Junk

*This FAQ is copyrighted and you may not use and/or alter the text and put on 
your website without my permission. 

*You may contact me if you have any questions/comments at: 

*If I grant you permission to use this guide, you must give me credit for it.

*Star Fox 64 © 1997 Nintendo. All rights reserved. 

*I am not nor this FAQ affiliated with Nintendo. 

8. Credits
* Me: For creating this!

* CJayC: For running such a great site and letting me put this up.

* Kingsley: For motivating me to create this, since he also likes Starfox.

* Some person: Who sold their Starfox64 game to Gamestop, never would of got
it if it wasn't for you!

* Nintendo: For making this great game. (Why don't you guys do it again?!)

* Namco and Rare: After playing those two horrible Starfox games for the
 Gamecube, I went back to playing this one!! Thanks!  :P

* The following from the GameFAQs board who posted or e-mailed some quotes that
 I missed:

zxzxi (**BIG** thanks!!!)

Nicholas Harvey 


leutenant casper

Ed Bellis


Fox with a gun

Boi Miller

* And also for helping:


Scribble Scribble



mike walter

daniel c


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