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Reviewed: 02/24/02 | Updated: 02/24/02

*Insert Funny South Park Quote Here*

Oh, back to the days on Goldeneye. I thought to myself that no game could ever be so much fun. Then I heard about the South Park game and was instantly taken back. I thought ''Whoa, now I can have fun Goldeneye style without Goldeneye!'' Well, I was wrong. Dead wrong.

*Warning-Numerous Goldeneye comparisons to come*

Gameplay: 4

This bites. The controls, for one, are too weird to accurately know what you're doing. It could have been better if it was more like Goldeneye.

This game has two features-story mode and multiplayer. Story mode is not the best out there. Things from old South Park episodes are incorporated into each level, like the killer turkeys or the killer clones or the killer cows (killer, ain't it?). The game is too short and too bland.

Multiplayer. Well, you think the game could shine here. But it doesn't. The weapon selection is horrible. Controlling your guys is even more horrible. To put it nicely, multiplayer is no good. There are better multiplayer first person shooters out there.

A good thing the creators put in was the ability to cheat. Yeah, I know, cheating is bad. But it's fun too!

Story: 3

I'm not even sure there is a true story line to this game. Save South Park from Aliens. Not the most creative. The game developers could have made secret missions or hidden bosses to give the game more depth.

Graphics: 7

This is one aspect of the game that is decent. The graphics are very good. You'll enjoy watching killer turkeys peck your eyes out. It's funny.

Music/Sound: 7

It also does good in the music department. It's got that good ol' South Park music, all right.

Replay Value: 6

You'll play it again for multiplayer and multiplayer only. Nothing else in it is worth it. And shooting turkeys. Shooting turkeys is fun.

To rent or buy...

A definite rent. Make your own opinion before you shell out the money for this game. While I do love the show, I feel this game was a waste of my money. Sure, it's fun, but only for a short while, then you grow tired of it.

If you like funny stuff, this is a good game for you. But if that childish humor is not for you, you might want to look the other way.

Now I'm not bashing this game. Not at all. It's just not my taste. Well, it is my taste, just not the right flavor. Too sour. Needs more sugar.

Rating: 4

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