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Reviewed: 08/23/01 | Updated: 08/23/01

The movie and show are better

Well, basically, I've seen all three (the South Park movie, TV show, and the game) and I must say, the show and movie are much better than the game. The game itself is ok and somewhat fun, but besides having all the characters that the regular South Park has, it doesn't relate to the show all that much.

Gameplay (6.8/10):
This game's gameplay isn't something to sneeze at, but it's nothing to marvel at either. Moving around is ok if you use the ''To-Rock'' style, although it's weird to get used to at first. If you use the ''Brown-Eye'' style though, control is horrid. The movement in Brown-Eye control mode is way too touchy, and it's almost impossible to aim correctly with weapons by using the C Buttons. The gameplay rating could have been lower, but luckily, the To-Rock control mode saved it.

Story (5/10):
The storyline in this game is very weird, as some evil comet is heading towards the town of South Park, and all of a sudden, everybody except for the main characters are acting strange. You basically go through a bunch of levels and stop enemies from destroying this place or that place. It's not a very detailed plot, but a little bit original.

Graphics (7.2/10):
The graphics of South Park are alright, but like the show, they are pretty blocky at times. Also, there is a large amount of fog, which cuts down a little bit on the realism, but it does contribute to a better framerate. The really bad part is when you use the sniper chicken and shoot somebody. Nine times out of ten, the egg splat looks as if it is in mid-air.

Sound (6.5/10):
South Park's sounds are ok, but again, nothing to marvel at. When you play a level, there's music of course, but it's not really all that great. The music itself isn't very good. The sound effects are ok. Almost all of the voices in the game are pretty cool, and sound effects of using an item are realistic. The main bad part is the level music and Big Gay Al's voice. They made him sound mentally handicapped.

Challenge (7/10):
The challenge of this game is average. The first level is very easy, and the final level is very difficult. A pretty normal game in the challenge department.

Replay Value (4.5/10):
The replay value of the game is alright, thanks to multiplayer mode, but even then, the game gets boring after a while. Solo mode is alright for the first two stages, but afterwards, it just gets so boring because it's the same ''get to the end of the level and kill all the bad guys'' type all the time.

Buy or Rent?
Definitely rent before you buy. If you are an avid South Park fan and just can't resist, buy it. This game will please some people, but others will be disappointed.

Overall Rating: 6.2

Rating: 6

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