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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 08/22/07 wayne_steed 108K
FAQ 08/08/00 BJ 1.1 36K
FAQ 07/05/99 marshmallow 1.0 21K
FAQ 07/21/97 RBalsley 20K
FAQ 04/20/04 RedDemon Final 43K
FAQ/Walkthrough 11/25/02 Aquatakat 0.87 129K
FAQ 12/20/98 N64 Master 1.0 28K
FAQ Part 1/2 12/22/98 RCarlos 1.0 22K
FAQ Part 2/2 12/22/98 RCarlos 1.0 17K

In-Depth FAQs

Boss FAQ 01/18/01 Kratt 1.7 70K
Boss FAQ 08/19/97 LordLocke 2.5 23K
Corneria Medal Guide 04/23/98 PMaynard 8K
High Score Guide 07/26/06 Estukaamiaftada 28K
Medals Guide HTML 01/04/18 KyoraStryker 5.0 61K
Quote Guide 03/14/07 SniperNightOwl 1.0 31K

Foreign Language FAQs

Maps and Charts

Galaxy Map 9/29/11 DDJ 1.0.0 143K

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