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Reviewed: 04/17/02 | Updated: 10/12/02

Very funny...Yet disturbing, I guess.

Well, as you all know, or the people that have any South park game or watches South Park, knows that it's funny! But you know it's rated ''M for Mature'' or ''R for Restricted''. And all those stuff. It's very funny, as I said, but it is quite disturbing...

Aliens! AHH! Chickens! NOO! Loads of those creatures are attacking town! Now you'll have to pick either Stan, Kenny, Eric (Or Cartman as we all know, or ''Fat-So''), and that other guy that I forgot his name. Now you and your friends take on those horrid creatures! All those monster and stuff. On your way the Chef will guide you through. You'll also fight bosses, in like every level. Then you can also fight tanks, or like mini-bosses, but there isn't like just one, there are about 10 in the whole level.

A 3D, first person shooter as we know it. Throwing snowballs and other equipped weapons. You just move around with either the Analog Stick or the Control-Buttons. It's really easy to control! It's like any first person shooter. You get to move around and turn quickly! You'll get to your opponent faster. And there's even a radar. Now the weapons, there are two types, Super and Normal. Normal of course is normal, but Super is stronger, but it takes longer to load. (It is active by pressing up on the D-Pad)

Oh yeah, this is the funny part, there are side shows after every boss! They are just absolutely priceless. But normally in the game it's still good. Sometimes glitches with the graphics on the NPC like the bear, but it makes the game even more funnier!

Best of them all! Farting and funny sound effects really make the game fun. This is even more priceless than the Video!

Replay again?
Of course! Well, maybe just a few more times, because it really influences you a lot, well to most people it does.

Buy or Rent?
Rent, because you can beat the game easily if you spend time on it. Buy, you get to listen to farting noise all the time! No, actually if you buy it, you can play it over a lot of times. I suggest buy.

Final Ratings
Gameplay - 8/10 - Nothing is perfect.
Story - 10/10 - Pretty much the same old funny things.
Video - 7/10 - Funny side shows.
Audio - 10/10 - Just priceless.
My Final Rating - 8/10 - It's kind of disturbing.

Rating: 8

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